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Scene Title Surprise! It's a Zoo!
Synopsis Anders discovers the new zoo in his clinic.
Location Darktown, Clinic
Date July 23, 2016
Watch For Baby Bear!
Logger Taril

It's morning, you know what that means? It means that Taril is awake yet again to feed the animals. He's already taken care of the clean up of the cages and for the larger animals that aren't in them, and now that those are fed, it's time to feed the bears. So there he is, in the middle of a nest of blankets with one cub actively eating from a bowl and one one its back being spooned the goopy mess that is his version of cubfood. Anders is going to be SO happy.

You know who snuck down here on the pretense of going to get some breakfast food? Maura did, that's who. So she's not exactly here for long, but her familiar brown hair and far too innocent visage peek in to the clinic after she knocks politely on the door. This is when she sees the… uh, redecorating that has taken place. "Okay then. How is baby bear doing? Has Anders seen this place yet?"

Going up into the foothills of Sundermount had been a good decision. Not only had Anders managed to gather a solid number of herbs and venoms and other sundries useful in stocking potions for this Deep Roads lark, but also it had been nice to have a couple quiet days to himself. He'd been on the run solo long enough to know how to keep from being noticed by pretty much anyone who wasn't actively looking for him and the fresh air and exercise in the sun - being outside the perpetual filth and despair of Darktown - had been good for him. Coming down the back elevator and doing his level best to breathe as little as possible until his ability to smell goes into hibernation again, he actually feels… pretty good. The poor man is even humming a jaunty little tavern ditty under his breath when he stops to shift his load enough to open the clinic door. Somewhere, the universe is laughing at him, surely. Because he is enough in his own head (full of ingredients and brewing steps and measurements of heat and time) that he crosses the foyer/waiting area and into the clinic proper without so much as a hitch. But that's about the point where he stops dead and it looks rather like someone has just punched him straight in the nose. "What the…" He never makes it to finishing that sentence, jaw hanging slack as he takes in the menagerie and his mind pipes up with a helpful snippet of memory when one or two of the creatures look vaguely familiar. "Taril!" Not that he can see him from his current vantage point, but this is certainly his fault, so he can't exactly be far, right? "Taril!" He's missed Maura altogether, apparently.

Maura quips, "Well, he has now."

"Over here," Taril answers, looking both surprised and as if he's trying SO HARD to not laugh. "She's eating, not as dehydrated… Sleeping a lot." It's really all the poor elf can manage since he has to keep his bottom lip between his teeth to keep from falling over- which would mean disrupting his baby's meal. "We have animals!" he finally manages. "I thought you were in the back asleep. Carys was here but she seems to have gone out." Yep, there's a cot and blanket fort a bit away from the managerie. "You just missed cleaning and feeding time."

"Evil rumball woman, you mean." Not Carys. Evil. Rumball. Woman. Maura still winces in memory of the hangover from just 4 of those dastardly treats! "But why is she…" Whups, here comes gobsmacked Anders. "He's right there." She gestures right at the elf. Not throwing him under the wagon or anything, but totally throwing him under the wagon. "I'm not supposed to go near you anymore. Adair calls you murder elf now." she relays, so that both men know to not tell her templar that she's being all buddybuddy right now. "Would another healing spell help? Poor baby bear.. oh hey, do we still have those Deepstalker chicks?" Hopefully Anders has been those already.

The sigh that comes out of Anders should be somehow immortalized in the annals of Thedosian history as the purest communication of 'I regret everything' ever accomplished without a single word spoken. Setting his carefully-packaged supplies down on a nearby table - gently because that's a lot of work represented in those leather wraps - he leans back against it and massages the bridge of his nose between thumb and first two fingers. "Okay." There's a slow, deep inhalation and a sharp, punctuated exhale, then. "Okay." Look, he's calm. He's SO CALM. The Calmest. "One thing at a time, Anders. One thing at a time." Talking to himself is normal, nobody mind him. "Healing spell? Who is hurt and how?"

Taril shakes his head. "Well, you did tell me to bring them here, and I only expected a couple of animals. Not…this." His explanation is halted for a moment as the bear on his lap begins to protest the slowing of the feeding process. "Easy, da'len. I'm not going to stop feeding you." His tone? Completely different from any that he'd use talking to people. It's downright soft. But then it's back to business as he waits for the cub to finish this mouthfull so he can move on to the next. "I told you I was going to kill that man. Well, someone had to take care of them and he was letting them starve." Which apparently is the most appalling thing ever. "So while I was climbing the cages, Maura helped this one stay alive long enough for me to get it back here to be fed. The good news is that I found cats. The bad news is that they're possibly nugshit crazy, but we can work with that. Unless you want me to take them out to lowtown when I take the deepstalkers to the bonepit." Maura gets a LOOK. "Murder elf? Everyone I've killed has deserved it." Except he's not really sure that's completely true. Now he's going back to feeding his baby and giving fond looks to its healthier sibling.

As for the deepstalkers. "Oh, yeah. Haven't had a chance to get out to let them go yet. I don't think they've learned to bite yet. You can check." FOR THROWING TARIL UNDER THE BUS, MAURA.

THat's wagon, dude. WAGON. "Your brand of healing might be better. Mine is just from creation magic. Maybe I'd be better off learning healing from you then continuing down the path I'm on now. Since I tend to, you knoq, squish things and cumble cave floors." Maura admits, rueful when she kneels closer to the babybear. "It's Adair, Taril. No filter, and overprotective to a fault. And he knows me too well." It makes her smile though, and she looks up with a rueful shrug. "He'll calm down… maybe I can bring him a pet from the managerie here. He'll like that!" Hahahahahaha. No, he won't. Maybe. "I am sure they did deserve it. The ratfucker who was starving these animals certainly did." It might be a little creepy how she coos when she's saying that, cause she's also hoping to keep the cub calm.

This is a lot of information all flying around him at once. Anders - because nobody's perfect - does the very rude thing and shuts almost all of it out, letting it sail harmlessly over his head while the bulk of his focus is on this newest patient. The rest of it can come later. For the moment, he's crossing the room and folding himself down (with more ease than anyone should have settling into a nest of blankets on the floor) to sit next to Taril. "She shouldn't be able to feel anything while I check her over," he says quietly, the gentleness in his tone the one reserved for the parents of the very young. (Because honestly, they were more worried than their children nine times out of ten.) "But if I need to rebuild some damage or atrophy on her insides, it will probably tickle her." So be ready for squirming in the near future. He reaches with his magic - warm, comforting springtime sunlight - rather than stress a baby critter with a new person's hands all over her, investigating in the background while he talks. "Creation tree spells are some of the most useful any mage can learn, but only if one respects their limitations. I use them when I can to conserve mana and stave off fatigue." So there's no harm in Maura knowing them, is his point, however awkwardly he makes it. "What was wrong with this one when you found her?" The cub, not Maura.

Oh good, because he'd be here a while if they were talking about Maura. FINE. WAGON. "She was almost dead from starvation and dehydration. I don't think he fed any of them well. Bears need a mixture of foods and cubs need to stay with their mother at this age." Taril nods, still not able to stop the worried look at the mention of further internal damage. He hadn't let himself think beyond 'keep baby alive'. Fortunately, Maura delivers on the needed distraction. "There's a runt in there that might not make it when they're released. I thought about finding it someone, but…" Well, deepstalkers fail at cute and most people want cute. Then it's back to Anders because worry wins. "You can help her though, right? She doesn't deserve to die because one dirty shem saw coin when he looked at her. Even we don't kill bears unless we have to." The healing talk, though… well, he knows arrow to the face, knife in throat, so he's going to leave that to the mages.

Maura ain't the only one here with issues, murder elf! "He'll be just fine." She will be baby bear cheerleader while Anders works his magic. Literally, works his magic. "Aye, they are. But their limitations can be somewhat frustrating." He would know this of course, and she just quiets a moment to walk around and peer at the caged blanket nest of baby deepstalkers. "Can these really be tamed though? I don't want to wake up one day to find one of thse things' lampre-worm mouths latched onto a limb gnawing it off. They're not cute to start with, but that would be REALLY not cute. And then there would be the 'I told you so' lecture. Do you know how awful those are?"

"The dwarves keep Deepstalker packs. Their hunters and rangers use them to bring down prey. They're smart little shits, but if you get to them young enough, they can be dead useful." See? Helpful! But Taril's worry soon steals his attention again. "I will do everything I can," Anders soothes, laying one hand on Taril's shoulder in a surprisingly big brother kind of comfort. "But you should know that long-term starvation in the very young of any species stunts not only growth but development. Even if I can bring her back to physical health, she may have any number of…" He sighs. "Her brain may not ever work quite right, Taril. I doubt she'd be able to survive on her own." He relays the information as kindly as he possibly can, because Anders is a gentle soul deep down, but it would be worse to lie to him at this stage, so while this is not a fun talk, it is necessary to have.

Taril nods at the explanation of deepstalkers. "You have to treat them with a gentle hand…" But there's all that bad news and he's not able to hide that it bothers him, let alone how much. "I should have made him suffer more. That quick death was more than he deserved." But it's too late for that and he shakes his head. "It doesn't matter. She deserves to be taken care of. I can teach the other one to dig for roots and find berries. Remind him that his kind keep Dirthamen's secret. By the time the leaves begin to change, he should be able to live on his own." The fingers of the hand that cradle the smaller cub's head scratch at the area between her ears. "You'll be fine." Never forget he's a tough elf, ok?

Maura scoops up one of the young Deepstalkers; still so tiny that its ugliness is cute. And of course, starts making cute noises at it and giving the little thing copious amounts of affection. She obviously has no problem with gentle. It masks her sad expression as Anders delivers the possibly bad news about the weak cub. "Should I being more food down? I can grab a few things from the lowtown market for now…" she offers quietly, into the gloomy atmosphere of the room.

There is a kindred spirit in the way Taril cares for these little fuzzbutts. It makes Anders heave a long and heavy sigh, but he squeezes the hand on his friend's shoulder with a kind of understanding reassurance. "Okay, then. I assume someone will tell me eventually who Carys is and why she has a blanket fort in my clinic, but if you think she'll settle alright in my lap, this will be easier with touch." And it's going to be a long process. Babies are so delicate, fragile and elastic at the same time. He'll have to do this with care, restoring organ tissues damaged and stunted by starvation, building back key skeletal muscle groups, urging a couple of vital fat deposits back into existence. There's a point fairly early on when he starts to glow a pale, Fade blue, but that's not uncommon with Spirit Healers. He just happens to have his primary helper in-house, so to speak. And… he does his best with the poor thing's brain, but the 'ideal' he knows is human anatomy. And while a liver is a liver is a liver and most hearts are pretty much the same, brains… well, not so much. This is going to be one very confused bear growing up.

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