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Scene Title The Armored Brother
Synopsis Sebastian and Bethany sing the chant together
Location Kirkwall Chantry
Date 13 Justinian 9:31 Dragon
Watch For conflicting values, dramatic irony
Logger Bethany

Two Sisters, one on either side of the exile Prince, compassionately implore him to forget the hatred he has in his heart and ushers soft words of guidance before they leave his side. A contemplative gaze follows them, before he exhales a breath he didn't realize he held, shifting with agile strides toward one of the statues of Andraste. Dressed in armor, the Brother might stand out as he takes a new candle and lights it, placing it delicately amongst the others. Shifting the bow on his back as he settles down to his knees, he bows his head in front of the effigy of the divine. He starts muttering one of the many verses of Andraste's teaching, as if to console his heart and temper his blood, "All men are the Work of our Maker's Hands, From the lowest slaves, To the highest kings. Those who bring harm, Without provocation to the least of His children, Are hated and accursed by the Maker.,.."

Bethany is a frequent, but quiet figure in the chantry of kirkwall, just as she was for the chantry in her hometown of Lothering. There is a comfort in the similarity between chantries, though the shape, style and grandeur of the buildings may be vastly different, the colors, the candles and the effigies of Andraste are always the same. The apostate has left her staff behind in her lowtown home, for distinctly obvious reasons, along with the light armor she normally wears. The Ferelden woman picks up a candle, lights it and sets it amongst the others nearby Sebastian, coming to kneel before one of the statues with her hands folded in her lap. She hears the exiled prince speaking and picks up the chant where he leaves it, "Those who bear false witness, And work to deceive others, know this:, There is but one Truth. All things are known to our Maker, And He shall judge their lies."

Sebastian has been a Brother here for a while. It was to the Kirkwall Chantry that the soldiers of his parents' dragged him too. He eventually came to terms with the charge that was left as his burden to bare, accepted the vows, and turned his path toward the Maker's Light. Except, he looked rather different wearing armor commissioned designed for him by his father, the recently Late Prince of Starkhaven. His fingers tighten together as he clasps his hands there, bunching them before his forehead as he murmurs the chant alongside Bethany. Once they run through the various verses, his eyes open, a weight that was on his shoulders remained, but at least it wasn't as heavy. He gave a side glance stare to the woman who joined him in the nurturing of their souls, "You speak the verse as well as a Lay Sister." An observation more than not.

Bethany smiles at the prince with a gentle kindness about her. "I used to sit and listen to the chanters back home." She explains. "There wasn't much else to do in a small south Ferelden village than farm, or got listen to the chant or stories from the sisters." The smile on her face remains, though there is an equal amount of sadness when it comes to speaking of her old home.

Sebastian eases himself up from kneeling before Andraste's likeness, offering a hand in gentry fashion to help Bethany to rise as well. Never let it be said the opportunity for politeness was missed by the exiled Prince. His gaze does return to Andraste's statue, hearing and then observing as he turns a look back upon her the sadness that materializes upon the subject, "The Blight turned many lives upside down. Yet more were created anew, under the Maker's watchful gaze. I can only guess that your path now, is far away from that place in Ferelden, but, allow Andraste to guide you and you will find peace again. A new farm, a new place to call home. As long as you've accepted the Maker, the Light will guide you." A preacher in armor!

Bethany takes the offered hand, coming to stand straight with Sebastian's assistance. Her eyes wander the exquisitly made armor curiously, with great admiration for the craftsmanship of both the metal and leather. Not that she has any particular skill in those arts, but when the armor you're relegated to is a glorified apron you appreciate what others have. She nods in agreement with Sebastian's words, finding them quite comforting. "Perhaps not a new farm here in Kirkwall, but we have found a new home. It was the Maker's guidance that brought us out of the blight," And a dragon… but let's not talk about that. "It is certainly His light that will bring us toward happiness again."

Sebastian turns his face aside, pensive as his eyes revert back to the statue that has been his direction and purpose for these long years. She has been the representation of his personal sanctuary and yet now, he was troubled. The weight of the armor reminded him of the duties that cried out for him. His ice blue eyes, so pure and bright, brimmed with that festering hatred and anger, the despair of his loss growing. Still, as the woman's words beside him drew him back, a sense of relief eased the tensions of his face. "Yes, if you let him, he will show you the way," he shifts in the armor, quite different than the robes he often wears, somehow, more fitting.

Bethany considers the prince for a moment, knowing the look of loss on a person well. She offers him a sympathetic, kind smile. "If the Maker's light brought my family and I out of the darkness, brother, it shall bring you out of it as well." Preaching to a Chantry brother, that's a new one for Bethany Hawke.

Sebastian drops his chin slightly as his eyes close against the press of knowledge that the woman has picked up on his own troubles. It is unlikely that she knows of them but can sense the loss all the same. The Starkhaven burr gives him away as he speaks of course, narrowing down where he could be from, "If the Maker wills it, my family shall soon rest easy where they lie." He exhales a breath, "Prayer has done part of the work, the bow has to do the rest."

Bethany frowns, looking quite sad for Sebastian. "I'm so sorry for your loss." she says. "I lost my father just before the blight." She says, though once it's out of her mouth she doesn't really know what to do with it. That's what you do with people that have suffered similar trauma to you, right? You share it. Then what? "You intend to avenge them?"

"Thank you for your kindness," Sebastian murmurs as he regards the woman, whom openly shares the loss of her own father. "I know the Maker has reason, to have called them back to his side, but it does not make the loss any easier to bear," his eyes squint, "especially when you're the last." Survivors guilt? Guilt that he wasn't there to defend his family, that he was cloistered in a Chantry many miles away? He fixes his hand into a fist, then releases it, "I must do what is expected of me. Finding those responsible is part of that duty." There is a nod to his quiver full of arrows, "First, I need to practice. If you'd excuse me, I pray that Andraste guides you to happiness here." And he's in short, nodding, before he walks off, likely to find some place where he could shoot arrows into imaginary targets.

Bethany's eyes follow the armored brother as he leaves the Chantry hall, a strange mix of curious, sad and sympathetic. As Sebastian departs the building Bethany takes up another candle, lights it, and kneels before the statue of Andraste. "Blessed are the peacekeepers, the Champions of the Just…"

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