Faction Warrior
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Warriors are the front-line fighters, the backbone of any party under assault. They rely almost exclusively on melee weapons and present a very formidable threat to any adversary. Warriors draw from deep reserves of discipline, strength and stamina, possessing an intrinsic understanding of battlefield tactics and how to use assets to their best effect. Warriors can come from many different walks of life - from the highborn son of a teyrn to the wild Avvar chieftain and even the backalley thugs in service to a local crime lord - and often find that such skills open many doors.

All races in Thedas may become warriors, but elves take a penalty to skills and actions that require brute strength.



The Beserker class originated amongst the Dwarves but now these fearsome warriors can be found amongst all of Thedas's people. They are masters of a dark and fearsome rage that grants them exceptional physical power, though sometimes at the cost of higher cognitive functions. They tend to favor two-handed weapons and a Beserker in a full Rage is truly a sight to behold

  • Known Beserkers Carver Hawke, Solveig Reinerdotten


A champion is a source of inspiration and courage to all those on the battlefield. These are individuals who've most likely gained renown, either through great battles or through individual disputes, and they put that renown to use to ensure those around them do not falter in their resolve. Seeing the champion in action can inspire greatness, for they often draw the ire of their foe and thus must be as good at fending off attacks as they are at inspiring them. They are often in favor of the sword and shield, but are just as capable of utilizing other weapons and their styles.

  • Known Champions


Their power stems from the blood of dragons and while the source may vary, the result is always the same: Fearsome fighters that seem to only get stronger the more pain they cause…and endure. This is another class that primarily favors twho-handed weaponry.

  • Known Reavers


Templars are warriors specially trained to resist and counter magic, making them ideal in handling rogue mages, demons and Abominations. Nearly all who are trained as Templars belong to the Templar Order. Most common amongst Templars are the sword and shield, though there are quite a few who do favor two-handed weaponry or dual-wielding a sword with a dagger.

  • Known Templars Cenn d'Argent, Phillipe Garou, Isolde Wulff


Sword and Shield

Those warriors who put protection of themselves and others above all other priorities tend to favor the sword and shield. The shield provides an added barrier of protection as they are often found deliberately making themselves targets to keep enemies' attention off of others nearby, particularly those that would not be able to handle damage as easily.

Two-handed Weaponry

These individuals favor power over all else, often sacrificing protection and speed in order to deliver powerful blows.

Dual-wielding Sword and Dagger

Somewhat the opposite of the two-handed weapon wielder, these warriors are practiced in the art of speed. They are quite provicient in delivering blow after blow, often striking several times while their peers may only succeed in a single hit. However, their speed and versatility often comes at the cost of damage, though they are just as capable of felling opponents as their comrades.