Portrayed By Bartek Borowiec
Faction Rogue
Organization Dalish
Position Hunter
Sex Male
Race Elf
Age 18
Place of Birth Between one camp and the next
Date of Birth Wintermarch 18
Mother Mihla
Father Elnar
Twin Sister Dhani
Sister Halani
Marital Status Single
Children None
Themesong Touch the Sky-Julie Fowlis

Character Description

Long, fire-red hair has been wrapped into a braid that hangs down to the middle of his back while whisps that defy confinement serve as unwitting bangs. He's obviously an elf- the ears and build are enough to give that away- and the vallaslin that decorates his face gives away his Dalish origin. Pale green ink blends over the delicate arch of his brows, setting off the aqua color of his eyes as well as the slight up-turn of his nose. The fullness of his lips and the angle of his cheeks have been accentuated by the tattoo- and even the rounded point of his chin has not escaped Andruil's mark. His frame is slight, though his height is average for his race, and his physique is of one who has not seen many innactive days. His clothing is fitted for ease of movement in shades that would make him blend in well with the natural environment- the typical armor of a Dalish hunter.

Character History:

Taril was born and raised within his clan. He's led as mundane a life as one can as an impulsive young man given the freedom that he's had. He's a hunter, hunting as much for the love of it as to feed his people and often showed no fear of things that others would back down from (the interiors of ruins, chasing after whatever made that noise). Somehow, he's made it through to his 18th year without losing a limb or his life. Those from his clan would remember his involvement with a flat-ear- a man named Alar who was not much older than Taril- though he disappeared at the same time as Taril became separated from the clan.

Those who meet Taril now may hear the story, vague though it is, that he allowed himself to be captured by slavers after leading them off the trail of his clan. For now he's in Kirkwall, presumably waiting to be reunited with his people.



Taril is a smartass who has no apparent trouble speaking to others whether he knows them or not. His carefree nature is there on the surface, as is his apparent lack of impulse control that leads him into situations before he's given himself time to think about it. It's probably a good thing he possesses SOME caution and a great deal of survival skill or he'd be the main figure in that story about the curious cat.


She may never be large or very bear-ish, but Taril loves that bear. Even if she'll forever mis-judge her size in relation to the world around her and seem to understand what's said to her more than she should. For now she's just a cub and he may or may not dote on her a little more than is safe for his 'tough, smartass elf' exterior's preservation.

Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Well, you're seeing a spirit, so I suppose that means you're seeing a thing. Relax, she's not attacking. I slept with her so if she wanted to do bad things to anyone, that would have been the time."
  • "…Kitty? Why wouldn't she be trustworthy? I slept with her in the Vhenadahl. If she wanted to do something horrible, that would be the time and I doubt I have any special immunity."
  • As for those arrows - Taril MIGHT have managed to duck them all just in time. Things looked pretty good for the professional Dalish Pain in the Ass… And then he shot again. -Dragon
  • "Taril," she begins, eyeing the bundle like it's some kind of serpent or scorpion. "Taril, there is something wrong with that bear." -Kitty

Trivia and Notes:

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