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Scene Title The Cold of Autumn
Synopsis Maceyana meets Seren in the courtyard
Location Central Courtyard
Date 11 Harvestmere, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Tokens
Logger Seren

Autumn is setting in, which means Seren has finally been forced to wear heavier robes. Sure, they're still the black he prefers, but he looks absolutely weighted down in them and the fact that he still refuses to wear anything on his feet probably adds to the wrongness of it all. He's settled himself away from the fountain this time, near one of the exterior walls that borders the courtyard with Revas settled on his shoulder watching him do something he hasn't done in weeks. Carve. This time it's a piece of ironbark the size of the palm of his hand that he's working at, though the shape hasn't become definite yet.

Maceyana will never be the girl that one hears squeeling laughter from or running feet down hallways and such, at least not any more, there is a innate quietness that as become part of her as much as that silvery hair or the single dimple when she smiles. So it shouldn't be odd that without Mor to announce their presence, that she seems to simply slip into an area. Russle of dark green robes, the very soft scuff of thin soled sandles marking her pressence. The raven no where to be seen at the time, it seem that the elf girl came out into the greyish light on her own.

"Emerging on your own?" Seren doesn't look up from his work, though it's little wonder with the material he's working on and the type of knife it takes to make a mark in it. Revas gives a soft greeting without moving, as if she understands the danger of jostling the shoulder she's perched on. "I find it's not as cold if you can get close to stone that's been exposed to the sun most of the day. The heat comes back out."

"I opened the windows to let Mor out and air out the room, decided that it may be warmer out here then in there right now." comes the soft answer as the shift of robes brings her closer to where the two of them are seated. "It would help if there was some way to cover the floors, the stone makes the rooms hold the cold, when inside."

"Those rooms will always be cold. This entire place is cold. Summer just made it more livable." There's a hint of bitterness in Seren's tone, but his expression remains that of neutral concentration. "You could probably ask for a rug. I imagine enchanters have a little more say in their furnishings." It's then that he gives a hint of a smile. "I'd be told that if I wanted that sort of thing, I should be a good little mage and show more obedience. It's a good thing I don't care about that sort of thing." His hands still for a second and he finally glances up. "If it's good company you're looking for, you may be in the wrong place. But if you want to sit for a while…"

"I wonder if they would realize if we just moved your bed into my room. It would be tight but no tighter than you are already and four bodies would keep it warmer." said softly as she moves to sit beside him, her hand settled in her lap, idley playing with the strips of cloth she had started to keep bound around each wrist. "So you are still upset about something. And still going to refuse to tell me what." remarked, no real question in her voice as she watches the work of his blade.

"They'd notice, and I've become accustomed to the solitude." Seren shrugs his free shoulder and then turns his attention back to the carving. "Upset… No. Not anymore. That sort of thing is the reaction you have when something you didn't expect chips away at you the illusions hope builds for you. And no, I still can't share it with you. Not because I distrust you, but because I've promised to keep these things to myself. I've heard news from my clan, that's the part I can share with you. I'd rather not talk about that now."

"They'd notice, and I've become accustomed to the solitude." Seren shrugs his free shoulder and then turns his attention back to the carving. "Upset… No. Not anymore. That sort of thing is the reaction you have when something you didn't expect chips away at the illusions hope builds for you. And no, I still can't share it with you. Not because I distrust you, but because I've promised to keep these things to myself. I've heard news from my clan, that's the part I can share with you. I'd rather not talk about that now."

Maceyana falls silent, her pale eyes seeming to be focused on the greyness of the sky just above the edge of the walls.. fingers plucking softly at the stray strings on the raw edges of the cloths around her wrists. "Its okay, even if you would let me. I don't know that I could help you. I never have found hope in this place for it to be chipped away at." offers softly, though the slight tremor notes that perhaps she is not being completely honest. "Perhaps it is better that way."

"It's not you, Maceyana. No one could help with this unless they could undo it and even freeing me from this place and making it impossible for them to find me wouldn't change all of it." Seren turns the wood, working from a different angle as the wood finally reveals the form he's coaxing out of it. A feather that resembles one that might come from the nightwing on his shoulder. "The hope itself isn't a bad thing. Not for everyone. I'm sure there are a few people who would probably die without it."

"I am not sure that is a good thing." the whisper soft, almost as if a thought had managed to be heard rather than actually being voiced. One hand lifting to tuck a lock behind her ear, before she turns her eyes from the colorless sky to what he is doing again. "And who is this for?" having learned that he doesn't make things for himself and trying to change the subject before the darkness of it takes it toll.

"When my escape failed and I lived through it, I realized that my clan wouldn't know if I died. At first I thought that I might ask someone to give this to Revas." Seren pulls his own out from under the neckline of his robe to show the carving that's both a stylized tree and the image of a nightwing at once. "Then it occurred to me that there may be no one to do it, or there may not be a chance. So I chose something that those who know me would understand. That way they won't be left wondering." There's a hint of a laugh but it lacks the volume to be anything more than a whisper. "The most cheerful subjects, yes? The truth is that it's comforting to finally do this. Not a good thing? I don't know. If you can believe the lies hope tells you, it's not entirely a bad thing."

"Mor simply needs to be let to go free.. he will find another the same way he found me." she looks again towards the slate sky. Silent drawing out again for a long moment. "Know if you leave me alone in this place, you free me from my promises… its not a threat or even to make you do or not do anything. I understand how hard it is to stay here, especially for another." glancing towards him, her hand barely grazing the side of his thigh, so not to disturb the knife he welds. "It is simply if after we see each other again, that I do not want you to accuse me of breaking a promise to you."

Seren shakes his head. "I have nothing planned. In fact, I've made my own promises and it's really not such a hardship to stay for others." His hands still for a moment and he glances at the sky before going back to his carving. "The weather is changing here in more ways than one. I've noticed it. It's occurred to me that soon it may not be our decision to live or not to live. This year, the next, the year after… I'm not afraid of dying, but my family would want to know." He gives a soft laugh. "You have no need to worry. I won't accuse you of anything."

She stands then, hands pulling her hood back over her head, perhaps for warmth or for something else. "I think I have been mistaken, it really isn't any warmer out here then it is in the tower." said softly. "I hope you find whatever peace you need, Seren. I am sorry.. " then shakes her head. "If you need me, I am next door." then turns and starts back the way she had come.

Seren glances up. "Don't mistake my sadness for anything more than it is, Da'len. Nessini has moved on- as she should- and I am merely an idea to my daughter. Soon she'll be calling a man I've never met father. The truth is that I'm happy for them. The sadness is a selfish thing merely for myself. It'll pass. All things do. It's just brought other things into focus that I was trying to ignore." He sighs, pausing again and indicates the work he's doing. "I haven't decided to give up my life. Think of how wrong it would be after all the time I've spent trying to convince you not to do so."

The girl pauses, not actually turning back yet but listening to him as he speaks, finally when he is done, turning enough to look back at him. "Alone is a horrible thing to be, Seren. It's a place I think worse than the darkness of death. I am sorry for your pain. But as long as she is out there, there is a chance for you to see her again. And it may not be the same but it is something to hold on other than tattered shreds of despair."

"The truth is, I probably won't see her again. This is the way things should happen. It would be bad for them to never move forward. It was just easier to hold on to the way things were when I last saw them, that's all." Seren turns the wood over to work at the other side. "It's hard to explain. It doesn't matter who we are or what we want to be. This … Circle has taken ownership of us because their Chantry teaches them only one thing. Be afraid. Maybe they should be afraid. Nothing good comes of taking people away from their families and lives and locking them in prisons when they've committed no crimes."

Maceyana turns then, head tipping to the side. "I am all to aware of the holding onto what helps only to have that stripped away as well. Even if I knew I would never see him again, he was out there and that is what I held onto. I could have managed never knowing he wasn't out there any longer." biting into her lip then. "I am sorry you have had that taken away from you." then glancing towards the wall with a sigh. "And here we all are, knowing that together we could stop it and all too afraid to try."

Seren shakes his head. "It's probably for the best. I'm a healer, I really can't let myself hold onto illusions. As for that, there are times I wish I had been born with some other sort of magic, because maybe then I'd be able to…" He tries to finish the sentence but it ends in a frustrated sound. "You see? I can't even come up with a thing that I would do if I could. All I can think of is that there are apprentices here who would pay the price for those actions and Templars who probably joined for all the right reasons and now have no choice."

"Is it not ironic that their fear of us is what has us locked into this place. A what stays our hand is that there are those that would get hurt if we were to rise up?" Mac's soft whisper is barely that, just enough to pass between the two. "And yet, here we live in fear and pain while they are out there, with their families and their homes." her gaze falling back on Seren. "You and I will not do it.. but there will be someone, as this order of things can not last forever without the infection of pain in these walls breaking loose to kill everything it touches."

"The truth is, I'm afraid of what will happen when it finally does. Yet the more we comply, the more this Knight Commander seems to push down on us. No one can live like that forever." Seren makes a point of concentrating on his work but that worried expression is still evident. "It could all be resolved peacefully, but if they let us have peace they'll have to admit they were wrong and these prisons weren't necessary. So they'll have their outbreak and be burned by their own flames. It's something I would be alright with not living to see."

Maceyana lifts here eyes to the towers above them as if she can see the flames licking against the stone, hear the cries of those that will pay the price. "If it was to stay in the Circle.. it would be bad but…. it wont and it wont end once it is fallen. There are to many that have lived like this, felt this weight for so long that when it comes.. what they fear, that will come true." her gaze slipping back to him. "Flames will consume the cities and those who had nothing to do with this.. but maybe that is what they want."

"Perhaps." Seren shivers and begins to pack away his tools and work. "Forgive me. It's gotten cold and…" Even if he doesn't provide the rest of the thought, it's clear he's already thinking about the possibilities and finding them disturbing. "Forgive me. The cold is making me tired and I should probably go rest." He stands, offering a weak smile. "If that time comes, you must run from this place and not look back." With that, he's off in the direction of his room.

She who had already been heading back before he stalled her, steps out of his way for a moment. Not intending to stop but also not moving towards the tower as quicky as the healer is. She would let him but that last, there is a small shake of her head. "If it comes, I will be standing beside you. I already have lost everything, there are those that still have a chance." her footsteps following if less hurried, as she bundles the robes closer around herself.

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