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Scene Title Standing Guard
Synopsis Maura and Adair wait in the clinic
Location Clinic
Date Justinian 4, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For People convincing themselves of things
Logger Adair

A large wooden panel sports two doors that lead into what is now a make-shift clinic, though the hall has clearly seen other uses over the course of history. Faded banners the color of rust hang from the walls, their decorations lost to time, while ragged cloth festoons the ceiling high above. Pillars offer support along the outside walls, though holes high above on one side provide enough ventilation to make this one of the safest places in Darktown. Tables also line the length of the clinic with the center of the floor left clear for traffic. Here and there are barrels topped with planks to create places for bowls and pitchers of water while yet more supplies and crates have been pushed to the back of the room. Further in still is another room set with a bed made of ropes stretched over a wooden frame and topped with a mattress of old blankets, a half-barrel that serves for washing, and several other personal items neatly packed away.

Adair takes up a position near the door as they enter the clinic. "So you're coming down here on a regular basis? Sounds like a great idea." Sarcasm? Nah, that couldn't have been. "And you're doing it alone?" He glances back through the door and then over at Maura. "Have you looked while you're walking here? You might have missed the 'this is a bad idea' painted everywhere."

"Why don't you come sit down, Adair. You've had a long day. And you have on the armor that I told you was the worst possible idea to wear. The people here, -especially the mages-, distrust Templars on sight." Maura explains, again, obviously worried about his future health. "And Anders ran off to go rescue Fenris in the Qunari compound of all places, and he still isn't back. And he left before I could get to the meeting place and go with." Pause. "I mean, give him some potions to bring along." She's going to start pacing soon. "I regularly smack hands with my staff so that they stop trying to pickpocket me, yes. But I try to ignore the dead bodies and chokedamp if that's what you mean." He can't be mad at her if she smiles, right?

"You were going to go with him." Adair deadpans, then weighs the invitation to sit. Of course he decides that sitting is better than standing around. "Being wary is exactly what I was counting on." That smile? "Stop it." He makes a show of looking away. "I'm not done being upset with you for putting yourself at risk down here."

"I was. You know I can't just.. do nothing when someone needs help." She pulls one of the clinic chairs out so that it looks to be 'guarding' the area that she uses to work on labeling potions and organizing supplies. She's doing so purely to make him feel better. Psychological warfare, as it were. "The people down here know we're helping them. They actually tend to leave us alone. And I don't wander; I come straight here. And I never go home when it's dark until Taril shows up to make sure I get there okay. He insisted." She's putting a pot of water on the hearth next to boil. Because drinks are needed in order to stay awake.

Adair shakes his head. "Would you let me finish beating myself up for not being here?" He says it in the most annoyed tone, though his expression doesn't quite make it that far. "Once I'm convinced you're not going to get killed, I'll be better." Better, not stop. "You know, I was worried you'd start doing something like this and make yourself a target."

Maura's laugh in response to that is partly muffled by the rummaging around in barrels that she's doing. But eventually she has the herbs she wants, so she can ladle the hot water over them and let whatever strange drink she's making steep for a few minutes. "Says the man who stole my phylactery and absconded to Kirkwall. It's just as dangerous for you to be walking around in that armor as it is for me to be casting spells when the Qunari attacked." Logic. Who needs logic!? "You can be as overprotective as you like; I'm just worried about how Anders and Fenris are going to react to an armored Templar sitting in the Clinic."

Adair mocks a laugh. "Haha, so funny," he says, pulling a face. "They can't have found out about me already. I'll find some other story to give by the time my ability to look like just another Templar wears off." He glances over at Maura again. "Why? If he's a Warden and this Fenris isn't a mage, they shouldn't be that jumpy."

"Because Anders is a Mage. He's a Grey Warden, but before that he was a Mage. And I don't really know the whole story yet. But, you know what the Circles outside of Waking Sea were, or are, like." That she could needle him enough to earn a mock laugh obviously makes Maura smile. But soon, she is pulling up the second chair so that she can sit beside him and hand over the cup of hot drink that is his.

"You think he's from one of the really bad ones? I guess that makes sense. I'll look really unintimidating, ok? I can do that, see?" Adair gives his best 'not a bad Templar' smile before taking the offered drink. "I mean, I'm sitting here and I'm not hauling you off. That should make a difference, right?"

Yes! They will utterly convince themselves that sitting here waiting, with the appearance of Adair guarding her, does not at all look like a hostage situation. "You need to work on that smile. It still says 'trouble', even if it's trying to say 'totally innocent'" Maura quips, with an unrepentant and cheeky sort of smile. "Sure, that ought to help. We're just sitting here. I didn't put the lantern on so there won't be any patients coming in." Her fidgeting is a dead giveaway that she's still worried about something though.

Adair pulls another face. "I think that's because you're biased," he points out before testing the tea. "You're still worried, though. You really like these guys that much? If it didn't sound like they come as a package, I'd be jealous." Pause. "Should I be jealous?" He's teasing! "Well, I mean, if they come in and I'm not holding you at swordpoint, it should be fine."

"Don't be silly. I've waited for you every single day at the docks. I've never even considered…" Maura just smacks the back of her hand against the torso of that stupid armor Adair is wearing, knowing he's yanking her chain. Which, "Ow." It definitely hurt her to do that more then it hurt him when she did it. "They do come as a package though, yes. Even if they won't admit it out loud yet. And speaking of holding me at swordpoint…" Cause that's always an excellent segue, "We can go looking for a place to practice spells soon. And your swordwork." She deliberately does not mention the lack of lyrium.

Adair gives a satisfied smile. "Told you the armor was a good idea." Ha! "A master like me? Need practice?" See that hurt expression? SEE IT?! He finally grins. "We could try for one of those caves. I don't think anyone uses them now. Maybe smugglers or bandits. Maybe we'll find some and have actual targets!" He's kidding.

Does Kirkwall have some kind of lottery? Cause Maura suddenly looks like she's won the jackpot. "You think we'll really find a place with some smugglers and bandits we can clear out? That would be -great-. Free supplies!. Maybe some stuff we can sell. You've seen how little there is in the apartment I'm being charged too much for." She scoffs at his hurt face. "Even a master swordsman needs to practice to keep up his magnificent skills." The appeal to ego ought to be hard to resist.

Do you SEE the look on Adair's face? DO YOU SEE THIS?! He is not happy with that gleeful talk! "Maura! You don't hope for bandits! Bandits are bad!" He'd facepalm, but if he started he'd never stop. "I'm not taking you to hunt bandits!"

"Well, of course bandits are bad!" Maura is not disputing this. "But I can actually use my magic now! I can heal you, make you faster, and stronger. I can slow anyone approaching, or I can blast them out of the way." She sighs, taking a big gulp of that tea. "You'll see. We have to hunt to make money and get supplies anyway. We'll start with that. Just… not the bone pit and the pony sized spiders please." Twitch.

Adair holds up a hand. "Woah, woah… Of course you can use your magic, who said you couldn't? I mean, I expected that you'd probably have to at some point, but better against bandits than Darkspawn. …I suppose convincing you to just let me worry about it is a lost cause." He dispels the possibility of being annoyed by dramatically rolling his eyes. "I send you on ONE trip and suddenly you're a healing battle mage. We need to talk about the people you're hanging around with."

"Well, I expect telling you not to worry is an equally lost cause." Maura points out, brightly. "How about we compromise. I admonish you to worry less, and you worry anyway. Like we're doing now, come to think of it." Isn't she the best peacemaker ever? Plus, she's just far too happy that he's here to sound even a little annoyed at the protective streak. "Oh noooo, don't say that around anyone. They're more likely to laugh then agree. I'm much better at healing then I am at the battle part, I'm afraid. Which I'm sure pleases you greatly so long as you can convince me to remain behind when people need to go places like… the Qunari Compound." Her smile shows dimples now. "Think you can manage to be that convincing?"

Adair puts on an expression that all but screams 'of course!'. "No," is said exactly as if he were affirming his ability. "But that isn't going to stop me from trying. The only reason you're not there now is because he left without you. …just… if you're determined to do something like that, make sure I'm with you."

"Of course. I won't go anywhere without you." Maura promises. That one is easy. "You won't be able to say it's boring here. Pretty sure I can promise you that much." It could sound rather ominous when put that way, but it is sooooo honest. And despite the whole uncomfortable metal armor thing he has going on, she rests her temple against his arm to relax while they wait. It could be quite a long wait. But, she is determined. Someone has to be here and ready.

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