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Scene Title The Deep Roads & You!
Synopsis Adeline calls for a meeting before the expedition.
Location The Hanged Man
Date 30 August Dragon 9:31
Watch For Mage sass, some people being more civil than some might expect.
Logger Adeline

The Hanged Man is quiet, it's the middle of the day. It's only the real committed types who drink at this hour, and while those do exist, they tend to keep to themselves, anyway. Besides, the majority of people coming in at this hour are being directed upstairs. To the suite that has been converted to the Warden living space here in Kirkwall. (They really needed to look into an upgrade.) The cots have been moved aside, replaced by a couple of tables and enough chairs for the company that Adeline has called to gather. The Senior Warden herself stands at the back of the room, in her Warden blues, her dark hair a voluminous mess framing her face. On her forearm perches her falcon, and she talks to him softly, running fingers through downy chest feathers.

It's not often Anders leaves the Clinic in anything but his ratty plain clothes, but today - as is evident when he crests the stairs in his Warden armor with his mess of hair tied back in an Orlesian braid along his skull and neck - he's made an exception. Not really his idea of a good plan, but it'll make Adie happy. And there's really not much Anders won't do to make Adie happy; see, going on this trip at all. He's not much one for structure, this mage, so despite the obvious intent for people to sit at the table, he's going to go up and say hello to Sterling first. Cause it's been a minute and he has treats to share.

Fenris probably isn't who most people would expect to be going down into the Deep Roads with the Wardens. He's, you know, the type to sort of… Avoid working with others. But, it seems, the white haired elf has his reasons. And if he's going to go down there, he's going to at least be smart about doing so. No one could say he was that much of a fool. It might be made a little more clear by the fact that he's following Anders in. But when Anders breaks away to go greet a certain bird, Fenris instead finds himself a seat and leans back, waiting wordlessly.

Baby's in the corner. Of the stables, since she's getting too big slowly but surely to be up here like she was before and there's going to be quite a few people. But Minea is there, feet up and enjoying something nice tasting and not the questionable stuff. Dar hair braided and in her usual uniform, the staff of her propped up behind her and watching Adeline and Sterling quietly.

Speaking of people you wouldn't expect to be going into the deep roads with the wardens, Aelia Zinnovia has arrived for Adeline's seminar. Not even just for the joy of making Fenris' uncomfrotable, she's here by official request of the senior warden herself. While the black and green leather theme of her clothing is still the same these robes look far more like they're for working in, the hides are thicker and treated and there are clasps that look like they might be meant to support metal armor. Her usual black staff with it's jade dragon's head is at her side. Bright green eyes find the Senior warden quickly and offer the woman a respectful nod as the altus makes to pick out a seat. For now she seems to be purpousfully giving Fenris, and by extension Anders, as much space as possible.

Freyja's here, really, it's just not immediately apparent that she is. Her cot is one of the ones that's been pushed back against the wall and so she sits on it. Sideways. Cross-legged. With a giant spotted… something sprawled lengthwise along the cot and over her lap. The spotted something is well-mannered, soft and fluffy and entirely uninterested in the affairs of humans who aren't paying him any attention. And though Freyja looks at ease in her plainclothes and with her riot of blonde curls tumbling loose for once, every so often there's a flicker of cinnamon as her gaze darts from person to person to person.

You know, Adeline shouldn't surprised that her Wardens that would actually stay with her (Yeah, looking at you, Anders, looking at you. Then Hanged Man is bad, she knows, but Darktown? Come on, a little self respect, man…) are all women. There's a smile to Freyja and Minea, and when Anders enters actually in uniform, it looks a little like her heart my burst. Sterling, for his part, well, Anders is his friend. His treat bearing friend, and so he alights from Adie's arm and settles on Anders' shoulder with a small creel. "You really do pull it off well, you should wear it more." Adeline teases Anders, and then glances to Fenris, "Back me up on this, would you?" Shot the elf's way. And when Aelia enters, there's a return to that bow of head. "Altus." The greeting is formal, but not cold. And Adeline waits a couple more moments before deciding that anyone after this will just be late. "Thank you all for turning up. I know this expedition is… Out of the ordinary, for the Wardens, and I thought it wise we all be in the same place before leaving."

"We've had this conversation before. Though, it ended up with a Halla coming home with us when Anders tried to distract us from talking about." Minea looks to Anders, brows raised. "My opinion still stands on the topic. Fenris, he needs to wear it more for you." A small knife produced and some fruit, Minea's still relaxing, digging into her piece of food. Safety in numbers is what keeps her in the hanged man, that and the pointy ears and facial markings. There's be only one place really for her that wouldn't end up with some small amount of racism occurring.

Look, it's not the most glamorous locale, but Darktown has things the Hanged Man doesn't. Room to treat patients, for one. Privacy, for another. Rah, rah, camaraderie and all that, but some mornings it's just nice to wake up in your own bed with your own lover and not have all of Creation also somehow involved. (They tried that with the zoo + people stationed in the clinic for a while, it did not go well.) Adeline's expression is bad enough, but when she adds a compliment to the mix, Anders flushes a rather fetching pink. "I didn't realize I was walking into an ambush," he mutters, already absorbed in petting soft breastfeathers. But then Minea pipes up and honestly Anders looks like he would very much like to crawl under a rock and die. So while he makes his way back over to stand near where Fenris is leaning, he's absorbed entirely in the bird. Sterling would never betray him like this. That's why Sterling gets the treats.

Aelia's arrival makes Fenris look over, tracking her for a moment with his eyes. But it seems he's come to terms with her presence in the city, even near him. They did, after all, help that ambassador with that cat that one time. There's no words offered her, or change in expression, but if she looks his way, there is a small, almost imperceptible nod. Fenris raises a brow at Adeline then, and then shakes his head. "Anders is welcome to wear what he likes." Is his only, and simple answer. Minea with her quip? The warrior sighs, shakes his head. "You two are incorrigible."

"Warden." Aelia returns to Adeline polietly, and that's about all of what she has to say. The Altus is committed to not offending anyone today and between Fenris, Fenris' cat, an Ander and a Dalish elf the best course of action is likely simply keeping her Vint mouth shut. The mage has picked out a table to sit at, comfortable in her own space, but keeping her space about a staff's length away from most people. Besides, she was here for a tactical briefing, nothing about that said chit chat was required.
Adeline has partially disconnected.

Well if this isn't a circus and a half. Freyja isn't used to quite this many people up in 'her space'. "Hey, s'not nice," she informs Minea and Fenris. "How'd you like it if I called you 'Dalish' or… well those aren't vallaslin for any Creator I've ever heard of, so wherever it is you're from." Not that it's a bad thing, mind. Especially not if it's going to offer her an opportunity to push someone's buttons. "Seems a waste, Minea. I think he probably looks better out of it." There's that wolfish grin, giving the subject of scrutiny his due up-down-up examination. "Bet you three coppers on it." But then boss-lady is getting down to actual business, so the blonde lady is going to shut her mouth with an audible snap and go back to scritching her lazy snowbeast.

Sterling has absolutely no problem with this attention. But Anders' hair is in this silly braid and is no good for preening. So instead the bird's sharp eyes observe the room as he is pet, giving each person in the room a lingering look and a little click of his beak. "No… Freyja… That's… That's Anders' name." Adeline says with a small laugh, "I hadn't realized you two hadn't met. And I don't care how much money gets thrown in on this, no one is undressing at this meeting." And the Senior Warden does seem serious about that order. But she's turning toward a footlocker then, kicking it open and pulling out some parchment. "Right, raise your hand if you've actually fought Darkspawn." It's a relevant question, okay?

No rising to Freyja's bait. But there's a smile none the less at the bet that's forthcoming. She's about to even place the wager when Adeline interrupts, setting facts straight and asking questions. Questions that prompt a raise of Minea's hand. Why yes, she's fought them.

Yes, his hair is in this very silly braid thing, but Anders makes up for it with treats. Little pieces of raw meat - fresh bits of rabbit from just this morning - no bigger than his thumbnail ar pulled from one of his belt pouches and offered up for avian consumption. He opens his mouth to say something, but Adeline has that covered and Anders… well, he shuts his damn mouth, but oddly he looks a little bit uncomfortable and can't quite meet either Freyja or Adeline in the eye. He does, however, raise his hand. He's just going to be fascinated by his shoulder-friend's feather pattern while he does it.

Okay, Freyja, well done, because that manages to get a huffed laugh from Fenris. There aren't a lot of people that can simultaneously get him to laugh and bring up his markings. "Tevinter." Is the only thing that gets offered to the Warden, though, before more serious topics are being moved on to. And his hand goes up, too. I mean, that's how he met Anders, anyway.

At the interplay between Fenris and Freyja there is a quiet, almost indiscernible sigh from the Altus. But, again, quiet and inoffensive in her corner, these people were going to be between here and terrible darkspawn very shortly, after all. At Adeline's question the Tevinter mage shakes her head, no darkspawn, plenty of other terrible things but no darkspawn. With nothing to say she waits patiently for the Senior Warden to continue, trying to not think too hard about how Hadrian is going to kill her for going on this damn trip.

Fenris' huffed laugh gets a widening of that wolfish grin from Freyja and his answer even earns him a lazy salute fired off in his direction. But boss lady says no bets so boss lady gets no bets. She does, however, raise her hand too.

"Okay, excellent." Adeline says, and in case she has any particular smart asses in the crowd, "You can all put your hands down now." (Looking at you, again, Anders.) "And I think all of you have at least something akin to military training. So we're starting off decently." And she approaches first the table Aelia is sitting at, setting down three pieces of paper, and she moves around the room. Anders receives one, Fenris two, Minea one, and Freyja one as well. "You may or may not need all of the information you've just been handed. If any of it is redundant to information you already have, I swear I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, I'm just trying to keep us all alive. The paper everyone received? That's a basic summary of what they are doing. Down into the Deep Roads, exploring sections long untouched, and… A rescue mission. Wardens who have no returned on time. Who or how many? That's vague. The paper both Fenris and Aelia received? That's basic rules to how to behave the Deep Roads. Go nowhere alone. Don't walk out into the darkness. Open caverns are a bad place to light a fire, the light will attract those things that dwell in the darkness. Sound travels. Touch nothing you do not understand. Let the trap experts go first. Structural integrity, vacuum explosion danger, and a list of commonly encountered creatures outside of Darkspawn. The one Aelia received? That's basic fighting Darkspawn safety; Range is your friend, their blood is not, different types, and what to look for to recognize recent Darkspawn activity.

Feet come down, knife and fruit put to the side, Minea takes up the piece of paper given to her so that she can give it her proper attention. Even the mouse that peers from beneath the curve of her braid is looking to the paper. THumb tracing up the side. "When are we heading out and how long are we expecting to be gone? So I know how many supplies that I will need to bring."

"I think our basics are rather covered, Minea." Anders' response is soft-spoken. "At least I sincerely hope Weisshaupt isn't asking Adie to work a miracle while pulling blood from a stone." He doesn't leave his hand up any longer than absolutely necessary, thankyouverymuch, but it's soon occupied with the paper he's been handed. Sorry, Sterling, snack time has to be on pause for a minute, buddy.

Fenris glances at the papers he's handed, stares at them for something resembling a respectable amount of time, and then goes back to leaning in his chair. There's not much he has to say on the matter, so he refrains, and just waits. Then again, he'd been expecting to be pretty quiet tonight.

Aelia leans forward at her table, gathering up the three papers that adeline has placed in front of her. Her eyes flick over them quickly, taking note to give them a more detailed read later, along with any other research she might be attempting before their departure. There's a curious tick in the back of her mind, which for some reason brings her eyes over to Fenris for a moment before she returns them to Adeline to hear the rest of what the warden has to say.

There's a paper handed to her. Freyja takes it, skims it, folds it up and sticks it into her pocket for later. She's not so much big on the 'why's; her job is to be pointed at things and then make them dead - or at the very least keep their attention while the squishy folks assist in making them dead. She's very good at her job. Not so much good at this part, though. So it's possible she drifts a bit. Not much, mind, but daydreaming is bound to happen.

Adeline laughs. "Oh, Anders, how I wish. No, we'll need to acquire our own supplies." She says, shaking her head, "Much of which I have already, but still. We're looking to leave… Soon. As soon as I can make sure everyone can be in the same place and have their affairs in order. As for how long? Probably two weeks. That's my ideal. But those of us who have been to the Roads know that ideals sometimes are not what you get. So pack for double." Adeline sighs then, "Right. With this being… Abnormal, I wanted to explain to everyone why we have some… Non-standard personnel going with us. Fenris…" She pauses, frowns, stares at the elf like he vexes her, "Honestly, Fenris is a stubborn son of a bitch and is insisting. I won't lie to you. And Lady Aelia," She says, nodding to the Altus, "The Roads under this city are not unlikely to have all manner of Tevinter traps, artifacts, or architecture, it might be different than anything we've encountered thus far, and I felt that having a resource on such things would be good. And… There's an alchemist who has asked to come along, a dwarf… I believe he has… Some experimental alchemies that will, if they work, make our lives easier. Designed to help with our tasks down in the Roads. Any questions?"

"Not all of us have a shop stuffed to the gills Anders. There will be some things that I will need before we go, especially if we are to be gone for some time." She need sot ensure that Baby is taken care of, she can't cart the Halla off with her. It's not big enough to ride yet and won't be for some time still. Minea folds her paper, tucking it away into some pleat hidden pocket to be ruminated over again. "But I'll come raid your place to replenish if you like."

The audible groan? That comes from Anders. "At least when the Circle told you to do their dirty work, they made sure you had what you needed to do it." And… well, look, if the benchmark here is the Circle of Magi, that's pretty sad. There's a sideways glance to Fenris while he continues to sigh curses under his breath and goes back to feeding Sterling. He'll have to - "…what?" Minea's remark actually takes him entirely off-guard. "That's not even remotely what I was - " He stops himself, closes his eyes, counts backwards from ten and then just goes back to birds and grumpy wolves and treats. Because fuck if he just can't tonight.

Fenris looks between Minea and Anders, frowns and shakes his head. "I think he meant requisitions. Which, apparently, are a lofty dream." There's a glance to Adeline at that, but it seems to mostly be one of apology. Because, well, working with nothing was never easy. He knew that well enough. As for being called stubborn? He just shrugs. It's not untrue, and he's not going to argue on it, though the explanation of Aelia makes him glance over… That… Okay that actually is fairly sound reasoning and even Fenris can't complain. But that alchemist. "Experimental alchemy for what, exactly?"

Aelia frowns, at least when the Imperial Legion sent them off to the meat-grinder that was Seheron they had at least eighty percent of the things they needed. Then again, there are also perks to having a very highborn mage in charge of your unit. But then there's talk of Dwarves, and alchemy, which were two things that were almost as bad as Templars and Fenris. "Yes, I too am keen on knowing more. 'Experimental' 'Alchemy' and 'If' or not words I like hearing in the same sentence." The Altus remarks.

"To make things go boom." That's Freyja's salient commentary on Dwarven alchemists. "What other reason is there?" What? It's not like she has any meaningful questions to ask.

Adeline pinches the bridge of her nose at the misunderstanding between Minea and Anders. "Minea, I swear, Anders isn't actually half as much of a pain in the ass as I give him shit for." She says, shaking her head, "And… Yeah… It's… We're making do." Nevermind that it has a good amount to do with the fact that the very person that would handle their requisitions is down there. That detail isn't on the papers, but it is what makes Adeline frown the most. She's about to answer Fenris and Aelia's question when Freyja… "Well," She says, thinking a moment, looking for anything better, "She's not wrong."

Misunderstandings seem to be par for the course between the two Mages. There's a glance to Aelia before Minea starts to pick her fruit and the knife back up, cutting off the tiniest bit for the mouse who's whiskers twitch and sets in on the piece that have been set down on one of the metal scales on her shoulder to act as a plate for the little creature. No comments, it seems.

Adeline's explanation makes Anders' mouth twitch up at the corners with genuine amusement, but it's Fenris' interjection that catches him by surprise. "Explosives may sound like a terrible idea in a series of unstable tunnels deep underground," he offers. "But I've followed Adie through scarier shit than that and she hasn't gotten me killed. If she says it's fine, it will be." It's not an antagonistic tone either - he can understand and even shares most of their sentiments - but loyalty dies hard with Anders. When he decides to finally trust somebody, that's pretty much it.

Fenris frowns a little. "Very well." Is his only answer. Far be it from him to try and say what sort of supplies should and should not be brought. It's not like he knows the first thing about the Deep Roads anyway.

Aelia catches that glance from the Dalish made and quirks a brow curiously, wondering if it was just happenstance or if she'd already stuck her foot in it. "Fair enough." She responds to Adeline, lips pressed into a thin line. Experimental explosive alchemy, great. Aelia looks to Adeline, taking the time for the Senior Warden to finish her briefing to contemplate what she wishes to say.

Satisfied that she's made her substantive contribution to life for the day, Freyja tips her head back against the wall behind her with a satisfied little grin on her face and rests her eyes for a minute until she can decide something else is important or funny enough to comment on.

Anders… Makes Adeline stop in her tracks and blink. "I…" There's a small moment where her composure falters, but it's back a moment later with a small nod, "Thank you, Anders." She takes a deep breath then. "Any other questions?" Sterling, though he's stayed still and content to sit on Anders' shoulder through most this, grows restless, and hops onto the table in front of Anders, looking sideways down at the papers.

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