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Special Guest Appearance: Revas

Scene Title Warden Card Night
Synopsis Adeline gets Wardens together for cards, they have some unexpected guests.
Location The Hanged Man
Date 14 Solace 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Birds! Bad questions! Drunks!
Logger Adeline

The Hanged Man is alive tonight. Bustling and busy, the place is even a little cleaner than usual. Or maybe it just seems that way. What is obvious though is that tonight, there is music. Seems someone has hired a minstrel. Or maybe they're just lucky. In the back of the bar, Adeline has cleared out her usual table. Moved it away from the wall. Added more chairs. There are pitchers of ale, bottles of wine, decks of cards, even a few dice, for if people get bored. She didn't do this kind of thing often, but when she did, she meant it. A Warden banner sits behind the table, to the Senior Warden's back, marking the table as theirs for the night. Sterling sits upon her shoulder, hooded and calm, as she idly shuffles a deck of cards.

Maura arrives without accompaniment for the moment, making her merry way towards the Warden table. She was told 'Don't lose all the money in the first round', and 'I'll be there soon'. Hopefully soon means before she gets totally wasted and has no coin left at all. "Senior Warden." she greets politely, before taking a seat at the table and picking up a pair of dice to roll around in her hands. Like a fidget, to keep her mind occupied. "Do the Wardens host a card night often? And hello Sterling. You are as handsome as always!"

So. Wardens gathering in the Hanged Man. Chalk that up to something you don't see every day. And she'd just as soon as dismiss it if it weren't for the fact that there's /fun/ apparently to be had at that table. Eventually. The card shuffling certainly hints at that. Do Grey Wardens even /know/ how to have fun? That's certainly the expression on Carys's face as she eyes this table sideways from where she's half-dangling out of the stairwell. It's like she was either going up or downstairs and this sight caught her attention and now she's stopped and dangling and giving Warden-Table an odd, puzzled look.

Eventually, it seems as if the Jenny has gotten bored of giving odd looks and has, thus, disappeared. For a few moments, anyway. Before she's there. At the table. Either having already taken a seat - or in the process of doing so depending on peoples' powers of observation and how quickly they can catch her. Because, yes. Carys is indeed invoking 'Taking refuge in Audacity' here, and just inviting herself to this…whatever. She may or may not have also left someone high and dry elsewhere in the bar, having likely thrown an acquaintance-slash-possible sidekick for a curveball by doing something random without saying a damn word that she was going to do it. And oh, yes, she's keeping an eye on Feathery-Doom upon what she assumes to be the Leader's shoulder. And she's already calculated the quickest escape. BUT! To buffer her uninvited appearance she sets a tin on the table and offers in what seems to be a genuinely friendly voice, "Rumballs anyone?"

Wardens. Wardens were the coolest thing. They saved the world from the Blight, and ride Griffons. While he hadn't seen any Griffons outside the Hanged Man, he still knew there were Gray Wardens here. How? How else. Information. He'd run into Carys a few hours before, and heard all about it, though in hindsight just the thought of Gray Wardens in one place was enough to pull the elven boy from anything.

Tamet had taken Carys up on her offer to follow along into this gathering. He'd perched himself at the bar, in his usual spot in a corner. Far away from prying eyes, or at least subtle enough to go unnoticed by the lot of people. Tamet had been watching Carys, the whole time, it was all part of the plan. When she made her move, so did he, taking up a seat as well.

He doesn't speak yet, instead, basking in the glory of looking on real Gray Wardens.

His eyes wide, and starstruck.

Adeline smiles as Maura joins her. "More often than you'd think. More when we're in the Keeps, but this will have to do. Anders was supposed to be here, but…" The Senior Warden pulls a small, displeased expression, but moves on quickly. Sterling, hearing his name, fluffs his feathers slightly. And that is when Carys and Tamet show up. Blinking, Adeline raises a brow. "…Hello?" She says, Starkhaven burr adding a warmth to her voice.

"I'm certain he'll be along, then. And I know Adair means to join us. He said he had a quick errand to run first." Maura relays, stil enamored with Sterling and watching him with no small bit of fascination. It's Carys sudden appearance from apparently nowhere that startles her enough that she turns her head quickly towards the other woman. "Rumballs?" She leans over, trying to peer into the tin of magic chocolates curiously. Good thing her templar ain't here yet. He'd know better then to let her anywhere near those things.

"Evenin'!" Carys answers the Senior Warden easily, looping an arm across the back of her chair like she belongs there, laughter obvious in her tone… at Tamet. and his Star-struckness. In fact, she's got this huge grin watching the Elf. "Oh yes," she says to Maura, immediately popping open the tin and offering it to the woman like she was suddenly her best friend. "They have a bit of a punch, I warn you." Immediately to Tamet, "You stick to water-downed ale." Ah… she should probably address Adeline before Feathery Doom gets unleashed. "Was this an invite only gig?" she asks, the innocence in her voice having just enough of an exaggeration to show that - yes, she knows the answer to that and is probably still just doing this because she's amused. "Used t'play a mean hand back in Ostwick," she laces her fingers and stretches them, cracking her knuckles in the process.

Tamet stares, and stares. Then stares some more. Finally, reality sets in, and he stops staring. "…what?" the kid wonders to Carys, his voice still youthful, though heavy with a Lowtown slur.

"Pft. I ain't drinkin' jes' watered down ale." the kid grumps at Carys. Though his attention shifts back towards Adeline, and Maura. There's a furrowed expression offered to Maura, with a sense if recognition that can't be placed in his eyes. It's given up after a little bit.

Then he voices towards the Senior Warden, "…are you really a Grey Warden?" He wonders, the banner nearby having not quite caught his eye.

Adeline nods to Maura. "I trust he'll show up when he's able. It's hardly mandatory to come gamble with me." She says with levity. Well, she is in her blues. Adeline starts to answer Carys, but reconsiders with a deep breath. "Technically, yes," She answers then with a shrug of the shoulder not bearing the gryfalcon, "But so long as there are chairs for those invited, then I suppose theres not much harm." At Tamet, though, there is a warmer smile, and a quiet laugh as sharply blue eyes train on the young man. "Yes, I am." She says, "And Maura here is a Warden Recruit, as well."

Maura has a new friend! "A punch?" She doesn't quite understand. Which, is a good thing for anyone wanting to see her wasted. Not so good for anyone else. And, she deftly plucks one of the confections from the tin. "They don't really encourage gambling for the mage's at the circle. Or rumballs. I'm expanding my horizons this evening." is noted with mock solemnity for Adeline and Carys before she nods at Tamet. "Maybe you should make it mandatory to gamble with you. Think of all the extra supplies you could stockpile." she jokes, then, for the Senior Warden.

Carys tries her best 'Mom' face on Tamet… which fails, horribly, because 1) she's not a mom and 2) she doesn't know what havinga mom is like. So she's just wrinkling her nose and furrowing her brow in the least intimidating way possible at the boy when he argues about what he's drinking. "Fine. But if you wake up with yer britches on yer head an' danglin' out a window, not /my/ fault," she says with her tone dripping with 'maturity'- aided by the facts he crosses her arms and harumphs afterwards. And immediately she's beaming brightly at Adeline when she's not kicked from the table. "Wonderful!" She claps her hands here. "I'm Carys," because, yanno, Wardens… they probably have /means/ to figure out who she is. "An' if there's not enough chairs, I got a lap if the guy's cute," this is said absently while she works on getting her betting pool together. For Maura and her expanding lifestyle choices, she just grins. "Not my fault if you find yourself with /yer/ britches on your head, either." Stating that now.

"Wait yer a mage, too?" the boy questions, probably not overly loud, but maybe a bit too loud for comfort. He hisses at himself, and tries to lower the volume of his voice. There's a narrowed glare returned to Carys, with a snort. "I knows my limits. Sorta." Tamet says, then to the Wardens he offers a litle dip of his head. "…Tamet." he introduces, now, settling in his seat. "…mages an' wardens…" the kid muses to himself, "Movin' up inna world, Tam, movin' up." He grins.

"They'll put you on your ass, Maura." Adeline explains with a small laugh. Sterling ruffles again, growing bored. Adeline reaches to free him from his hood, and the falcon looks around inquisitively. There was too much noise for him to be still. Seeing Maura, he hops from Adeline's shoulder, and moves to Maura's, preening at her hair. Very friendly bird. "Well, it is good to meet the two of you. I'm Senior Warden Adeline Vael, and this…" She says, "Is meant to be a Warden's card night. But… It seems it's just Maura and I at the moment. Either of you decent at Wicked Grace?"

Adair slides in as the question of Maura's mage status is question. "Doesn't matter, kid. She's a recruit now. Make sure you mind that drink." Pause. "Aren't you a little … little for this place?" He shakes his head and moves in to sit with Maura. "Sorry that took so long. I figured I'd go ahead and get a few things for morning while I was out." That's his explanation for taking forever, apparently. "There's a bird on your head." Isn't she lucky? This guy is a genius.

Maura is giddy with delight, of course, when the falcon hops over to her shoulder and starts preening her hair. She's done died and gone right to the Maker. "What a good boy you are." she coos, before realizing it's her turn for introductions. "I'm Maura."… and then, "This is Adair." as he sits down beside her. "Very observant of you, dear. You remember Sterling, don't you?" Be nice to the bird! "They'll put me on my ass? Eh, he's strong enough to carry me home." So, obviously, she has a second rumball right after the first.

"Rumball?" Carys so helpfully pushes the tin towards his new Warden that's shown up. Tamet's comment about 'movin' up' gets her to chuckle quietly to herself, as if she was in on some big secret. But then, her brow furrows as something catches her attention - five minutes later. Anders? Focusing on Adeline, there's not even a moment's hesitation, or any consideration of what this might mean for the healer down the line, "Creampuff's a warden? Huh," she says this in a 'learn somethin' every day' sort of tone. And then Adeline gets a 'OF course I know how to play' look. She wouldn't have invited herself over if she couldn't perform properly.

"Psh, I'm thirteen." Tamet states, crossing his arms over the front of his tunic. "I ain't that little." the kid says, with a shrug. At Adeline's question, another shrug. "I seen enough people play it…" he offers towards the Senior Warden.

There's a furrowed brow and a squint at Carys's words, though, probably not picking up on the reference or who she's even talking about. "Besides, ain't like I came here broke'r nothin'. I can gamble jes' as good as anyone else." the kid rattles on, "And I won't cry if I lose." he states, with an added grin. "…But you can, if you want."

"…D-Did you…" Adeline blinks at Carys, "Did you just call Anders Creampuff?" She asks, sounding, completely shocked. And that shock doesn't end. Even though she's now dealing cards. Yes, Adair, you too, have fun with this hand. "There has to be a story there." Sterling, for his part, continues his preening work, unfussed by Adair's addition or commentary.

Adair was in the midst of giving Sterling his own greeting when he catches Carys' words. "You mean…" HA! Oh man, this is the best thing he's heard all day. He's even going to ignore the rumballs for that. "Did you just call Anders creampuff? Maura…" He looks over at his fellow recruit hopefully. "Can we go visit him tomorrow?" See that innocent grin? SEE IT?

Maura stops mid-rumball-chew when she hears the word Creampuff. She -really- wants to say something. But, chewchewchew. She nods quite emphatically at the suggestion that they visit Anders tomorrow. "We haaaaaaaaaave to." she agrees, eyes already alight with the hilarity that could ensue as a result of this. Hilarity, or destruction. But aren't they sometimes the same thing? Excuse her while she has a third rumball. Hopefully Adair doesn't get wasted too.

Carys glances from Adeline to Adair and then back again while she eyes her cards. "I have this odd feelin' he's going t'have words with me for this." Do you guys hear the regret and horrible anticipation of this in her voice? No? Probably because she doesn't have any. In fact, she leans back and just turns those violet eyes, which are full of mirth and amusement, skyward as if to silently claim 'Totally worth it'. If just for the the voices of the two Wardens saying that in tandem. Oh yes, she looks oh so pleased with herself. That she's not even bothered by pushing her cards away from her in a sort of 'I fold' gesture because HAND SUX GUYS. "There is," she says of a story, in a sort of sing song voice. "But it's probably not as excitin' as what yer imaginin'."

Tamet mutters darkly, dropping his cards to the table after a cursory glance. He shakes his head. He still seems lost in the conversation though, he didn't know what an Anders was, or what made it funny to call them 'creampuff'. It was a funny nickname, and the kid managed a little chuckle when it was first mentioned, but he's sort of lost now. In that, he calls a server over, and passes a few coins along for some food and drink.

Adeline, being the dealer, moves the game forward by pulling the top card. The Angel of Death card. So quick, too. "Try me." She says to Carys, even as she puts down her hand to show.

Adair looks just SO PLEASED with the answer Maura gives him. He even makes that 'yes!' motion with his arm before pulling his own card. His expression says 'not bad' but he could be bluffing. "I've gotta hear the explanation for this." He stops, expression becoming worried for just a second. "Does the kid need to cover his ears?" Look, he's spent time in a barracks AND in a tower. He's heard a few expressions, ok? His mind goes back on track within a few seconds and he displays his hand. He's just happy enough to not have had the type of hand you toss onto the table and cry about, really.

"Anders does like to have words with people." Maura agrees, nodding solemnly at Carys as she picks up the cards and looks down at them in sheer disbelief. As if whatever she's seeing there shouldn't even be possible. She folds her hand and sets the little stack of cards neatly onto the table face down with the saddest expression ever. She'll scritch Sterling for now then, thanks. "Being recruited did not increase my luck with cards any." she decides, aloud, because after three of those rum things, she's not quite filtering anymore. "Oh, it doesn't matter if it's -exciting-. We just want to hear it." So they can embarrass him with it later. Also, she DID have the type of hand you toss onto the table and cry about. Really.

The two wardens are again eyed but she shrugs at Adair. "Not… so much," she says of the story. "I first saw him talkin' t'that cute redhead at the Chantry… looked like he could use some cheerin' up," she's not out to air someone else's grievances so she keeps that part short. "So… I'd come int' some pastries an' figured, hey… food makes me happy, I'll drop by an' give him this. Long story short," She steals her own rumball and pops it in her mouth before she decides to be nice, being the party crasher that she is, and orders the first round of drinks (YEs, Tamet, she's not going to stop you from ordering what you want - mommy looks might still happen), "WE got t'talkin' about what our names were, he was curious what I'd come up with, an' just as I was considerin', I look up an' he's got this mouthful of pastry and cream - hence, th' first thought that came t'mind was 'Creampuff'." And it's obviously stuck. "An' you need t'deal better," she says to Adeline. Pause. Beat. Did she say 'Vael'. "… Lemme guess, yer related t'said cute redhead at the chantry."

The Hanged Man. Full to brimming, people coming and going, with a rather large group settled at a table near the stairs. Near it, stands the banner bearing the emblem of the Gray Wardens. There, a small elf boy converses with a server as the others talk amongst themselves.

"Jes' gimme some ale an' some bread an' cheese, yeh?" says the boy to the server. "Don' water it down, neither, I'll know." he warns, though his intimidating face is about as scary as a angry puppy. The server merely smirks, and heads off.

"Wait wait… Chantry? You talkin' 'bout that preacher?" Tamet has no idea who's talking about what at this point.

Adeline laughs. "Yes. I believe you are probably referring to Sebastian. If so, then yes, he's my cousin." She answers Carys easily. Collecting cards. She splits the winnings between herself and Adair, and begins to deal another hand. And she's not ordering drink, she's taking one the bottles already around and pulling from it directly. Because while she might have been born royal, she certainly didn't behave like it these days. Growing bored with his preening, Sterling eases off Maura's hair, looking down at her cards curiously, tilting is head to observe.

Adair has not met the preacher, but he's heard the name! Of course, it's one of those vague things that doesn't matter aside from 'if you're ever sent there'. He gives a comforting pat to Maura's arm. Poor thing. Neener. "I'm almost not disappointed that it was that. Otherwise… it wouldn't be as easy to tease him with." It'd be DAMN uncomfortable to tease someone about other meanings of the name 'creampuff'.

Maura tends to not spend a lot of time around preachers of late, though she does look back and forth between Carys and Adie at the mention of a relative. She also knows that was merely a pity pat on the arm Adair, and she turns to make a face at him before picking up the new hand of cards and showing it to Sterling when the bird wants to look. "I know, right?" she doesn't even need an actual reactions. But what she does need? Another rumball. "You need to embellish that story. Make it more scandalous. There's nothing scandalous about that. Who agrees with me here?"

Carys eyes her cards again, and as the round commences and she ends up losing /more/ money, she's now eyeing Adeline carefully now. "Obviously one t'watch," she warns Tamet, before turning to Maura. "I wouldn't know what t'embellish it /with/… so really, if you've got ideas on how t'make somethin' like that scandalous," She waves her hand in an inviting way as if to go 'Please do'. As for Sebastian and Adeline being related? "Huh." Again that 'Learn something new' tone. "Small town." Then something dawns on her and she's back to Maura (Yes, Carys kind of bounces around like a chipmunk on crack when it comes to topics), "But… be careful. Chances are I might need medical attention an' I'd like the bedside manner t'stay on this side of cross."

It isn't often that there's something worth dragging Anders out of his clinic - where there are things to do. Of the few things that can manage it, one of them is Adeline. It's been a few days since he's been able to swing by and poke his head in on Mum, but since fluffbutt giantowl decided today was yet another Rabbit Day, it seemed as good a time as any to escape for a bit. Plus the birb is just Cool, okay? If there's anyone else who will appreciate the sheer happy factor of her, it'll be Adie. Right? What he doesn't expect is the table full of Wardens. And cards. "Oh no," he groans. "If this is an ambush for strip Diamondback again, Adie, I'm going home and going to bed." Nevermind the black dire owl on one shoulder. It is possible that one of his feathered shoulders grew something. At least that's what it looks like.

Aghast, Maura looks… just scandalized. "I would never play strip Diamondback." Pause. "Out in public with a full bar." Sheesh. "Creampuff." The nickname she definitely gives a raised eyebrow to. The bird on his shoulder is given wide-eyes however. Because holy shit awesome! "But, Adair…" He always says NO. "Wait, who had Andraste's what in their who?" Sorry, too many rumballs :( And her card hand? She just sighs at, and folds.

Carys… doesn't know what to process first. Anders' arrival. Anders' arrival with his feather pauldrons somehow having come to life and taken the form of a gigantic owl - which is, yes, kidn'a cool. Adair's comment about Sebastian's crotch or Andraste's face or… which earns a distracted, "He's always in robes," because… oh no. Adeline goes first - followed by Adair… likely Maura's next just to make her life difficult…And Carys… Carys has the grace to at least /blush/… which puts a nice healthy rosy glow to those pale cheeks… and just brings out the trickster-twinkle of her eyes. And there's a heartbeat where she can likely get Anders' reaction… but it won't change anything. It's right before she just /busts up a gut/ laughing. And she goes through the motions… first she just laughs. And laughs… and then she slips trying to hold her head up and it lands on the table with a gentle thud. And that causes her to laugh even /more/ before the poor thief just slides out of her chair, landing in a heap at someone's feet and she's still. Laughing. Somewhere in the middle of that is "Ow ow ow belly ow" because, let's be honest here, previously noted hell-scar probably is still is tender and she's likely killing herself laughing.

The endless round of 'Creampuff' just makes Anders' face go slack and entirely unamused. Both eyes slide closed and he takes a long, deep breath that is loosed on a gusty sigh. "This is Revas." He manages to take it in stride, to just let it go, but the gales of laughter that eventually knock the rogue to the floor set his teeth on edge and there's a muscle that twitches in his jaw. "I can't decide if she's trying to court me or mother me, but she brings a lot of dead rabbits." And has zero sense of social etiquette, because there is a smaller birb and he smells funny and she must - of course - investigate him. Which means, of course, that she semi-crash-lands on the table smack in front of Adeline. Sorry, bottles!

He was lost before. Now he's just… super lost. The conversation had gone from somewhere he was almost familiar with to completely new territory. The bird however, caught his attention, especially when it crashes into the table. As Carys laughs so hard she might die, Tamet, just seems confused. Though there's a bit of a laugh when the beast crashes into the table.

"…what _is_ that thing?" the boy questions, never having seen such a bird.

Sterling is a proud and graceful creature who has been well taught to respect the sanctity of wine bottles. Thus, as Revas crashes upon the table, the gyrfalcon is wholly unimpressed. Flapping wings and distressed calls and all. Those wings smack into Adeline's head, tangle in her hair, there is wine everywhere. Really, this is a right mess. "Sterling, hush… It's fine." She says, sounding cross with the bird. He's not normally this silly but this dark beasty is huge and he doesn't know what to do with it. His hood is retrieved from her pouches, and Adeline wrestles it on to him. But with there now being wine all over her lap. She shakes her head, sighs. "It's very nice to meet you, Revas." She offers to the bird before looking up to Anders. "You've earned being the dealer, Warden." She says, standing to go clean herself up. "And it is good to see you. And I swear, no strip anything. Just Wicked Grace, for good, hard coin." She does manage to even take her winnings from that last hand before turning to go upstairs, too.

Adair eyes the bird, eyes Anders and- DON'T FAINT, MAURA- decides to go in a completely different direction. "You have a girlfriend now. …so…" Someone please just shut him up? "I mean, how does F… DAMN." Ok, THAT shut him up. Good job, Frankenowl. Now he's just going to back away and look over at Carys. "You ok?" Snicker. Ahem. "The guy from the chantry," he tells Maura before FINALLY giving Anders an apologetic look. He has no internal filter. They removed it when he joined the Order.

"Yeah. Strip Diamondback is for good hard something else." Maura declares. So maybe either she's doing that to shock Adair into SHUTTING UP, omg. Or, she is definitely well into her cups. "Fenris isn't a girl." she whispers, helpfully, at her significant other. In case he was confused. And then Carys laughter prompts her to hold the woman's very own tin of chocolate treats right back at her, to see if they will help any! Because she is helpful like that. "Good night, Senior Warden!"

Adair's pantleg (or something similar if he's in armor, please don't be in armor and have patns) is tugged and she's waiting until he looks down. To which Carys mouths, 'He's going to kill me'. Because she did grab that initial look before she fell over. Then there's a tin. With chocolate! "ACK." She's up sudden on her feet grabbing the lid and covering it with an apologetic look to Maura. "Sorry, chocolate's bad for animals an' there's a bird stompin' around like he owns the joint." And then she gives a sheepish grin of farewell to Adeline before her attnetion is given to Anders. She removes one of the balls from the tin, handing it to Maura then she pushes the (closed) tin towards the Mage before. Oh, her face is now red. "She just totally took my money an' left," she says of the Senior warden before a sheepish look is given along with a vague gesture as if to say 'I'll see myself out'. Whups!

The ensuing chaos swirls around Anders like he's a rock in a storm. A blonde rock in sore need of a haircut who is just not at all impressed with the world right now, but a rock all the same. "But I - " don't have money to play with. Not right now at any rate. Even so, he can certainly deal well enough, so he takes Adie's vacated seat and shuffles the cards with practiced ease. "Fenris is most certainly not a girl. You sit right back down, Pastry Spirit; you're dealing after this round. And this is a Nightwing. Smart as a Mabari, so watch your mouth." And then once the cards are dealt, he's hauling the fluffbutt onto his lap to preen ruffled feathers and soothe away the disappointment at missing out on a New Friend in Sterling.

"Wait what? You like guys??" blurts out the youngest member of this conversation, probably a little over-loud as he stares at Anders. There's something between a snort and a laugh that emits from the young elf boy. "Is that why they're callin' you Creampuff?" Tamet wonders. The departure of the Senior Warden is hardly noticed, despite her acquisition of half his money.

The server from before returns, with some bread, cheese, and a tankard of ale, all which distract the kid from everything else as he starts to stuff his face. There's a little bobble of a nod that follows after the explanation of what the bird thing was. For now, however, he's eating.

Adair looks down at Carys and Gris as his pants leg is tugged. "Nah, it's just the wrong time for the joke." He's guessing. "P-pastry spirit?" Cough. No, he can't keep himself from laughing. "I know he's not a girl, I was…" Sigh. "Never mind. " Pause. "Hold on kid. There's nothing wrong with that. Isn't the outside you fall for, anyway."

See, he starts out with the 12 year old perv jokes - but that thing right there at the end that Adair just said is why Maura wuvs him. So one second she's rolling her eyes, and the next is smiling with genuine affection. And just when she's about to pipe up again, likely with something tooooootally helpful to say again - the rest of the rum in the rumballs hit again - she winds up with her forehead on the table. Ain't nobody home no more, guys.

Carys utters this little squeak as she retakes her seat, and possibly the cards. Adair comments on /her/ name… and Anders is given a sly look. Tit for Tat eh, mage? She deserves it! "Did you not listen to my story?" She's pretty sure she said she was delivering pastries! and then Tamet proves to have a worst Brain to Mouth filter than she does! "What's that? It's your bedtime?" She angles this quickly to Tamet, complete with a 'NOt cool, dude' look. Unlike her mommy looks, this one actually has some weight to it - It reaks with 'I'm so disappointed, son', while she shuffles the deck with surprising ease - a lot more ease and skill than her hands have been showing. She deals out the next round. And Maura gets her cards dealt ontop of her head.

There's a moment when Tamet's blurted question-laugh-question combo makes Anders visibly flinch. His lip curls and his eyes narrow and his mouth opens on a sharp and vicious retort; it isn't the first time he's been on the receiving end of someone else's bigotry and it won't be the last. But with the general table handling the 'check yourself' bit, he simply scoops up the floofbird and decides to get a little of his own back. "Not that it's any business of yours, but I do. Man or woman doesn't matter; elf or human or dwarf or qunari doesn't matter. Fen? Fen matters." And fuck everything else. "I'm too old for this. I'm going to bed." And taking the lovey dovey owlface with him. Goodnight, folks.

Adair starts to stand, then looks offended. "Aren't we close to the same age?" Pause. "Hey! I'm not old! I'm young! Vigorous even!" Grumble. "… I better get her to bed before she barfs on the table."

Tamet rolls his eyes at Carys's words, and facial expressions, with a way that says 'you're not the boss of me'. Though it's completely possible he actually didn't pay attention to the story.

"Didn' say it were a _bad_ thing," the kid retorts, with little bit of a snort as he downs his tankard, clearly unaware of how bad he sounds right now. There's no comment about the contents of his tankard, he enjoys it regardless.

"Still funny though," he admits, finishing off his bread. "I'm in this fer one more round. Then I gots other things what needs doin'." Though as the blonde human departs, he glances between the others who seem keen to do the same thing.

There's a dramatic sigh, "Or not." Yep. Not a clue.

"Anders…" Carys is already on her feet, and it's now obvious that everything she expresses… she expresses to the fullest. Her concern, and perhaps even regret for adding to this, is plain as the the nose on her face. Yes, she /can/ act, but when she doesn't have to… this… this display is what people are treated to. She closes her eyes and lets out a sigh before she looks to Adair. "I'll… " She waves her hand as if to say she'll check on the mage later. to Tamet? "Watch yerself," she figures he's going to end up scedaddling on his own.. leaving her to use her tricks to make sure /he/ doesn't end up elf jerky at somepoint during the night. "C'mon," She thumps Adair's arm with the back of her hand as she wanders over to help first sit Maura up, and then get her to her feet. "You deal with drunks passed out? I'll show you how so they wake up in the mornin' if not." She's helpful.

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