Portrayed By Torrance Coombs
Faction Rogue
Organization Evocati
Position Mercenary
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 26
Place of Birth Ferelden
Date of Birth Kingsway 21
Mother Lady Seria Arundel
Father Lord Oran Arundel
Siblings 2 Elder Brothers, Younger Sister
Marital Status Widower
Children Rev, Alarie

Character History:

Tyce Arundel, youngest son of a minor Ferelden noble family who was partially well known for his breeding and training of a certain breed of retriever/hunting hounds. As well as the family’s penchant to produce strong capable sons and daughters that thrived in the outdoors. Archers, hunters and the like, more than one gifted archer had grown in their halls.

Tyce was born early, it was said by some he just couldn't be cooped up in the womb any longer. That may have been true because that is basically how his life went. If he had a choice of lessons in books and politics, he was outside, if he had a choice of in the gardens or the woods, he was in the woods, following whoever he could get to let him come along, learning everything that anyone would teach him. By the time he was a teenager, he was one of the best trackers and hunters that most had ever seen and would be gone for days if not weeks. By the time he reached his majority he had made quite a name for himself but his parents just were looking for any way to keep him closer to home.

Enter Amelia. She was a cousin of a cousin of a friend, minor nobility at best and beautiful beyond compare. His parents arranged the marriage with the hope that ties of such would keep Tyce closer to the estates. It could have worked, maybe. Except for one thing, Tyce resented the ploy and unfairly blamed Amelia for it and as a result, they hated each other. Their fights were loud, things broke, voices raised and at the end of each, Amelia would lock herself into her room and Tyce would disappear to the kennels and then often back out into the woods, not coming home again for days or weeks. It probably would have gone on like this forever, him being too stubborn to give in and her being too proud to see past why he was angry.

Enter Balai. Three years into their marriage Tyce was given an opportunity that he had been trying for many years. To cross breed a mabari with the family line of hounds. He had seen the huge hounds in his wanderings and become intrigued on how the two breeds would meld. It was during that winter when he stayed close to home in order to watch the bitch as she grew heavy with pups. When they came, there was four, though only two survived. One strong little boy (who would later prove to be sterile) in black and tans, and would go to the owner of the stud. The last was a female, the color of rich soil, smaller, weaker and she was to Tyce’s prize, this small runt of the litter, he named her Balai.
That was when Amelia decided to make the first move. She started to come to the kennels, to watch the pup as closely as he did. She would see that both had supper and that both were warm, sit silently with him when the pup struggled to live and no matter how hard Tyce glowered at her, she wouldn’t run away. It was in these dark nights, that something happened they talked. They learned who the other was and how much they were hurting, not only each other but themselves and instead of anger, instead of accusation and hard-flung words. Somewhere in those months, they fell in love.

Enter Reve. About the time that Balai was reaching near her full height, her back easily even with Tyce’s own waist and well into her own training. (which was tailored to her lack of hearing.) Amelia gave birth to their son. Reve was born healthy and strong and if Tyce’s parents had been looking for ways to keep Tyce closer to home, the birth of his son it all it took. It is not that he didn't disappear into the woods, but he became more comfortable at home, as long as that home had Amelia and Reve so the trips became shorter and the times between longer. And as Reve grew, so did the dog and the man and the love.

Enter Alarie: When Reve was three, is when life changed again. That winter his mother fell ill and was very quickly losing, Tyce was spending more and more time with his father. Trying desperately to split the time between his parents and home. With Amelia now pregnant again with their second child, it was a time mixed with grief and joy. He would come home emotionally drained and exhausted, trying to make sure he gave his wife and son the time they needed as well only to fall asleep shortly after he would return. It was during this time that Amelia decided that she needed to do something to show her husband that all was well. No one is sure what happened. It is known that she left Reve with friends and walked to the village, why she is going no one can say. What they do know that by the time she was found, laying on the side of the road, that she had already lost a good deal of blood. At the time, Tyce was saying his final goodbyes to his mother, the surgeons were removing the infant girl from her dead mother. She was strong, healthy and angry and before it was over she wouldn’t be the only one. By the time the graves were covered on his mother and wife, Tyce was miles away.

Enter Hadrian: It didn’t take long for Tyce to drop back to his old ways. Withdrawn, spending more time with the military and his dogs. With Balai always at his side, if there is a fight or a bottle to be had, Tyce is there to take it on. If he had a reputation before, it has become even bigger as the man would take insane risks only to come out the other side. Not always unscathed, but always alive. Refusing to see his children, they are in the care of his father, there are those that whisper that he is trying to find death, if not by another’s sword then by the bottle. That is how Hadrian found him, injured, drunk, cantankerous and ready to fight anyone that came close.



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