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Scene Title The Rose's Finest
Synopsis A night in the Blooming Rose.
Location The Blooming Rose
Date 3 Firstfall 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Really long names.
Logger Dante

The Blooming Rose is rarely a still place. It doesn't have the boisterous din of a standard tavern, but it is not a silent place either. Gentle music rises from the corner of the room. Warm light fills the salon, and the well practiced melodic laughter of trained companions punctuates the tempo of the room. It's early evening, and not terribly crowded just yet. It's also the hour that a certain Antivan man has decided to descend the stairs into the main room. The cold of Firstfall was driving everyone inside earlier and earlier, but Dante's appearances had stubbornly remained timed just the same as ever. He needed the sleep. He had a method, the method worked, and he was not inclined to change it. Dressed in white leather and red silk, Dante's a hard sight to miss, even in a room like this one. And for now, he's not taking a seat, but making a slow, observant circuit of the room with small nods and smiles to those whose eyes he catches.

Katka's freshly scrubbed and rosy-cheeked, her hair's freshly braided and tied, even her clothes look clean, and a cloak with black fur trim added for warmth and fanciness to her typically plain attire. Still, it's not quite fancy, and the scars and the look on the dwarf's face are more 'thug' than 'noble knight'. Maybe it's the tattoos, or the way she walks, a swagger tempered by some wary tension, shifty eyes looking around, her hands close to her belt, coin purse and dagger. She scowls, standing in place not far from the entrance, rubs one boot against the other with a clank of metal, scratches an ear, and makes her way to the bar, taking in the sights.

Julie had heard so much about Kirkwall's very own brothel and bar combo, she just /had/ to come check it out for herself. The orlesian woman is well dressed, through her attire might speak more to Antivan fashion and that of her homeland. Black silk shirt, dyed black doe leather breeches, boots that run up to just below her knees with read roses stamped into the leather, a red leather coat with embroidery in the shape of still more roses, but the main piece of the outfit is clearly the blade hanging at her side. The weapon is a work of art, sharp as a razor with a hilt in the shape of a dragon, the wings sweeping out to form the basket of the rapier and the neck coming up so the mouth closes about the stem of a metal rose which sits on the pommel. Chestnut hair is down, blue eyes are bright and someone is getting paid tonight.

Out of anyone who could possibly be coming down those stairs in the wake of all that red silk and fabulous, Anders looks honestly the most out of place. He's clean and neat and put together, but the worn, patched clothing and simple leather bracers and boots aren't exactly anything to look at. He's taking his sweet time about coming down, too, pausing near the top of the stairs to give last minute instructions - presumably to either the establishment's matron or whichever of her whores had just been his latest patient. This has apparently become a thing.

Dante continues his circuit for a moment. Makes note of the dwarf's entrance with some mild interest. All sorts walked through these doors, but she stood out in her own way. Very pretty or very scary were the different sort to him. So his gaze lingers just enough that he doesn't immediately notice that someone had been coming down the stairs behind him. What does catch his notice, though, is red leather, and Antivan cuts. So toward the bar he strides, though such an act makes him turn around, catching Anders coming down the stairs. He smiles at the healer, raising a hand for a less than subtle hello, before continuing on his trajectory toward the space between pretty rose-motifed lady and moderately intimidating dwarven woman.

Katka's style is more Ferelden than anything, fur and plain leather and solid cloth. Now, it's not easy to look impressive while leaning against a bar when you can just about look over it, but she hooks an arm over the edge of the counter and raises a small rough hand to the 'tender. "I'll have an ale." she calls out, and cocks her head to take a look around, sizing up patrons and staff alike with vague interest. After a pause, she leans in to clarify, "Not dwarven. The ale. Anything else is good." her accent's more Ferelden than anything, too. Her other hand toys with one of the chains that hang from her neck and vanish under her tunic, and her gaze turns to give closer attention to the people nearer her.

Julie comes up to the bar, leaning forward with her elbows on the top. "Wine, red and Antivan." The woman says with the accent to match her features, but not her tailoring. Bright blue eyes drift over to Katka and Julie offers the dwarf a smile. "New in town?" She asks, tilting her head to the side slightly while they both await their drinks. Dante does breifly catch her attention and the chevalier seems to like what she sees.

That not-so-subtle wave is enough to catch Anders' attention - enough to make him falter in his instructions and turn a slight shade of pink beneath his freckles, though the color comes with a quirk of his lips and an eyeroll to make Sigrun proud - and once he has seen to his responsibilities, he veers toward Dante rather than making a simple beeline for the exit. "You're colorful today," he offers in greeting. "Trying to outdo Camila, are we?"

Aha, sweet, beautiful victory. Precisely where he wanted to be, and precisely with the reactions he wanted. "I don't think you could get dwarven ale in here in the first place, senorita, fear not." He quips to Katka as he leans back against the bar. And then, over his shoulder to the tender, "Make that two, of the wine." While Julie might not match her tailoring, Dante certainly does, Antiva heavy in his voice. There's a wink sent the Orlesian woman's way, accompanied with a sly upturn at the corner of his mouth, before dark eyes turn to settle heavy on Anders. "Ah, I would never dream." He says with flair, "Could you imagine? I would accomplish only making a fool of myself. Though I think she would love to see her newest friend, if you've a mind to go fetch her for me." Dante leans forward just enough to reach out to Anders, adjusting a crooked feather on his shoulder.

Katka turns and leans her side against the bar, eyes travelling up and down over Julie, with a pause on the hilt of her rapier. "New enough. Been around long enough to find my way here with only a wrong turn or two, though." the dwarf, and scratches lightly at the side of her head. She looks up to Dante then and cracks a grin, eyeing him for a second, "Oh, where there's dwarves, sooner or later, there's dwarven ale, and sooner or later someone pours me one, 'cause that's what you get for a dwarf." another shrug and a vague hand gesture like she's warding off some imaginary mug. She looks up to Anders then and stares for a second, too, though her gaze doesn't linger as long as it did on the other, more colorful patrons.

Julie winks back at Dante, but continues to talk around him to speak with Katka. "That's impressive seeing as Lowtown was built to get people lost. Damn Tevinter and their engineering." She says with a mock sigh. Bright blue eyes turn around again to Anders to whom she raises the glass that is slid into her hand. "A pleasure to see you again, healer."

Katka gets a quick glance and a nod since she's looking, but Anders doesn't seem the least perturbed by scary dwarven women with face tattoos leaning against the bar. Doesn't even miss a beat. Amaranthine was a weird life experience. Julie's greeting catches him next and it's an embarrassing moment of staring at her blankly before his brain kicks into gear and recognition lights his face. "Ser Julie, of course. No further injuries, I trust?" But it's Dante's offer of birb time that lights his face up like this may actually be the best thing to happen to him all day. It is, in fact, exciting enough that he doesn't even seem to notice that his own feathers are being preened. "I'll do that, thank you." Because Anders may be a cat, but he adores birds.

"You're a dear." Dante sends back to Anders with a smile that is genuinely warm, "You'll need this." And a small, silver key is taken from his pocket and tossed to the healer. Seems either he isn't concerned about the healer being a thief or he's got nothing worth stealing. Glancing down at Katka, he considers her a moment. "Seems a terribly rude assumptions." He says, before the wine arrives and Dante turns toward the bar. He takes up both glasses of wine, extending Julie's toward her before sipping himself. "Ser, hm? Well, you don't seem a Templar…" He says, sounding doubtful of that fault, "And you're definitely not Ferelden."

Katka's eyes stray to admire the local talent, but then she looks back to Julie, "So long as you don't stray too far. I get lost just as easily in Hightown." she rolls her shoulders and turns about to collect her mug of ale off the bartop. She returns Anders's nod, an eyebrow arching as she looks between him and the woman, and takes a long swig off her non-dwarven ale. Dante gets another slight grin, "Ah, there's worse assumption, and worse drinks, anyway."

Julie crinkles her nose like an offended cat for a brief moment at Anders' titling of her. "/Dame/ d'Aubingy, if you please." She says with all the pretentiousness you would expect from an Orlesian who has just been called by a Ferelden title. Though she's not harsh about it. "No." She says to Dante, shaking her head "Dame Julie d'Aibingly de Val Chevan, at your service, Senor."

There's a little laugh at that crinkled nose. It's not mean, or even mocking, just amused. "Well, sure, but still." He sends to Katka, "People are perfectly capable of ordering what drinks they prefer. No need to make such assumptions because of some height difference." Then, though, there's an inclination of his head to Julie. "A pleasure, Dame Julie." Dante answers, "If we're giving proper introductions, then. I am Dante Alejandro Esteban Rivera de Santigo Castellano." And for a moment, he lets silence rule, "But Dante suits."

Katka reacts to Julie's Orlesian indignation by letting loose an amused snort into her mug of ale, which just seems to amplify the sound, before it turns into a frothy sputter. She puts the mug down, then wipes the back of her hand across her mouth and chin. Once she's recovered, she gives Dante a nod. "Yeah. But if you just asked for wine and they got you something Antivan assuming you'd go for a taste of home… ah, I guess it's not the same, but… close enough." and she takes another long swig from the mug. No sputtering this time. "What's with the long names, anyway?"

The chuckles are taken in stride. If Julie was mortally offended at everyone who laughed at her Orlesian sensibilities she'd spend too much time being offended to do anything else. "Encantado, Dante." Julie replies, her Antivan has a lilt of Orlesian to it but other than that leaves little to be desired.

"You know, I suppose that's fair enough." Dante says with a shrug and a smile, "And the names… Well, I won't speak as to why the Orlesians do it, but in Antiva, you take both your father and your mother's name, as well as some really boring nonsense about middle names and the Chantry. No one uses the two in the middle." There's a nod sent to Julie then, as Dante pauses to drink. "Do you simply enjoy the aesthetic of my homeland, or have you been?" He asks then to Julie, because really, the fashion and the language is just a little more than he go without asking after.

Katka makes a pensive grunt of acknowledgment after hearing the explanation, "Couple more names and you could cram a whole family tree in there." a grin hides behind her mug as she looks to Dante, then to Julie. Listening, vaguely, mostly drinking her ale. She steals a look towards the Madam, thinks, drums her fingers on the counter, and signals the bartender to refill her mug after draining it rather quickly.

"Julie d'Aubingy is my given name and family name." Julie says, speaking to Orlesians and long names. "Dame is a title and 'de val chevan' means of val chevan, indicating that that is my birth place and implying that I hold noble title in those lands." Explination done she smiles at Dante, "I lived in Antiva for five years, studying swordsmanship under Juan Destreza in Antiva City." She tilts her head to the side, looking at Katka, "What brings a Ferlenden Surface Dwarf to Kirkwall? If you don't mind my asking."

Dante catches that glance to Lusine from Katka and grins. "If you're looking for recommendations, I can probably help you." He says, almost wry but without the mockery. But then… Then there's a name he knows and Dante glances over Julie a little more closely. "That is a name I have not heard in some time." He says, punctuating with a drink of wine, "I hope Antiva treated you well."

"Boat. Boat brought me here. Couple of boats and a cart, really." Katka answers Julie's question, looking to the bartender to see if her ale's coming. "And there was a Blight, don't know if you've heard." the dwarf adds further, all through a sarcastic grin. The grin fades slowly, she looks down, then shrugs, "Business, really." then reaches for the mug set down on the counter. The grin reappears for a moment she looks to Dante, and there's a hint of pink to her face under the freckles and the dark red ink. "Recom… No! No, that's fine. Just… looking." she hides behind her mug.

Julie smirks at the sarcasm, tipping her wine glass towards Katak slightly. "A fair enough answer. I hope your business prospects treat you well in the city." She offers sincerely. To Dante she offers a sultry smile, "Antiva treated me quite well. I had to work for it for the first bit, but once I'd impressed her she took fine care of me."

Blushes must be like candy to Dante, because he seems quite pleased to have earned a second one tonight. "Alright, well, if you change your mind." He says with a smile, "I've been working here long enough not to be shy anymore." And there's even a wink sent Katka's way. Though, there's wine to drink and a low, thoughtful noise to make. "Yes, she does tend to be that way. I am glad that you found yourself suited."

Katka nods to Julie, and shakes her head at Dante, all this while hiding behind her mug. When she does finally finish her second ale, her cheeks are still rosy, "Ahem! I have to go… talk to someone, then." she digs into her coin purse, pays for her ale, straightens herself, gives both Dante and Julie a nod, then sets off. The dwarf wanders about the main room, approaches Madam Lusine, swerves aside at the last moment to to inspect some drapes, because she's very much into textiles, maybe. She does, eventually, after some scowling and further pacing, get close enough to the Madam to discuss business. And then she disappears upstairs.

Julie watches the dwarf go with a kindhearted chuckle before turning her attention to Dante. "So, you said you were up for making recommendations?" The Chevalier says before downing the rest of her wine.

Dante nods to Katka as she departs, watching her a moment, and smirking when he sees her jag over to Lusine. At that question, though, he brightens. A mouth full of wine makes him delay in speaking, but a "Mm - Mhm." Sounds comes in response, as well as an enthusiastic nod. "Tell me if there's something in particular you're looking for and I can probably point you in the right direction, if it isn't my own." There's a smirk along with that, but it sounds mostly as though he's kidding right at the end there.

"On another night, certainly." Julie says for the sake of Dante's ego. "But I'm in the mood for a woman. I'm adventurous, but she needs to be able to hold a conversation."

"Of course, I'm not offended, don't worry." Dante says with a smile, and glances around to room for a moment, seeing who is working. "Ah, yes, I know just the person. Come with me, dear." He says, stepping away from the bar with a nod toward a particular corner of the room. And then he'll make introductions, be generally polite, and slip off quietly to find his earnings elsewhere tonight.

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