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Scene Title Stay
Synopsis Seren tries to find a way to get Macenaya to stay.
Location Circle of Magi
Date 19 August, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Something important left behind
Logger Seren

It's fairly easy to figure out who has which room. Most of them are real rooms, Seren's is more of a large closet (it should be labeled 'escape risk'). This time, he's at Macenaya's door, knocking softly in order to not to be too startling. "It's Seren," he calls, since it could be anyone outside that door.

The door isn't actually completely closed, mainly because air needs to move and it doesn't in a small cell. So even though the door is too heavy to move under the light knock, but there is a soft flutter of wings and a caw not far from the edge of the doorway before Maceyana's soft voice answers from further in. "You can come in."

Seren steps in, peeking in first to give Mor a good look at him first. "I wanted to come check on you. I'm afraid Revas is busy looking after Cenn, and the poor thing can't be in two places at once. Can you tell me how you're feeling?" He's already been asked to not use magic, and he won't without permission, so he's merely going to stand there and wait, pushing the door mostly closed behind him.

Mor fluffs, up black head thrown back as he looks up at Seren, then a quick down beat and the raven is sitting on the high window ledge to watch over the two. Maceyana had been laying down when he knocked buy the time he entered the girl was sitting in a think raw seamed undergown and reaching for the robes that lay across the foot of the bed, pulling them towards her lap. The wrists, collarbone, the line of her jaw, is more skin stretched over bone, a gauntness that comes with sickness and weight lost. With her pale hair falling around her shoulders and back, her crystal eyes red rimmed as they turn towards him. "Tired, mostly." comes the honest answer.

Seren nods, walking over to sit on the floor to present the least imposing figure possible. "I want to ask if you've eaten anything? If it would help, I can bring your meals in here. I know it's … difficult, but you must regain your strength somehow. I also want to ask after your emotional health. How you're feeling."

Turning towards him, one bare foot set on the floor, while the other leg is folded under her, Maceyana doesn't pull the robes on, simply lets them lay in her lap for modesty's sake. "I have not been hungry, the smell of food turns my stomach." her eyes follow him as he settles near, head tipping a bit to the side, recognizing the move for what it is. "You don't frighten me, Seren."

Seren smiles at the assurance. "I'm glad. I understand, would it help if I brought something that had little aroma? Something light enough to not insult your stomach? I can probably arrange for it. They at least tend to listen to the healers here. Grief…" He sighs, steadying himself for this part of the conversation. "Grief turns even the sweetest fruit sour in your mouth, I know."

"Grief, is that what you call this? It seems like such a small word for the.. amount of destruction that it causes." eyes dropping away from him to where her hands clench at the course material of her garments. "Sleep helps… I can forget when I am asleep."

"It hurts, I know. Whether they are gone beyond or are simply so far you'll never reach them again. I wonder, though… would your brother be hurt to see you this way? It would hurt me to see those I love losing themselves to despair simply because I was gone. I want them to be happy, to live for me." Seren finally looks up. "Grief is sometimes too small a word for the pain that it brings."

She falls quiet listening to him, twisting the material in her hands so that the knuckle bones stand out start white from the pressure. "Why do you keep trying to escape?" Looking up, brows pulling together in a small frown. "You know there isn't any.. but you keep trying.. at least I assume you do, considering the room. And you get punished and you try again, knowing it will come out the same?"

Seren smiles. "I… I tried. I thought at the very least they would have the decency to simply execute me. Because, for a while, I was lost and without hope. Even when they brought me here I wrapped cloth around my wrists under my robe to escape the shackles, but I was found out. Because they took me away from my clan and my family and changed me so much that I can't go back." He shows his hands, as if to indicate the emptiness. "And then someone gave hope back to me, and I tried to make it go away again, but it hasn't. I had a plan. A list of obligations that I could fulfill and then I would go. And now I have a family that needs me to stay here and look after it."

Maceyana nods softly as he explains, then turns her own eyes away from him, lifting them to where Mor sits near the one small window. "So you no longer wish for escape?" a soft sigh then back to his face. "I am not ready to give up on that hope. And unlike you, I do not have the strength to try it another way."

"I didn't either. In fact, that other way didn't wait for me to try it. It gave me Cenn, Garou, Valentin, and Katerina, and they gave me the willingness and strength. Now my wish for escape contains more people. All creatures want to be free, Maceyana. From grief, from being caged, from the weight of oppression. We must find our freedom in smaller ways sometimes, and in that we offer freedom to others." He falls silent for a few seconds, and then gestures toward the door and their small world outside it. "I know that it would break me to know that my daughter's mother or her father left this world behind because of the loss of me. That is all I can tell you. I didn't know your brother, but I've met the people who loved him and I think it would break him, to know that you died for the loss of him."

"Seren, you think this is because he has died?" for once her eyes meet his own. "His death.." the tears well up in her eyes, burning the already raw skin as they spill. "I can not explain the pain his death brings.. but this journey, this started long before I knew him to be gone. This started as they broke each part of me.. as they took everything, my heart, my soul.. my body and I fear at times my mind.. away from me and used it for their own needs. Each time, I would fall… darkness would close over me and I would be lost… but there was a light that pulled me out, that was Rylan. Knowing he was out there. You think I am going to die because I lost him. No, I am going to die because he isn't there to save me any more."

Seren stands, finally sitting next to Macenaya and pushing his hair behind his ears to show the multitude of scars there and along his neck- usually hidden by his hair. "Then you must let others stand in to save you in his stead," he points out, without any real demand in his voice. "The men who did this to me…" He takes in a breath and holds it for a few seconds before letting it go. "They killed the man that was taken into the cell below the tower in a place he had no name for. That man lost all hope and died in that place." In the most hilarious way possible, but still! "The man that was left was me and I tried to escape with the thought that I could send a token back to my clan to let them know that I was gone and then die with at least a little freedom."

She said she wasn't scared of him, but that doesn't stop the tension that ripples through her as he moves to sit beside her. Not that Maceyana pulls away, but the robes are pulled closer, higher so they are tucked tight against her stomach but in turn exposing a section of her calf and the pink scars from where here legs have been bound. Now that the tears have started they run freely, unchecked down her raw cheeks. As her crystal bright eyes flickering to the scars on his neck, then closing against the sight as what little color there was drains from her face. "Ir abelas." whispered softly. From above Mor lets out a little chirp, dancing back and forth on his feet, but for some reason staying there above them watching down. "I don't know how to do that… how to let anyone be that much to me. They do not allow it."

Seren shakes his head. "Once the pain became too much, I … fell into darkness. There was no one there to pull me out of it. I couldn't return to my clan, I tried to escape and failed, and tried to convince them that I should die. They sent me here. Lethallan, what was done to you … goes beyond what was done to me. I find it hard to harm others even if they've harmed me. Yet the harm that was done to you…" His fist clenches on his own robe. "I would take their lives for this. The truth is that I'm incredibly selfish. Your pain would ease if you were to leave this life, I know this. Yet the others I care for have led me to care for you as well. You matter, and I will be here no matter what road you choose, but I hope… and so I want you to choose to live. That's the selfishness of a family, even if you didn't choose to come into it. It has come to you."

"Mor took his eye, the last.. the one they sent me away for. He will come looking for me one day and when he does, I doubt he will let me live through that meeting." the words coming softly, as if they were ones she had spoken to herself many times. A shake of her head, silvery hair falling around her shoulders and into her face, strands clinging to the wetness on her cheeks. "I don't know who these others are that you speak of. You are the first person in years that I have not been afraid of and I thank you for that." lifting her eyes to his. "But that also terrifies me, because when you have something to loose, then they have ways to hurt you again."

Seren offers a smile, though even that carries the edge of sadness. "It's true. Yet they already have ways and those are easier to face when you aren't alone. I will tell you that I will be here. I will stand between you and harm even if it means my life. I will give you what light I have and, if you need a shoulder to help carry the burden of darkness? I will give you that. Because you're part of the clan that I've found in this place and your life matters to me."

Her hand lifts much as it did the night they met, as of to reach out and touch his cheek and again, just like that night, fingers freeze somewhere between him and her. Her eyes meeting his own as tears drip from her small chin. "I am scared… " though what of, the templars, death.. even himself. "I am tired, so tired of living afraid."

Seren nods, and there's a weight of understanding in the gesture. "There are reasons to fear in life, and that is always going to be true. What I can promise you is that there are people who will protect you. Cenn, lieutenant Garou. I will fall before another unwanted touch is given you. You will be as safe as we can make you, if you will give us the chance. I can't replace your brother. All I can do is try to protect the sister he loved."

"I don't know these people.. You are asking me to trust Templars." Her eyes closing, hand lifting to scrub the tears from her raw cheeks before they open again. "I trust you. Maybe it is because you are Dalish but I don't think so. There is something that made me trust you when I saw you." looking away, to the tiny dingy room they are in, as of searching for something that is hiding in the corners. "I can't promise you.. since I woke up in this place, I can feel the darkness there, lingering.. waiting to swallow me. I don't think I have the strength to fight it again so soon." Looking back at him. "But you say you can help, so I will trust you."

"There is always darkness. It sits in the corners glaring at us and then snaps at our heels like wolves. I am saying I trust these men. Your brother loved one of them." Seren nods, and the hint of tears is there in his own eyes. "Thank you. I promise you that we will find a way." He stands and takes a step toward the door. "I'll ask for broth and bread to be made and bring it to you. If you need to speak, come at any hour. Once Revas is done mothering Cenn, she can watch over you again." With that, he slips from the room leaving only a carving in ironwood of an owl in the branches of a tree strung on a thin strip of leather on the bed.

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