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Scene Title A Warden and a Templar Walk Into a Bar
Synopsis A meeting between the Senior Warden and a new Templar in Kirkwall.
Location The Hanged Man
Date Bloomingtide 23, 9:31
Watch For Notable questions, reasonable explanations
Logger Adeline

Upstairs, that's where the Senior Warden can be found. In fact, she's not even trying to hide the fact she's present. A room full of cots, a footlocker at the end. It seems, thus far, only one of the cots has been set up. In the back, the door to what would be the bedroom sits open. Inside, Adeline sits idly making simple repairs to her armor. A blue and grey tunic marks her for what she is, the griffon insignia hard to miss or mistake for anything but a Grey Warden. Her mess of dark hair is pulled over her shoulder today in a hasty braid. Upon her shoulder, hooded, sits a large, pale gyrfalcon.

The Knight Commander was right, once he had found Lowtown, The Hanged Man hadn't been difficult to find at all. And while he thought that maybe he would have to be delicate in approaching the Grey Wardens, within moments of asking polite questions, he is pointed upstairs. Perhaps people just want him out of the main room of the bar, but the open door makes him think otherwise. Glancing around the room of cots, Cenn's brow knits a little. Coming to the door, he knocks upon the doorframe, offering the Warden a small smile.

Looking up from her repairs, the Senior Warden tilts her head. From top to bottom her gaze searches, brow knitting in confusion. She shifts as she sets her armor aside. One hand comes up to encourage her falcon onto her forearm, standing then to place him upon a perch in the corner of the room. All the while ice-cold blue watches the Templar. Standing now, she crosses her arms in front of her. "Can I help you, Ser Templar?" She asks, raising a brow, voice heavy with a Starkhaven accent.

"I believe you can, yes." Cenn responds, sounding Ferelden, seemingly at ease despite her wary greeting, "And please, my name is Cenn." Still with that small smile, though it fades a little then, friendly without being cheeky. "We have had reports of an influx of Wardens in the area. Honestly, Warden, I…" He pauses, stepping inside, but only just, "Was wondering if there is something you need aide with? I was at the Battle of Denerim, and this many Wardens in one place, it just seems concerning?"

Adeline's eyes widen slightly. "You…?" She starts, "You were at the Battle of Denerim?" With a sigh, she moves to take a seat once more, motioning him in. "I'm afraid I don't have anything all that exciting to tell you. The Warden Commander moved into the Deep Roads here recently, and has asked for others to come in, spread out, map this section of the Deep Roads. Our records were incomplete, and the areas nearest the city will need clearing out in the wake of the Blight." She explains with a shrug and a smile, "So, no, I can't say there's anything I could ask for aide for. We wouldn't expect anyone to go into the Deep Roads with us."

Cenn nods. "Ah, that makes sense. There was something of an open line of communication with the Warden Commander until recently. Is he well?" He asks, stepping in as Adeline indicated. He doesn't take a seat, not assuming he will be staying all that terribly long.

"Oh, Maker, yes." Adeline says with a small laugh and a shake of her head. "Have you ever been to the Deep Roads, Ser? Getting messages in and out of there is a nightmare. He has probably just had a difficult time staying in contact outside of the Wardens."

Another nod. "Very well. Thank you for indulging me." Cenn says, moving back toward the door, "I won't take up any more of your time." Turning, he makes to leave. Though before he does, he pauses, looking back to her, giving a disarming smile. "I am sorry, Warden, I don't think I caught your name."

"Fair well, Ser Cenn." Adeline says as way of parting. Having just taken up her armor again, she looks up when he asks his parting question. There's a pause, but eventually she answers. "Senior Warden Adeline Vael."

"It's been a pleasure." Cenn says, giving her a nod of acknowledgement. With that, he leaves her, heading out of the Hanged Man like a man who doesn't like to linger.

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