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Scene Title Stayin' Out All Night
Synopsis Tyce gets Carys and Cenn home… They're all ridiculous.
Location Quaint Manor
Date 29 August Dragon 9:31
Watch For Drunken floor rolling, and unsuspected gentleness.
Logger Cenn

You know, normally Cenn might protest this aid from Tyce but right now he is really drunk. Very, very drunk. Is singing bawdy Ferelden tavern songs off key with Carys while they stumble along Hightown levels of drunk. The neighbors will hate them. Probably. But eventually they do stumble their way to Davan's door. And Cenn in his drunk mind thinks somehow that the door will just be unlocked. Fat chance. So, without stopping his singing, he reaches behind Tyce to hold his palm out to Carys, asking without speaking the words for whatever key it is that she has. She does have a key, right?

Carys is still hanging upside down. And now has a hand in close proximity. She takes it and gives it a niced handshake. "Nice t'meet you!" She says with a giggle, obviously amused at her own joke. REleasing it, the hand's probably still there. And then she shoves herway up to twist and resting an elbow on Tyce's head she looks around. "…oh…OH! Oh right…um." She then wiggles this way and that on tyce's shoulder, sort of indicating to put her down. Either that, or it's just the motions she's making while digging in her top.

Now lets make this clear… Tyce isn't exactly sober himself. He isn't like these two, probably because Tyce isn't ever exactly sober.. but there has been a good deal of stuff put in his system tonight, so Cary squirming while he is trying to hold up Cenn and of Balai at his time is underfoot.. now we have two choices.. everyone go falling down or.. the hand around Cenn's back lets go for a moment and SMACK! on the backside on his shoulder. "Settle down before you knock people over."

If there's one thing the staff are, it's attentive and the hall boy at least hears the commotion that's being made. The door opens and a barefoot elf of about 16 pokes his head out. "Watcher want?" But then he spots Carys and just shakes his head. "E's asleep'n yer catterwallin'll wake 'e up," he grumbles tiredly before walking away from the open door. "Lock'er behind." Davan hires all the best people, folks. All the best.

Look, Cenn's too drunk to judge the quality of Davan's staff right now. Besides, Tyce's just smacked Carys right on the ass and Cenn is more than a little flabbergasted. "Really?" He says, but he's too drunk to be effective in this chide, "That seems unnecessary." But he's stepping inside, bracing himself against the door. And he tries to be quiet. He really does, but he's giggling from the moment he steps inside. Gets as far as the foyer, and then he's leaning against the nearest seating.

"Yeep!" And then she's flopped back where she was, though one hand moves from her top to rub her smacked bottom. "That stung!" That even has the edge of, gasp, tears on it! She's an orphan, she ain't ever been smacked on her behind before! But then…THEN she hears Bobo the Hall Boy. "HEY! Look, I got the door open!" She pushes herself up long enough to proudly proclaim this to Cenn before he wanders off and she's giggles all over again for all of fifteen seconds, before seh starts shaking her /foot/ at Bobo. AS if she was wagging a finger. "Don't y'go sassin' me none! I'd box yer ears if I could jus' reach 'em. C'mere so I can do that…" A hand appears from behind Tyce to try to grab invisible ears. "An' it weren't caterwallin'. We were singin' a romantic tune. He'd appreciate it." There's a pause and she then says to Tyce, surprisingly calmly, "Ju's toss me any ol' where."

"You know it would probably have been easier carrying Cenn." Tyce chuckles as he eyes the elf then follows the templar in. "Hold on there.. let me get you inside and then you can box and caterwall and do what you like." added to Carys, suprisingly gentle as he tips her from his shoulder and slides her down so that her feet is touching the ground, both hands settling on her shoulders to gently push her into a seat, then pausing to make sure she is steady. " You good there? yeah?" kisses her on top the head then lets go slowly to make sure she is able to sit on her own. That accomplished, turns towards Cenn. A smile pulling at the giggles in the man, Tyce shakes his head, reaches to move the Templar into a more stable position before smoothing the hair at his temple and nodding. "Okay you two stay put, I am going to find you some water." thank The Maker they are both as drunk as they are, no one in their right mind would ever believe that level of gentleness from the archer anyway. A motion to Balai to watch them, he stands intent on finding a kitchen.

Folks, you've made enough noise to wake the dead things UNDER Kirkwall and Davan is closer and alive. It doesn't take long for him to come down the stairs- easily seen from the Foyer- looking tired, rumpled, and a little confused. At least he remembered to pull on a set of loose black pants before because then everyone would be getting an after-hours show. His gaze goes from Carys, to Tyce, and then to Cenn before he shakes his head. "Maker's ass, what is going on?" Pause. "Tyce, you're still not shaved," he says as if it's an affront to his home. Then he's going to walk over and try to steady Cenn. "Why are you drunk and why is that man manhandling Carys?"

Aww, Tyce. Cenn looks legitimately touched for a moment. It passes quickly, though, cause he is drunk and just… Nope, he's laughing again. And then… Oh Maker. There's Davan. Woops. Oh dear. And of course he's moving over to him. Cenn blushes, his laughter quieting, and clearing his throat. "Why am I drunk?" Cenn says, blinking, "Well… It's my day off…" And that's what you do on a day off, right? "And… Tyce has a really weird taste in liquor… He carried her home…" And Cenn doesn't realize he's doing it, but his arm goes around Davan's waist then, more amorous than he's conscious of.

She's settled down and the kiss to the top of her head just gets Tyce to be looked at cross-eyed. "I'm goo-" This is interrupted by a hiccup…no a belch…a hiccuplch? which does end in 'ood' to finish the word. And she just drops right there like a sack of taters on the ground, easily sitting there and being comfortable. She beams a smile first to Tyce, then she tilts her head back…back…and flops down to sprawl now on the ground, and that beaming, drunken smile is still on her face as she speaks to Davan, "We drank goat dwarves!"

Davan's voice annnd just like that, Tyce is his ole self. Straightening, his gaze shifting to the sleep rumpled man. "I am aware of this yes." growled before he looks to the two, sighing reaches down at carefully moves Carys where she won't get stepped on. "They will need water, two glasses each and Cenn needs bread… unless you want them both heaving in the morning. Nothing hard on the stomach until they have slept." yeah, maybe he has done this before? Carys' explanation… heck Cenn's tugs at what cold be mistaken as a grin to his lips before he is reaching for the bow Cenn was carrying. "I'll leave them with you then." eyeing the hold of the Templar on Davan then a sharp nod and a signal to Balai that it is time to go. "I wouldn't leave her in a room by herself. There could be…. dreams."

Davan listens to all of this. "What did you give them? You realize that if this does damage, we're going to have words," he warns, arm going around Cenn's waist to hold him steady. "I'll get Liddy, she can bring everything we need and watch over Carys." To Cenn he shakes his head. "Or you come here for something a little safer than what you've been consuming. Carys, darling…goat dwarves? This town is insane, and you need to find better people than this man to do your drinking with." To Tyce? "Well, thank you for at least seeing them home."

Oh right, the bow. Cenn had the good sense, at least, to put over his back. So when Tyce reaches for it, he shrugs free of it for its rightful owner. They're quite a set. And Cenn can't help laughing again at Carys' antics. "There were no dwarves." He says, shaking his head, leaning to bury his face into Davan's neck drunkenly. "Just liquor and goat's milk… It's…" More laughter, it rumbles through his chest, and he takes a deep breath… "You smell nice." Smooth, Cenn, smooth.

Carys is easily rolled into a decent place. She's quiet for a few seconds before she pipes up, "Dreams? LIke… like… where yer runnin' an' then there's flowers, an' then the cats try to braid yer hair and you're all like…" She's on her knees briefly, flailing her arms before she flops face first back on the ground with a contented sigh. "I love you." Who knows who's that is said to as she's currently talking into the rug.

Tyce eyes Davan as if the man just slipped more than a few notches. Then snorts. "They will be find, water and bread." taking the bow from Cenn carefully. "Whatever it is Templar, if you need to loose it for awhile, let me know. I still owe you one." that growl soft, low, not meant for Davan but it's not as if he won't hear it. Another glance at Davan, the look far from pleasant and he stops beside Cary's bending to push her hair behind a ear. "And butterflies and daisies. Don't forget to dream about them." so soft that maybe he isn't really talking to her at all. A flash of pain and he is standing. "Good bye little one." and the archer's strides are taking him to the door without bothering to look back.

Davan reaches up to run his fingers into Cenn's hair, closing his eyes. But Tyce? Those words get a growl, even if he's too preoccupied with his drunks to fully go after the man. "Come along. I'll get Liddy for Carys and we'll have something brought so you can drink and eat. Water, yes? Well, at this point I wouldn't give you anything else. I'm glad you came here instead of trying to make it back. Carys, love… just…" Sigh. Everyone he cares about in the world is drunk.

There's a motion, then, when Tyce speaks… Cenn sort of reaches out a hand. It might have been a friendly clap to a shoulder if he wasn't so drunk he couldn't quite figure out which was up. "Thanks…" It's muttered, but obvious, and when Davan growls, Cenn makes small, drunken shushing sounds. "No, no, Tyce is good… Is fine… Is all fine…" He's starting to really slur now. This is deteriorating quickly. There's another deep breath, and it feels like the blink of an eye by Tyce is well on the leaving path and Davan is talking about food and water and… "Yeah, yeah… Water, probably n' a ba' plan…" He's starting to sound like Carys at this rate.

Lazy speak is contagious! Or at least drunken speak. It's probably a miracle Carys can even be understood at this point. "Bu'flies'n daisies," she burbles where she is and she lifts a hand to wave to Tyce. It seems she's content to just stay here, sprawled, face down on the pretty rug. That phase of drunk where it seems like a /great/ idea to just lay and pass out where you are is starting to hit. Probably means she should really get up and get into a bed proper. After drinking something. And at least Princess isn't drunk, Davan. However, the notion to get up and get moving has stuck in Carys's head. For a few moments. Of enough time to push to her feet, stagger over to where Cenn and Davan are, and then promptly flop against the Mage in a drunken lean. Her arms dangle at her side, though so it's just her head and relative upper body flopped somehow against him. And somehow… she looks comfortable.

Davan makes no comment on Tyce, he'll save that for later. For now, he has to somehow navigate these two up the stairs because he can't GET Liddy if he can't get to the bell pull that will summon her from her room. "Come along, loves," he finally sighs, hefting Carys over his shoulder unless she wiggles away. "Hold onto me, amatus. Stairs… Maker, why is everyone I care about in the world drunk tonight?" At least Princess is sober. So now he has to navigate this merry band up.

Cenn laughs as Carys comes over, reaching his free hand out to ruffle her hair. "You're silly, Carys." He says, "But I can't blame you…" Because Davan does smell nice. "No, no, I can manage the stairs…" He says then to Davan, taking a deep breath and focusing. If he were also carrying someone? Probably not. Just to get himself upstairs? Yeah, that he can manage, with a little help from the bannister. Besides, even if he discovers he's wrong, he's crawled on worse floors than this. This week even.

"B'cause we got goat dwarves t'drink, s'why," Carys oh so casually informs Davan of why they're drunk even as she's getting tossed over a shoulder. And the fact she's eye level with yet another derrier just gets her to start drunkenly giggle all over again. And it's that sort of soundtrack that will follow the pair up to the next floor.

Davan shakes his head, trying to keep his eye on Cenn as he heads up the stairs with Carys like a sack of something over his shoulder (As if he's ever carried flour or potatoes). Once Carys is deposited on her bed and Liddy summoned and instructed on caretaking, he pushes Cenn off toward his own room. "Come along, we'll get you settled. I'm going to have that man's ass as a trophy in my sitting room," he grumbles the latter to himself as he gets the water. "If he harms either of you, so help me."

As Carys is settled down to bed, it's not without a kiss to her cheek from Cenn, and some playful teasing about lullabies or bedtime stories. But his teasing ends there, as he's being ushered away by Davan. "Harm?" Cenn says then with a laugh, stumbling down the hall with Davan, his arm going around the mage again, "Maker, I think he just noticed that I'm…" What even to call what Cenn is? Mourning? Nah. Sad? Nope. Angry? Not quite. It's a weird mixture of all of those to the point where it is none. "He didn't make us do anything…" And then Cenn is leaning to nuzzle against Davan's neck, purring.

Carys has enough staying awake power that once she's deposited on the bed her clothes get chucked off, and she's digging under her pillow for the shirt she's taken to sleeping in and slipping that on. And then it's faceplanting on the bed again. Upside down. With her head pointed towards the right corner and her feet on the pillow. It does seem that Cenn's comment aobut a lullabye has stuck, because a muffled, drunken version of one does follow the pair out of her room. Which, by the by, is still looking like the girl is living out of her bags. AS for harm? ABout the only thing that's going to be harmful is the hangover. Poor dears.

Davan will probably never trust Tyce after this, but he doesn't really have much time to dwell on that. He'll have to address Carys' living situation with her when she's sober and recovered. NONE of that matters with Cenn nuzzling his neck like that and he tips his head to the side. "Cenn… The water," he urges in a whisper. "He said…" Except now he has to remember what it is that barbarian said.

"Yeah, he says things…" Cenn purrs back, but he really doesn't seem to care about the water at all. He'll get to that when he's worked up a thirst again. Because though he can't keep himself upright very smoothly, but he's interested. So that nuzzling turns to kissing. And that kissing turns to little, daring nips. And his hand holds a little tighter and… Well, what kind of drunk Cenn is becomes obvious swiftly.

"The hangover…oh…" Davan is having a hard time caring what the instructions were. Carys will get her water (even if Liddy has to pour it down her throat) but the mage is failing at nursemaid. Because his patient is gorgeous and knows how to make him forget everything. "Bed," he urges, already pulling at the Templar's clothes. At least the water is NEAR the bed. Theoretically, someone's going to drink it.

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