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Scene Title The Big Bad Wolf
Synopsis Seren meets Jack. It goes as well as you might expect.
Location Circle of Magi, Courtyard
Date July 9, 2016
Watch For Angrybird and Grumpycat
Logger Seren

Mid-day is usually when everyone is either eating or tending to tasks that can only be done when one has a few minutes of free time. That sort of thing is for everyone else. Seren is foregoing all of those activities in favor of a seldom used corner of the courtyard where he sits with his back pressed into said corner while working the last of the carved figures that decorate the wooden bowl in his hands. Revas has settled in beside him, her head rested on his lap and wings looking like she refuses to hold them up any more. Either the bird is napping or is close to it, but it's as cute as a nightwing ever looks.

Someone out of place, but not quite. They may not have much in common, but Seren and Jack apparently have that much. The latter of the two is getting the lay of the land so to speak, though his armor appears a bit different than the other Templars. His has an all seeing eye on the front instead. So, whoever he is, he's not a permanent addition. And sitting on his shoulder? A grumpy looking cat. No wait, it's a kitten. A grumpy looking little fuzzy kitten that insists on digging it's claws into his tabard to stay upright and press itself against his neck for balance. Good thing the little fucker is so cute. Both are looking up and around their new environs a bit skeptically.

Seren has never seen that symbol before, but symbols on humans never mean anything good. Symbols on humans mean they're allowed to do what they want and they know it. "Revas," he says while reaching out to wake the nightwing so that she's settled on his lap. No, he's not hiding behind the bird but, as tense as he is, it's probably not hard to come to that conclusion. Whatever he says next is in his own language, but the huge owl seems to understand it and makes an affirming sound. Also? Look. That may be a kitten, but it's a kitten with a human. Which means it doesn't soften the list of possible outcomes of the human being there.

A voice cuts into the quiet, and inevitably captures Jack's attention. "Afternoon." he offers pleasantly, with a nod of the head towards the mage. But then he starts arguing with the kitten on his shoulder. "See that? It's a nightwing. I bet it could eat you. Why don't you go say Hi. You know you want to." Meow. "So what you're saying is I really am stuck with you. Who put you in with my shit anyway?" Meow. "Alright, but look. I'm going to call you Fase whether you like it or not, and I may in fact refer to you in third person." At which point the kitten starts purring loudly and leaning even closer against the older man's neck. "You're not supposed to like that." Purr.

Normally, Revas is the first one of the pair to make friends. Her ability to associate is there, but imprinting on an elf as a nestling has done things to her ability to judge. This time, however, her wings raise without unfurling and her feathers lift to present the most menacing appearance she can manage. "Revas…" The name is said as a warning and the bird settles down on the elf's leg, watching the human and his cat as if they're both mice to be picked up. "Ir abelas, she normally sleeps during the day. Being woken unsettles her." The kitten? Excuse him while he silently wills the thing to scratch the human's face. ANYTHING for a distraction.

"See? It's hungry. You're snack sized." Jack reminds the kitten. To no avail. The dumb thing remains on his shoulder and just meows at Revas and Seren like it can't tell they would prefer ANY other company. "Oh, I see. I hope we didn't wake her. I'm been trying to convince this one that she really, really, wants to go find someone else's stuff to get fur all over." It's not working. "Name's Jack. I'll be around for awhile, so I thought I'd take a look around, decide if the place is really as fucking creepy as everyone says… and it is.. and see who I can make uncomfortable. Got any names I should start with?"

Seren shakes his head. "I… I know no one here." Which is kind of a lie but mostly not. He's met people, he doesn't know them yet, and he'd like to keep it that way. It's the 'the less comfortable I am, the less likely I am to be surprised' philosophy. "My own name is Seren," he informs. "And Revas is 'she'. If the cat has decided she is with you, why do you try to convince her otherwise?" The cat is a safe topic, right? Less likely to get him tossed behind yet another locked door. "And this place is as it is." Which means, yes, creepy and depressing.

Jack appears momentarily disappointed that Seren has no names to give him. He was looking forward to diving right into making people uncomfortable. But hey, he seems to have scored right here and now! "Revas, eh? That's a good name. This is Fase." He points at the grumpy looking kitten's face. "Because I've never had a… pet. It's easier to travel without one. Apparently, she doesn't care though." He grunts at the unfortunately logical answer to this place being as it is. "Seriously. A fucking Gallows." He just shakes his head. "Wait, wait. If you're Seren…" he pauses, and snaps his fingers as he's thinking, before he points. Sorry, it's rude. "You're the underwear rope guy! Now that, that was clever."

"Isn't that the point? Having hope leads to escapes." And there it is. Seren is NEVER going to live this down, but at least he can relax in the few seconds it takes for him to get over the utter embarrassment of it. "Not clever enough," he replies, gesturing to the courtyard. "Perhaps you should focus on teaching her to travel. Before this, Revas went with me everywhere." See that look? He doesn't even have to add in the implied 'and now I go nowhere'.

"And to think. My own commanding officers consistently tell me that I'm not subtle enough. Yet, here we are, in the least subtle place on Thedas I'm sure." Jack looks around himself again, as if to confirm that yep. This is the place. "Oh c'mon. You're not nearly giving yourself enough credit. I'm almost positive several people older than even me, with much fancier titles cracked a smile for the first time in decades after hearing about it. Of course, understandably that doesn't help your situation." He will 100% concede to that. "Is there somewhere specific you want to go? Other then 'not here'?" He'll mumble something about cats under his breath in reply to teaching.

"Rivain," Seren answers, but look. He's trying to keep his snide remarks limited to his 'in my head' voice. It's not easy. That remark makes it less easy. "Well, that makes it all worth it, doesn't it? I made people who agree with my capture and imprisonment smile. I'll let that thought comfort me when I sleep in a room with barred windows tonight." He's TRYING, but the tension and his tone aren't helping convince Revas this is a person she should be nice to and there's that warning sound all birds of prey make that is somewhere between growling-coo and hiss and the elf reaches out to stroke his hand over her feathers. "It's alright, settle."

"That one, I'm afraid I can't help with." And somehow, Jack doubts Seren is the type to appreciate a pretty picture of Rivain instead. To his credit, he seems to be taking no offense at all to anything being said to him. He's just listening, taking it all in, and occasionally arching an eyebrow. "But if there's something you'd like brought in for you instead, maybe I can see to that." His gaze flickers towards the nightwing. "But I think for now, I'd like to keep my pretty face. So I'm just going to…" he points towards the doors leading further into the circle. "… before Revas decides to pluck my eyballs out. We'll have to do this again sometime."

Seren smirks. "None can. The only part of me that will ever return home is Revas, and there is nothing you can bring into this place that will comfort me. " He shrugs. "Revas won't attack you, she knows better. She also understands what you say." Ok, mostly, but he's not going to add that. "I think she was offended that you thought she'd eat the cat. Predators don't eat other predators. Have you ever tried to eat a wolf? It's not something you'd do unless you were starving. She's a very good hunter and I imagine you'd taste like wolf to her as well." Wiiiich might be an insult, if you know anything about the Dalish and their lore.

"Thinking she'd eat the cat. Hell, I was hoping she'd eat the cat." Jack points out, grumbling. He does side-eye the feline in question and sigh, plucking her off his shoulder and holding her in front of him a moment before tucking her into his now crooked arm and scritching the top her head. "Hate it when they're this fuckin' cute." *mutter*. He does, however, look over his shoulder and give Seren a cocky smile before he saunters out the door. "Aroooooo." Yeah, he might know the lore. And he might just be a giant asshole. But who says it can't be both?

Seren is betting on both, actually, but now he's going to let out a long breath and lay his head back. "Whatever happened to you being friends with everyone?" he asks of the nightwing, but all he's going to get in answer is a goofy upside-down owlface in response. Because she's a floofbird and that's what floofbirds do.

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