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Scene Title Sticking It To The Magisters
Synopsis Davan approaches Jovan about joining
Location Hightown, Evocati HQ
Date July 7, 2016
Watch For Mentions of motivation.
Logger Davan

The late morning heat has driven most people indoors, but that heat is nothing to any visiting Tevinter. In fact, it might be time for a light jacket to replace the heavier one that would have been needed to fend off the morning's cool. Davan is out because Princess MUST have time outside, and in the process of showing the medallion that hangs from his neck to a messenger and looking incredibly impatient. A letter is handed over from said messenger and, with the drop of a couple of coins, Davan is left alone with whatever is in that letter he's opening. Meanwhile, the fox? There's a bug. She's busy.

Jovan pretty much lives in the headquarter's to their mercenary group. So, seeing him saunter up the walkway with the remains of the day's breakfast pastry in his hand and head back up the stairs to EHQ is a pretty normal sight around here. What isn't normal, is the fox. Who dresses up and paints their pet like that?? Oh wait. Right. Rich Tevinter kids do that shit. His gaze settles on Davan for a moment to make a threat assessment, and then back to the door's lock that he starts to open.

Davan glances up from the letter and is about to look back down again when the familiarity of Jovan's face stops the action. "You were in Lowtown," he informs, as if he needed to. "You know, little to-do with the demons, darkspawn, and all of that? Rather exciting. You live … here? You may be just the person I'm looking for." Princess, for her part, has caught the bug. So would someone PLEASE tell her what to do with this thing? Because really.

Damn, he's been spotted. Jovan sighs to himself and looks up again with a curt nod. "Pretty much." he agrees, though he has other options. This is just where he feels the most comfortable. "Who might you be looking for?" A glance is given to Princess. "I'm not a pet trainer. Just putting that out there." Because seriously. The painted up fox is holding a bug in its paws and doesn't know what to do with it.

Davan laughs. "Cute and witty, but no. Princess has as much training as she needs." He glances down at the fox and her bug dilemma. "Let it go, darling. You… please don't eat the bug." Right, back to the human before there's any green in that pretty complexion. "You're with this group, yes? Evocati? By the way, excellent choice. I can appreciate that sense of humor." Princess looks at the humans, looks at her bug, gives a fox sigh, and sits down to contemplate her bug. Apparently unable to bring herself to let it go.

"That's right. My brother and I run it." He doesn't give his brother's name, mind. But that probably isn't much of a surprise. When the door unlocks and swings inwards, he gestures inside. "YOu may as well come in. I don't talk business out on the walkway." Be it merc or Tevinter business and he's still wary about which of the two this guy wants. Despite his comment on the name. That does earn a grin. "With any luck, it's pissing people off back home too."

"Oh, you have no idea. My father has gone on several detailed rants about exactly how you should be flayed and the resultant energy used to repair alleyways." Clearly, Davan couldn't be more delighted. "And yes, perhaps we should. Because I have yet another way we could piss a magister off who greatly deserves it." Princess finally moves, urged by her human, and the bug makes its bid for freedom.

Jovan leaves, heading towards the Evocati Headquarters

That probably just made Jovan's day. "Sounds painful. Too bad he'll never get the chance." Clearly, Jovan isn't worried about being caught and flayed. "Have a seat. Want something to drink?" If there is business to be done, then… well. He'll treat Davan like any other client and offer up full service so to speak. Otherwise, he's just going to wait and see which Magister the newest Tevinter to Kirkwall would like to piss off. It definitely makes him raise an eyebrow in query though.

"Oh, I think we can just get straight to business," Davan answers as he sits. "Because there's a specific magister I'd like to piss off. You might have heard of him, actually. Mettius Pulcherus? Nasty bit of work, as faithful as a rabbit, always trying to find a way to expand the family holdings? I have something to offer you that would do a great deal to ruin his day."

Jovan takes a seat in that case, and leans back comfortably. Kind of like a slouched position, but it's apparent that being relaxed by no means suggests he's less then fully alert. "Yeah, I heard of him. I'm from the Marcius family." He remembers the name Pulcherus enough to know he didn't like it then.. and that hasn't changed. "What's pissing him off going to do, exactly? Aside from bring a smile to many, many faces. And what are you offering?"

"I'm offering you his youngest son," Davan informs and then gives the hint of a bow. "Davanasius Pulcherus, but please call me Davan. The name's been in the family for ages. Sort of like one of those horrid pastel vases and just as pleasing. And what pissing him off is going to do is give you information on some rather powerful people who have interests outside our borders. Also, an incredibly attractive and charming mage." Princess has had enough of the floor and, as if to remind that the mage comes with the world's cutest fox, she jumps into Davan's lap. "I'm afraid it doesn't get you someone with much talent for necromancy, but who needs all of those spirits and bound demons wandering around anyway? They're murder on carpeting."

BOTH eyebrows raise at that. "You want to join as a Mercenary." Jovan cannot help but smile. Seriously. "Yes, well, we can never discount the carpeting." he agrees in dry tones. Dry enough that a whiff of desert sand might even appear. "I'll talk it over with Hadrian, but I can't see him saying no to this. Too good an opportunity to pass up, as it were. "You might want to keep the little fox there away from the back yard, though. We have our dracolisk's penned there. And while they've obviously been tamed…" He shrugs a little. Princess is snack sized and we don't need any accidents.

"Marcius, Marcius… You're the dud!" Davan couldn't look more pleased. "No offense, it's just that … well, one can't help but hear rumors in one's own house. You would not believe how much I envied that at the time." Really, for all his posturing, Davan can't hide his sincerity. "Do. I'm staying in one of those little houses, but the name's been posted so it shouldn't be hard to find." Seriously, hightown manors are like cottages compared to estates in Qarinus. "You won't have to worry about Princess being eaten. She knows better than to go into the gardens of others. Or anywhere without me, really." Meanwhile, said fox is just going to sit there, look pretty, and wave that poofy tail of hers.

"Yes, that's me. The dud." Jovan, momentarily reconsidering his options here. But just wait till Hadrian gets a load of this! "I'm sure." he agrees, tapping his fingers against the table. "I've heard just how difficult the magisterium is. Even the most powerful mage can find themselves with nothing if they irritate the wrong people." To say he has an intense dislike for the place seems like a vast understatement. "Right. The name's been posted. I'll be in touch with you soon I'm sure. You and… Princess." This is going to be veeeeery interesting. "Welcome to Kirkwall."

"I really didn't mean offense, it's just such a surprise that I would run into you." With that, Davan stands and places Princess on the floor. "Fuck the magisters- a few aside- it's those they own that suffer. No matter how the circumstances of the family change." Oops, real anger. So he'll brush that aside in exchange for an implied bow- all flare, not much bend- and a smile."Thank you. I'm sure this is going to be very interesting."

"None taken." Jovan decides, after seeing that display of anger. "I think you'll be a fine fit for our band of mercenaries. You'll have the option to join the Deep Roads Expedition that a contact of mine hired us on for. But it isn't mandatory." he notes, to pique the man's interest. "We'll be serving as guards and scouts. Otherwise, once I've spoken with Hadrian I will also show you where the warehouse is that we keep supplies. Keep an ear out for possibly business." he adds as an afterthought, clearly thinking ahead already. "You're welcome." He'll hold his hand out to shake and seal the deal. And then simply get to work on the pile of papers that are on the table.

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