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Special Guest Appearance: Starving Mabari

Scene Title Walk On The Coast
Synopsis Sebastian goes out to shoot, he gains company, and then they all gain company.
Location The Wounded Coast
Date 14 Justinian 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Some gore, be advised.
Logger Steel

The exiled Prince of Starkhaven has meandered out of the City, for the appropriate location to practice his bow. There wasn't much favour for doing so in the courtyards of Kirkwall after all, nor in the Chantry halls. Elthina scolded him enough already for the chantry board. The skies today were overcast to match his mood, with a storm teasing on the horizon but too far out to sea as of yet to threaten a pour. Wearing the armor his father had commissioned for him on the day he took his vows, the one measure of approval that he did earn from the man, Sebastian climbed further down the rocky coast, grunting as he let himself down from ledge to ledge, until he found the scrub brush lined beaches. His fist clenches as he tries to reign in that anger like his Grandfather taught him, before shouldering off the bow and fingering one of the fletchings of an arrow from the quiver upon his back. He checks the weight of the draw string before he lines up the arrow atop the outstretched finger, aim poised at somewhere down the beach, a clump of grass roots perhaps, a mark on the beach that was well away from him that he marks it with his gaze, heaves the bow upright and angled back. Then with a twang, he releases the shot, with an exhale of breath to go along with it.

Meandering along the rocky paths ways of the coast Adrian seems to be collecting herbs and scouting the area. Wearing armor of nondescript grey, a cloak of dark blue, and carrying his twin daggers the man looks quite plain today. Atop his shoulder rests Sassy who appears to be napping, her nose nuzzling her humans ear and her tail dangling down part of the length of his chestpiece. He walks with light feet until he glances down the beach and spots a certain shiny armored prince. He sighs. "Don't look now Sassy, but your knight is shiny armor is here." The fennec lifts her head tilting it and considering Adrian haughtily before resuming her rest. Adrian keeps his distance for now. standing a way down the coast within sight but behind where Sebastian is shooting his bow. Slowly he begins to walk that way scanning the area as he goes.

The arrow whistles high in an arch that delivers the punch to the mound of scrub and bush. It sinks into the sand with no damage to arrow head or fletching. Though the mark was on. Sebastian lowers his bow as he appreciates the distance and the target that was more or less achieved. He moves to draw another one, with a shake of his head. "Blessed are they who stand before, The corrupt and the wicked and do not falter. Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just…." He's speaking the verses of the chant as he draws back another arrow, closing his eyes as he exhales a breath, then stands stiff and tall, pulling the draw weight back and firing a straight shot to the very point of the first arrow, as if to see if he could match the distance without the arch.

Adrian slowly and quietly approaches Sebastian from behind, as he nears the man he calls out just as the archer is getting ready to release another arrow. "I don't see any enemies over there you know." His tone is lighthearted almost amused as he comes walking up to stand beside Sebastian just a few paces away and off to one side. A hand reaches up to pet Sassy's head and he glances at Sebastian thoughtfully, considering the man. "Still we all have to have hobbies yes?" Its offered with a small grin and then his expression turns serious. "I've been looking…no signs so far of the Flint Company. Though with how this place is…I'm not really surprised. I'll keep looking though."

The call from Adrian has the Vael turn his head sharply, the release was already made. The arrow sails with harrowing speed through the air, a deadly force behind it as the bow string makes a twang. Those icy blue eyes widen in surprise for the other's ability to creep up on him so. Was he that infused with his own thoughts that he failed to check his six? Apparently so. A quick hint of embarrassment is made as he lowers his arms and consequently, the bow. "Practice—" the Prince offers, "That's why I'm out here. I do not intend to take someone's eye out and the Chantry halls are only so wide." He fixes his stance to be more loose than he previously was, making a thoughtful mmm for the measure of hobbies. The last, has him grit his teeth, as if he could chew nails over the mere mention of that company, "They are assassins. They aren't going to be particularly easy to find knowing that I made the offensive upon them."

Adrian nods. "The Chantry does seem like a poor place for target practice yes. If you didn't put out an eye you might desecrate or break some old dusty relic supposedly scared to the Maker or something." The sarcasm and disdain in his tone is somewhat plain there. He sighs at the mans anger over the name of the Company. "If they are like the smugglers I fought here they probably have a high point facing a trial where they can keep watch. Not that those guys I fought kept good watch." Sassy lifts her head and eyes Adrian briefly, he scratches her chin. "Yes Sassy..I'm talking about those jerks who had you in a cage." He looks to Sebastian. "Want to pet her? She would have you believe that petting her solves all problems. But then she is more haughty than most noble ladies…it won't solve your problems but sometimes having something this cute be affectionate towards you can help a little."

Off in the distance, the sound of barking hounds can be heard echoing over the coast.

The barking of hounds does garner his attention, enough to pivot on a heel to locate the source of the barking. It was probably nothing. People had them for companions. His eyes strayed away from where it seemed as if the noise was coming from as Adrian speaks to him of the Chantry and desecrating dusty old relics. "You know very well the significance of dusty old relics, or have you not heard of Andraste's Sacred Ashes?" The man's hand raises up as if to stall an argument, "You may have no value in such things, but without it, the Blight may have been lost." He was firm on that belief. "If they are smart, they would have high tailed it out of the province like the cowards they are." He exhales a breath, regarding the fennec, fingering another arrow from his quiver, "Forgive me, I must decline."

"That may be so, but the existence of the relics does not prove the existence of a god who currently speaks to no one and shows us nothing. The Maker might have loved Andraste but if he even exists he cares not for us." Adrian hears the hounds and is already turning away from Sebastian and moving to climb up a bit so he can have a better look at whatever may be coming their way as Sebastian declines the offer of petting Sassy. His steps are quiet and he scales a nearby section of rock, trying to peer out into the distance where he heard the barking. Sassy lifts her head, ears twitching and growls softly. Its more cute than menacing though.

The barking grows louder, added in with snarls. These hounds do not sound happy. Thus far, however, they are not visible from this vantage point.

"How can you say that? That he cares for us not? The Maker could have ruined this world and wasted us all, but HE, gave us an intention to redeem ourselves after our betrayal," he follows Adrian only with his eyes, "You must remember, we have to seek such redemptions for the errors of our ways. All those who were created must seek the ways of the Chantry to stand in his Light—" he trails off as Adrian has clearly no interest in the conversation but rather to climb rocks and investigate the sounds. Sebastian rolls his eyes with mild exasperation as he meanders that way. Of course, that's when he can hear the growls becoming a little more than distant threats. It was closer. They were closer. But he's always been good with keeping himself quiet. He slinks down and crosses over toward the rock basin, leaping up onto a rock to gain some ground. "Hopefully they're just Ferelden," he muses.

"The Chantry is organized religion Brother. It was created by man, its flawed and filled with greed and corruption. Grasping at power and pushing people down just like the nobility." Adrian falls silent as the growls and snarls grow louder ducking behind a rock his breathing stills and he goes very quiet watching and waiting, his daggers are pulled free just in case. He looks to Sebastian and nods also looking hopeful that they are just Fereldan but his expression remains wary as he peers in that direction, still scanning the area. The fennec on his shoulder has twitching ears, her fluffy white body tense. "Sassy stay. You are not to get in the way of those mutts. Understood?" Its a whisper from Adrian to the white creature on his shoulder and the fennec hunkers down a bit, as if trying to cling to the human she rides.

The hounds appear then, what appear to be Mabari, but maddened. Between them they fight over a bloody… Something. It's hard to tell what it is at this distance, but it much too large to be anything less than another large dog.

Frustration clamours and finds a place on Sebastian's features, the mild wrinkle between his brows showing the obvious conflict ion of hearing the organization he dedicated himself to slandered. "You truly do not understand the ways of faith," he casts a sympathetic look toward Adrian, "I used to be like you once. Life had little meaning then. The world was grey and afforded no colour." Though as he means to debate, he watches as Adrian hunkers down. Sebastian slips loose an arrow and positions it ready against his bow. The appearance of the Mabari hounds has Sebastian exhale some relief, until as he watches, he realizes that they're in a fighting frenzy. Well, if he doesn't move, they'll possibly ignore him. But the decision is made to draw back, half cocked and ready, should the animals turn toward them.

Adrian casts a disbelieving look at Sebastian, entirely unconvinced. "If we get out of here in one piece maybe then we can debate this further, if you want to." His daggers are held at the ready watching the Mabari as they come into view. He is quiet, trying his best to blend in as much as he can. Sassy too is quiet, eyeing the hounds with distaste but not trying not to draw anymore attention than her human counterpart is.

"It's just a pair of Mabari-" Sebastian says in a low Starkhaven burr, "The Maker will watch over us." Firm belief in that! Yet, then, why was he instinctively lifting his bow a little higher?

The hounds continue their fight, tearing bits of flesh from starkly white bone. Bone that is… Much larger than dog bones. Spine that is tapered at the end like… That's human. Or elf. Probably human.

Those icy blue eyes are definitely eagle like, at least they should be for he was a long range Royal Archer after all. One had to mark their targets from a distance. Sebastian inhales a gasp, "Maker's Breath… Is that human?"

Adrian doesn't respond to the Maker comment. They can argue about religion later when angry dogs tearing into a human corpse are not still present. "It looks like it yes." Adrian replies with a narrowing of his eyes. "If I attack and distract them will you still be able to shoot and not hit me?"

The dogs do not seem to pay any mind at all to Sebastian and Adrian's presence on the coast. They're frothingly mad at one another, tearing the corpse between then to pieces. It's not even complete. No head, no arms, and only legs down to the thighs, now that more can be seen. Where they found… Someone… In a state like that is anyone's guess, but there is… A lot of blood. The body is covered, the dogs are covered, it's a mess.

"The vile wicked beasts have already torn that pitiful soul to pieces, but it is my Duty to see them given proper rites and a proper end," he raises the Starkhaven Longbow, pressing the string near to his cheek as his eyes narrow on the beasts ravaging the remains of a corpse. "In waking bellies of beasts, this cannot be allowed to rest, the Maker has guided them to our side to absolve the wickedness—-" Does he plan to talk like this before he kills anything? YES. YES, because his name is Sebastian Vael! "Andraste guide me," his eyes close for a second, then open as he adjusts the aim for the Marbari on the left, "I'll take the one on the left…" And TWANG.

"Sassy stay with the preachy one, I'll be back soon." Adrian rolls his shoulders letting the white fennec perched there jump onto Sebastian now. The dagger wielding bard charges in rolling his eyes and muttering under his breath something that sounds like he was calling Sebastian a 'brainwashed airhead'. Still Adrian is focused as he charges at the dog on the right with good speed, daggers poised to strike. Meanwhile his pet fennec curls around Sebastian shoulders and eyes her charging human with a haughty look that practically screams. 'you are not allowed to die human, is this understood?'. Adrian is too busy fighting to notice this look.

The esteemed (well, in his own mind) Doctor Bronan Kodas is out gathering elfroot and spindleweed. Ordinarily he would leave it to his youngest brother, but there is something to be said for reminding himself of the local geography. He has after all been away a long time, and Vigo does deserve a day off once in a while. He is crouched down, shears making clippings of a particularly fine specimen of the aforementioned weed, pausing only to jot down notes and make very rough charcoal sketches of the plant in its natural habitat. Its not that he lacks observation skills, just that he is very cognizant of the natural order and not disturbing it when it comes in multiples of sets of teeth and claws. Regardless of his intent, he is watching the two humans out of the corner of his eye, the blade at his hip betraying some facility with these matters if necessary. Shears are slowly put away as his fingers reach for and flick open one of his satchels, removing a vial filled with a vibrant purple liquid. Just in case.

Sebastian's arrow is well shot, but Mabari are fierce creatures. It glances against the beast's hip. It is, however, enough to make the hound break from the corpse, growling at the archer who shot at it before backing away.

The second, noticing his opposing hound dropping their prize of blood and bone, jumps away just as Adrian is about to be upon him. Both creatures raise their hackles, but do not attack. Yet.

Sebastian squints his eyes at the direction that his arrow flew, it fishtailed too much to the one side. A glancing shot to the hip - not his best. Not significant enough to drop the hound in one shot. His movements are fluid though. He's trained for this. His Grandfather showed him the way. His mind has emptied. The awareness of the scene grows, shrinking his vision to the field of battle. For it was battle. Another arrow whisks out of his quiver and sets against his poised finger and the rest. His eyes flicker up toward the flags on Kirkwalls walls, adjusting at once for the windage. The fight was provoked. It was theirs to lose the advantage of. The dogs were aware of their aggression. They were Mabari. They were not mere dogs that would back down. "Maker, my enemies are abundant. Many are those who rise up against me. But my faith sustains me; I shall not fear the legion, Should they set themselves against me…" once again, verses from the Chantry. He holds long enough, then sets another arrow loose, aim shot to take the same Mabari… hopefully in the chest.

Seeing that the man in white's companion seems momentarily distracted, the doctor sighs to himself. He fingers the vial (which given its size, is probably not the most accurate term, but then he's never been one to care for the proper labeling of glassware. Measurements, yes) and takes off on legs that seem to carry him a fair distance given his proportional size. Where Sebastian falls into a combat trance, Bronan remembers the studies he has done on Mabari. Brain size, muscular capacity, behavioral patterns. If they will just clump up…."Your pardon, good sir, but if you would stand back. Best not to breathe this in." His tone gracious and barely above normal speaking tones despite the seeming chaos of the situation. Bronan tosses the glassware and its contents ignite into a purple haze.

Mabari are very, very smart creatures. Sebastian is a very, very good archer. This time, the mabari wins out, rolling out of the way of that arrow just as it glances a shoulder. All these glancing blows. It's frustration waiting to happen. It seems the mabari are about to break and run, however, when the purple mist settles over them. They snarl and bark once more, lunging at one another and tearing at each others throats.

Frustration, surely, for one who was not mentored to control his anger at a time like this. Sebastian, was not one of those unfortunate to be without a mentor. The control of the bow was an extension of his own body and mind, tuning it to adjust for the movements of the Mabari. He doesn't wait to see if the second arrow had hit, for he's chaining the arrows, flying three more in the time it takes to pull and draw and loose them. These chained shots fly through the clouding mist of purple haze. That fact, has him jumping back off the vantage point to keep up wind from the gas. "As long as your grenade does not choke us as well, Serah, you do have my thanks," Sebastian checks for the Morlov, losing sight of him as the mist shrouds the area.

Bronan sighs audibly as the Mabari go at each other. He had assumed that the beasts would press the attack, but their attempt to run does not go unnoticed. Hopefully they will not cause too much damage to one another. He points at Sebastian and then at the corpse, then motions somewhere far safer. "The effect won't last long. Maybe a moment or so. If you wish to retrieve the body, I would do so now." He comments, already moving to close his satchel amidst the jostling of glassware. He keeps his gaze trained into the haze, just in case they decide to resume fight instead of flight.

As the grenade is thrown Adrian is momentarily caught by surprise. Then he charges at both mabari. Daggers flashing as he slashes towards the back of one and toward the legs of the other The bard glances back towards Sebastian briefly. He tries to catch sight of his fennec that is hopefully still there where its marginally safer than he currently is. Still most of the mans focus is on taking these beasts down.

There are moments in this world where things line up just right. For Adrian, it seems this is not one of those moments. Mabari are hard to pin down, and when they're already in the middle of fighting one another, one of them takes little more than a scratch from a passing dagger. The other, is less lucky, yelping as blade finds shoulder, sinking deep, though it doesn't fall. These mutts just won't quit.

Sebastian, on the other hand, has finally seemed to figure out the way these beasts move. Three arrows fired in succession, with the focus of a trained archer, and perhaps just a little bit of divine providence, the arrows find true, one finishing the hound Adrian had just wounded, and the other two finding first chest, and then through the eye of the other mabari. They both crumple, dead and silent.

The Starkhaven Longbow flexes after the succession of arrows as Sebastian settles down onto his knee. He was preparing for a stronger focused shot that would require all his draw strength, when, he realizes the outcome and the lack of need for further violence. His bow is shifted aside, held by the grip in one hand and settled in secure check to his form, freeing up his other hand to gesture in prayer and thank the Maker. Looking up, he leans one of his forearms against that knee, turning his gaze between Bronan and Adrian, then back to the two deceased dogs. "Now, the wickedness has fallen, the deceased must be given their rites."

Bronan shrugs and folds his arms, nodding. "Do what you will with the meat. Likely whatever spark of the Divine was in them left with the passing. Would be curious to know if the dogs belonged to someone, why they went feral. Maneatings an expensive proposition for any beast, particularly an animal thats as smart as a Mabari." He says, walking towards the dog, leaning in and prying open its mouth with gloved hands. "Good teeth, gums seem to be a healthy color. Either he's not been out long in the wild or he's been lucky in his hunting." He notes, only occasionally glancing back at the dead man. "You're fairly devout even for a human, yeah? Won't ask you for the body, then." Not a sinister laugh, indeed there is something jovial about the way he approaches his craft. "Don't think I can carry the dogs home without the siblings raising a fuss, so there is only so much information I can derive. Should probably just collect my herbs and be off to the Hanged Man for a good stiff drink."

"Mabari's don't typically choose manflesh, though they are trained to attack-" Sebastian confers with the other as he stands from where he was kneeling. He checks his bow and string, then loops it over his shoulder as he heads toward the broken bodies of the two animals.. and the remains of the corpse. It's unfortunate. There was nothing to identify the person with. No clothes, no personal items… No head. Without hesitation, he checks the remains, wiping away blood after noticing a particular oddity - a tattoo. Most of it was ripped apart. He grunts, "Starkhaven…" he taps the outter edge of a family crest, "The man… was from one of the noble families of Starkhaven. Or a soldier. Either way, he, or she, was from my principality." The dogs are glanced at, "Hard to tell the ownership if they don't wear collars." As for the question, Sebastian levels a stare at the man, "That, is vile, and corrupt. I'll forget you mentioned such a heinous thing, for your aid today, Serah." The next sentiment is directed at Bronan, "And if you wish for me to further forget the implication you study on the dead, you'll report this to the Templars. Have them run me back some strong arms to assist with gathering the remains…"

Bronan nods and continues to study the beast at first. "My apologies about your kinsman." He says with utmost sincerity as he runs his fingers across the span of the mabari. "We all study the dead. The only differences are intent and procedure." The lack of a name or title not given out of rudeness, but out of a lack of information. The dwarf shakes his head as he pats the animals flank. "Sorry." He says earnestly to the animal as he rises. "I am a doctor, human, not some fishwife playing at herbal remedies. What is heinous is the cruel manner in which this man died. If you insist there is meaning to a body when the soul is already at your Maker's side, then I apologize if I have committed offense against your faith. There is no vileness here, only a sincere desire to help the living." Pale eyes leveled at the Prince of Starkhaven, not flinching but seeming to have enough empathy to be apologetic in its own manner. "From what I recall of Templars they resent the act of constabulary, but if it will ease your conscience then I shall do so."

"Tell them, then," this to the last sentiment first, "That Sebastian Vael, Prince of Starkhaven, Brother of the Chantry, calls for them." The man's voice rose with great inflection for the last notation of title, "Should the Knight Captain wish to know of this, she will be informed after we seek redemption of the Maker's son who here lies." And he rises from his knees, regarding Bronan with a self-righteous steel blue eyed stare, "We? No, serah, we all do not study the dead, if by that, you mean dissection. Legends and tales of those who came before us, but I myself, do not wade into such explorations, unless it is to discover the cause of death and thereby aid in providing closure to those who are now without." There is disgust present for the topic, looking down at his fingers then, he wipes off the blood on the Mabari fur. "Though your benevolence toward my kinsman is noted and so your aid thus. Come, would you tell me of your name, dwarf? Maybe there is room in my faith to learn of your studies."

"I will do so then." The dwarf nods. Bronan reaches into the sachel, tossing him a brace of healing potions. "I am Bronan Kodas, of the Kodas family of Kirkwall. Healers and alchemists for five generations." His shoulders rolling as he shakes his heading, walking a little ways and motioning for him to join them. "Come, there is a space yet before we reach the walls. I myself have done cause of death examinations, in Orlais and before I left for my time at the University. I cannot tell if your faith allows such things, but perhaps I shall try anyways. As you have deduced, I am a dwarf. I cannot work magic, and the bodies of my kindred resist its touch to their very bone. Therefore our healers must understand the body. How it heals, how it recovers, its form and function. The range of motion of a limb in case a replacement must be crafted, how the vessels that carry the blood pump and how the bone is broken and reset. A mage cannot always be available for every injured or sick person, Prince, and sometimes the mages touch cannot do enough for the afflicted. And it is difficult to learn ones craft upon a living patient, upon which one swears to do the least harm."

Sebastian acts fast and cups his hands upward to catch the brace of healing potions. The name is met with a nod, "I know the name." It's true, the Vael has been in Kirkwall's Chantry this whole time, living quietly amongst the faithful. The only reason he was probably sporting his armor had something to do with recent developments, but, one wouldn't know what those were without looking at the Chanter's board. The exiled Prince moves to the first Mabari, wrenching out the arrow in a way that would preserve it. Arrows were expensive, after all, and these were the basic models. They weren't enchanted. Once he has gathered the three which hit squarely and the two others spent prior, he's following the Dwarf with a backwards gaze at the body. He wouldn't go far, but far enough to listen to the Dwarf's sentiments on the matter. Someone just got butchered and they were going to talk logically about sciences! He frowns a little at the mage comment but listens all the same. "Then you can enlighten me to remains left scattered about? It is possible we can find out how the individual died before the Mabari got to him?"

Ah, but the Prince had just asked him to get Templars! The doctor coughs a bit to conceal mild frustration, but his pleasant smile and the flush in his cheeks remains undaunted. "I can do what I can. Perhaps an approximate time of death, if the body was moved, perhaps which injury was the killing one. If your statement that even feral Mabari would be maneaters of last resort holds true, it is possible the attack was meant to obscure the true cause and nature of death. We shall see if time and the elements have been kind." A pause and then he nods towards Sebastian before he moves towards the body. "And I will try not to cause undue damage to the body." Sebastian might notice the way he pulls off the gloves he used to handle the Mabari, how utterly _pristine_ he keeps his hands before he slips on yet another pair of gloves as he leans over the body, occasionally removing instruments from his pack, though he makes a show of allowing Sebastian to see, to note that he is performing no undue desecration of the body.

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