Faction Mage
Organization Grey Wardens
Position Warden
Sex Male
Race Vashoth Qunari
Age 22
Date of Birth Bloomingtide 15
Mother Kas
Father Fellow
Marital Status Single
First Appearance Kirkwall, Lowtown

Character History:


Thistle believes himself to be at least half-again as clever as he actually is and twice as funny. His favorite conversational ploy is to set nit-picky traps for those he speaks with then spring the trap by pointing out the small loophole he left himself. Occasionally this is amusing, but more often the other party had taken offense and is unwilling to see the humor or the clever wordplay.

In deed he is pragmatic and willing to do whatever it takes to survive. To his credit when he speaks of doing whatever it takes to survive he speaks for all peoples, not just himself. If his death is needed then so be it, but there are many less valuable lives that can be spent first if possible.

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