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Scene Title Taking Responsibility
Synopsis Seren finds out Ashalle is the one who "healed" Garou
Location Circle of Magi, Courtyard
Date July 25, 2016
Watch For Seren the Keeper
Logger Seren

Mid-day could possibly be the hottest it gets in the Circle courtyard. Seren may be Dalish, but he's Rivaini Dalish. This means this heat is nothing and the sun? Oh the sun feels SO good. He's also been told that a recent outing in said sun had his cheeks red, so he's going to soak up as much of that light as he can. The modified robe he usually wears is folded neatly on the fountain bench and, as the nightwing that is his constant companion plays in the water, he has settled in to carve a small wooden figure that is already taking the shape that it will eventually become- a druffallo intended to be a child's toy.

Ashalle seems to be restless lately, and not because of energy. Something about her run-in with the Darkspawn in Lowtown has her unsettled, and she can't seem to shake the feeling. Maybe a turn around the courtyard will help.

And so it is that she's coming around a corner and seeing Seren, robeless and working with his carving knife. The nightwing she remembers from their brief earlier meeting is in the fountain. She stifles a smile, watching the bird splash, and wanders over to say hello.

"Da'len," Seren greets without looking up. "It's warm for someone of your complexion to be out at this time of day, isn't it?" Revas, for her part, is ignoring all the people because there is water and you know what nightwings like? The cool of night. She'll settle for water. "I suppose the fountain cools things a little."

"Indoors felt too stifling, somehow," Ashalle replies, bowing her head respectfully in greeting. "But I see you're dressing for the heat," she adds with a faint smile, nodding at the robe he's set aside. "And Revas is cooling off in her own way."

"It's hard for me to stay inside no matter what it's like out here. I suppose I'll have a talking to by someone, but I refuse to lose my ability to stand under the sun without burning. I have some vanity. You know, now that you're here, perhaps you could answer a question for me. I've asked one of the people involved, but he was exhausted and I wasn't going to press. I heard there was … something that happened in…" Seren pauses, digging for the name. "Lowtown. Do you know anything about it? For a place so packed, the gossip never diverts to interesting topics."

"Sometimes I think people are afraid to talk about some things," Ashalle observes. "I could see what happened there falling into that category, and quite easily. But I can tell you what little I know."

She settles onto the edge of the fountain, loosening her collar and sighing in relief. "There were Darkspawn there," she says, shuddering a little at the memory. "Darkspawn, and demons. I definitely saw Genlocks, and an Ogre. How they got there, I don't know, but that they were there was plain enough."

And that's when the figure that Seren is working on clatters to the ground. "Fenedhis lasa, you were there?" He takes a deep breath, exhales it, and bends to pick up the figure to begin again. "Then you can tell me who is responsible for the damage that was done to Lieutenant Garou? I would very much like to speak to this person." There's no way he's going to make assumptions, those have led to more trouble than they're worth.

Ashalle nod quietly. "I had gone with the Lieutenant and Brother Sebastian to perform some healing in the poorer parts of town. I'm not a healer by trade, but my talents were deemed sufficient for the minor things the Brother had in mind. Then we heard the screams, and my other talents had to come into play."

She grimaces at the memory of that moment. "It was… the fault was mine," she says at last, lowering her gaze. "The spell I cast upon one of the demons was too strong, and he was caught in the fringes of it."

Seren shakes his head. "Not the injury, the healing." He gives a bitter snort of a laugh. "Of course they sent you. Because the people who need the most can't afford it…" He mutters something in elvhen that is growled darkly enough to forego translation and straight into 'angry cursing'. "Tell me… please tell me that you are not the one who …. healed him? Because, if you are that foolish, then perhaps you should return to apprenticeship." He doesn't look up from his carving, and his posture is still as relaxed as it's been the entire time. Revas? Still playing in the water. His tone aside, no one would ever suspect the man was angry.

"The fault was also mine there," Ashalle admits, not the least happy with it herself. "No one else was around, and I've seen people die from such injuries in the past. I had planned to straighten his leg, but when he pulled away the chance was lost."

"You must ALWAYS ask first unless an artery is torn or the circumstances are most dire for that person. I cannot fault you for the idiotic decision to send you out to heal with creation magic." Seren places the figure aside along with the knife and turns a dark look on the other elf. "You could have killed the Lieutenant with your actions. As it is he spent a very long and painful recovery and the HEALER who tended him was left incapacitated. Not only did you nearly kill a good man, but your actions could very well bring down judgment on us all."

"I am not proud of what I did, Seren. Had I seen the Lieutenant between then and now, I would have apologized for my actions. I can do nothing else, save learn from the mistake, and that I have done," Ashalle replies, meeting his eyes. "I certainly plan to find the healer as well, for the same reasons."

Seren takes a deep breath. "Apologies. Do you think that apologies are going to be enough? Will apologies be enough when someone who has done you no harm dies because of your foolishness? You will wait for Valentin to come to you. Because a healer who has spent a day and night to fix the damage that YOU did, needs to recover before giving you whatever response you deserve. If this were my decision and you were a member of my clan, I would turn you away to your fate for this. It doesn't matter if the person you are healing is friend or foe, you do not do harm. Dirthara-ma, little fool. Because Creators help you if you don't."

"I am under no such illusion. I stated what I /could/ do, not what was just," Ashalle replies, no heat in her tone. "No one knows better than I that the world is not fair, or just. If Valentin comes, I will accept his judgement, deserved or not." She rises from the edge of the fountain, turning for the door.

Seren FINALLY smirks. "No one knows better. You are a foolish child and whatever judgment he gives, you deserve. Make no mistake and hold no delusions. You are not the victim in this, da'len. You were told to go, you could have had the restraint or relied on the training and skill you obviously believe you possess. Do you think that having experienced a few bad things gives you full knowledge of the unfairness of the world? Living in an unfair world is what you do the moment you are brought into it. Unfairness is the cry of a spoiled child when their bowl isn't as full as someone else's. Life is hardship. Learn this lesson. You were in the wrong. If he had died, his blood would be on your hands. If you cannot restrain yourself, and as barbaric as I believe it is, perhaps you should be neutralized for the safety of us all. Now run, because facing what you have done is the act of an adult, and you clearly have not gotten there yet. Which might be in your favor, since slapping a child is one of the things I refuse to do."

"I did, in fact, admit fault in the matter, I am quite well aware that life is hardship, I have learned my lesson, and I said I would accept Valentin's judgement," Ashalle ripostes coolly, glancing back over her shoulder. "I merely acknowledge the fact that his judgement is as mortal as my own, or yours. I am facing my own wrongdoing in the only manner in which I can do so. I can do that without a waterfall of words." She turns and walks away. Perhaps the inside was a more pleasant place after all…

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