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Scene Title The Hangover
Synopsis Cenn faces the hangover
Location Quaint Manor
Date 30 August, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Guilting a Templar
Logger Davan

Davan is awake. Of course he is. He's worried about this hangover and he's already gotten up, put on pants, gotten the water and bread- both sweetened and not- for whatever kind of experience THIS is going to be. He's praying- for the sake of the sheets and floor- it's not a spectacular thing. Now he's back, putting a tray on Cenn's side of the bed because the morning after? He's heard it's going to be a bitch.

It's not often that Cenn manages to properly sleep in. But the combination of massive amounts of alcohol and sex have seemed to successfully knock him out hard enough that when Davan had climbed out of bed, Cenn hadn't so much as shifted. Just continued to lay quite like he had, arm stretched across the bed as though Davan were still under it. When Davan returns though, that's the sound of someone entering, and that's enough to get him to begin to rouse. With a deep breath and bleary eyes, Cenn looks around, identifies where he is, and turns over toward where Davan is setting a tray down to his left. His hand reaches out for the mage's, sleepy and affectionate. It seems the hangover hasn't caught up to his being awake just yet.

Davan curls his fingers over Cenn's, shaking his head. "You, my dear, are entirely irresponsible with yourself," he chides, leaning over to place a kiss against Cenn's forehead. "If you'd wanted to be that drunk, I could have provided a much better alcohol for you and you wouldn't have had to stumble your way from Lowtown to find your way into my bed." Once he sits up, he runs his free hand through his hair, only then allowing himself a worried expression. "What are you doing to yourself?"

Cenn takes another deep breath at that kiss to his forehead, and then groans a little. His head feels like it has an ice pick in it. Nevertheless, he pulls himself to sitting, and shakes his head. "I didn't plan on getting that drunk…" Cenn says with a sigh, his mouth feeling like he'd stuffed it full of cotton. There's a glance to the tray, and he reaches for water, at least having the good sense to drink that now, even if he'd failed last night. "I'm not doing anything to myself…" He says then, glass still in hand, though he doesn't sound terribly convincing.

Davan reaches to pull the pillows up enough for Cenn to prop himself up on without jostling him too much. "Are you convincing yourself or me?" He asks, making sure the glass is steady in the Templar's hand. "Or did you somehow forget that you were talking to possibly the most self destructive man to cross the border into the barbarian South? You need to stop this, or you are going to find yourself in a very, very sad place."

Everything feels heavy and weak and hazy, but at least the room isn't spinning. That's a good sign, right? "I don't know…" Cenn says in a moment of blunt honesty. He's steady, even if he feels like death warmed over. Cenn shakes his head. "Most self destructive, hm?" He says, raising a brow and letting Davan's hand go in favor of running his knuckles softly over the man's cheek. "I'll be fine."

Davan turns into the touch and sighs. "I've gotten better," he teases. "Will you? I'm not saying that I mind the kind of drunk you are, but… You know it doesn't make it stop, right? Besides, I might look good in black but I look terrible in worry and even worse in mourning, so no more of that poison Tyce had you drinking. Please?" He keeps his tone soft, but the worry doesn't ever leave his face.

Cenn sighs. "It's not about stopping…" Cenn says then, "It's just… I…" But that look of worry quells Cenn's ability to argue. He's gone and gotten fond. "Fine. Fine, you win." He says, then, taking another drink of water and setting the glass aside. "Come here." He says then, his other hand coming to Davan's shoulder.

Davan settles back into the bed, resting his head against Cenn's shoulder. "Good, I look good in winning," he teases, even if he doesn't quite sound convinced yet. "I've gotten fond of you. It's entirely unsettling. I've never allowed myself to be fond of anyone, it's dangerous. But it's happened now and I don't think I like the idea of not having you."

"Yeah…" Cenn says quietly, wrapping his arms around Davan then. "I know the feeling…" Damn it. He'd tried so hard to not let this happen. But here he is, feeling like death, in a hazy, late summer morning, with this man in his arms and… And he's… Fuck is this happy? Damn it. This was not the plan.

Davan turns his head just enough to place a kiss on Cenn's skin. "So you'll take care of yourself? Or at least let me do it for you when you don't think you want the responsibility? I'm afraid it'll be a learning process but it shouldn't be that difficult. I already care for you." And yes, there's a little fear in his tone as he expresses that thought.

"I wouldn't go that far." Cenn says with a shake of his head, "I am… Very bad at that concept. But I won't go downing two cups of fermented goat's milk and moonshine again." He can manage to not get to that point… Probably. "I…" Ah, see, now Cenn's getting scared and his heart starts to pound and he takes a deep breath. "You really ought to not… You don't…" Cenn sighs, "Davan, you hardly know me."

Davan laughs softly. "Do I need to in order to make sure you're not in need of being carried up the steps from Lowtown? I can at least look after you while you go after the level of drunk you went after last night. I thought for sure I'd have to carry you both. Honestly, fermented goat's milk and moonshine? At what point do you hate your tongue and stomach that much?" He shakes his head. "At the very least, have some pride. I hear the real barbarians go after that."

"Look, I didn't know what it was at the time. But then Carys had finished a glass and just… I was already drunk when it was put in front of me." Cenn says with a shrug, "The second glass, though? That was just pure stupidity." He laughs a little, but then sighs. "And… I meant the caring…"

Davan reaches to trace a finger over Cenn's neck. "I did say I was fond of you, that is a degree of caring. It's more than I've ever let myself care for another person since…" He lets out a sigh. "Since I learned that my parents approval only went as far as my social acceptability. I might have almost fallen in love once, but I learned my lesson. So if you're worried about attachments? You really don't have to."

At that, Cenn frowns, one hand coming to card softly through Davan's hair. "Well… Okay." Cenn says, "Not that… Well, I can't say I'm happy about the reason." But it certainly makes Davan's penchant for spending his father's money make more sense.

"You know, when father gave me the slave to shut me up, I cursed him. Perhaps I should write him a proper thank you letter." Davan's laugh is only a little bitter, though he relaxes at the feel of Cenn's fingers in his hair. "Now, what can I do to help with this hangover. I'm afraid my skill in magic is strictly destructive, so I'm no help there. I have some powders that can be put in the water that are remarkably effective. I'm very experienced at hangovers."

Cenn shakes his head. "I'll be fine." He says, "It's… Not as bad as I was expecting, actually. A little achey, and my head is trying to stage a revolt, but I'll manage. Might work as a decent reminder to not do this again." Pain always was the better motivator for him. His fingers continue in Davan's hair, and he makes no sign of wishing to move. "Besides, that would mean you getting up, and I am very opposed to that idea."

Davan closes his eyes. "It is incredibly comfortable," he agrees. "Let's hope you don't need many of those reminders. …and if I'm not clear? You can come here anytime you want. Drunk or sober. And if you want to come here to do that drinking? So much the better." He turns enough to breath in Cenn's scent and sighs. "You even smell like candy post-drunk. I may be envious."

"Seriously, if they're lacing the candy in Tevinter with lyrium, that cannot be healthy." Cenn says with a laugh, tilting his head down to nuzzle against Davan. He's even bold enough to steal a kiss from him, quite pleased with where he's spending the morning.

"We're a people used to living in the midst of a viper's nest. Lyrium laced candy is the least of our worries." Davan returns the kiss before placing a few more along the line of Cenn's neck. "When you want to move, I'll give you a massage if you want. It should help with the aches. I am good at them." For the moment, he's going to allow himself to relax. Mornings aren't usually this nice.

Cenn smiles then. "Well, how in the world am I supposed to say no to that?" He says, voice thick with an equal measure of fondness and sleepiness.

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