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Trade is the less-than-glamorous backbone of Thedas. Those who do not spend their lives either fighting or negotiating fall into this category. Smiths, jewelers, tailors, merchants, tanners, scribes, architects, farmers and servants - these and many more are considered Trade. Those who make their living by the work of their hands and ensure that all facets of life run smoothly wherever they are. That's not to say that a blacksmith can't defend himself with the sword he forges or that a rogue cannot grow flowers in her windowsill - only that different skills are given priority. Not everyone is a fighter.

All physical beings in Thedas may be tradesmen, but this faction cannot be chosen by Fade Beings. They must draw their primary abilities from the other four factions.



Smiths are those trademen whose focus is on creating tools and the like. Blacksmiths, armorsmiths, and weaponsmiths are the most readily known examples of a Smith. Not all things with the suffix of '-smith' may be a 'Smith' class however. Jewelrysmithing, for example, may be considered more of an Artisan than a Smith.


Weaves specialize in turning fibers of all sorts into cloth. Some weavers may focus on simply the cloth making, which is then given to other tradesmen for their use, or they may focus on making elaborate works themselves, such as tapestries and blankets and the sort.


Someone, other than the crafters themselves, have to sell all that stuff, and Merchants are the ones that do it. They are often the 'middlemen' between the source of their goods and their intended customers. While many trades may sell their own goods, Merchants have put their focus on the sale itself, and have honed skills and expertise in haggling and charm.


Many would joke that Brewers are probably on of the most important tradesmen around. After all, they are the ones who supply the booze. Brewers are suppliers of fine (or sometimes, not so fine, there is the cheap stuff after all) wine, ale and assorted liquors. And as noted, these things do tend to be in high demand.


If you craft something, and it does not tend to fall in another sort of area, then you are likely a Craftsman. A carpenter, for example, is likely someone whose class would be 'Craftsman'.


Artisans fall into the realm of arts, as the names suggests. Painters, sculptors, dancers, and musicians all fall into the realm of the artisan. Fine, delicate smithing may also fall into this realm, such as jewelry- and silver-smithing.


Laborers are the backbone of any trade; indeed, of any civilization. They are those who mine the metals, cut the lumber and build the buildings. Without these individuals, everything else falls apart as no one would have the supplies and means for them to ply their own trades.


Trade Skills

For utilities, a Tradesman will simply claim their various trade. It is the skill in which their trade relies on. A Seamstress, for example, would claim 'sewing' as her utility, and a miner would claim Mining.