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Scene Title What Was Left Unsaid
Synopsis Davan gives Cenn information that should have been delivered previously.
Location Quaint Manor
Date 12 Harvestmere, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Interesting turns of conversation
Logger Davan

You know what afternoon in autumn is? Cool. This translates into 'not warm', and so it's no wonder that Davan's in today. This time it's the library that he's in, and it's clear by the amount of books that are on the low table in front of the sofa that he's spent most of the last hour with more than one book. That's the room Cenn will be taken to whether he lets himself in or waits to be greeted, because Liddy has been watching the door.

Cold weather means Cenn's clothing choices do change a little. The clothes he's been accustomed to much longer in his life, he returns to, Ferelden styles that are sturdy and warm. They're nice enough fabrics, and the cuts suit him, but they are Ferelden, so who knows how well those will go over. At least Garou isn't around. Cenn does let himself in, but there's an invitation in his hand and a confused look on his face. Somehow, he thought the invitations might cease with their arrangement being what it was now. So when he's shown to the library, he tilts his head when he spots Davan, holding up the invitation, still bearing some of the metallic powder that had decides to go everywhere when it was opened. "You wanted to see me, love?"

Davan grins. "I never get tired of sending those, if you're wondering." Davan places the book he'd been reading on the table and walks over to take hold of Cenn's hand. "I always want to see you." But first he's going to take time for a greeting kiss. "Come sit. I've been reminded that there's something I've been meaning to discuss with you. It's not terrible, I don't think, but it is a conversation that we need to have. One we should have closer to the fire. How you came here without at least a light coat is … well, not surprising, really." The idea is still enough to make him shiver.

That legitimately gets Cenn to laugh, setting the invitation aside on the nearest table and turning into that kiss easily. Allowing himself to be lead to sit, Cenn just smiles and shakes his head. "Maker's breath, love," He says softly, carding his hand through Davan's hair, "Never go to Ferelden. You would freeze to death." It's all said with affection. And Davan said this was nothing bad, so he's going to take that at face value. "Alright, then, what is it you needed to say?"

"If I ever have to, I'm taking you to keep me warm." Davan says it as if it's some dire warning, but the reminder of the reason for the invitation brings a sigh. "Alright, before I say this. Know that I didn't say yes and that being non-committal was the best course of action at the time." He takes a moment, relaxing at the touch to his hair. "There's a mercenary company from Tevinter. Shortly after I arrived, I offered them my services and was accepted. I've been meaning to tell you this, but it's just never come up or I've been distracted by… well, you. A co-worker- there's a term I never thought I'd use- told me he wanted me along on this deep roads expedition they've signed on for and it reminded me that there may be things I can't get out of unless I want to part ways with them."

Cenn had been very nicely settled. He'd believed that this was nothing bad, and so when Davan begins, he is met with a small smile and an easy nod. As Davan's explanation continues however, Cenn goes still. And when his lover finishes speaking, Cenn is just slightly wide eyed and staring at Davan as though he is entirely insane. There are no words, just a look. It's all he can manage.

Davan sighs, reaching out to take hold of Cenn's hand. "I did this before we met, amatus. I… if you'd feel better about it, I can tell them I'm no longer interested. I'm certainly not interested in being away from you. For what it's worth, I intend to say no to this whole expedition nonsense. There are sure to be nugs and those things are horrifying. I wasn't even officially asked by anyone with any real authority." Now he's going to wait because he's now no longer certain this is as 'not bad' as he'd thought it was.

That response does get a change, but it's a little as though he's just been hit. "Davan, I'm…" He starts, shaking his head and sighing, "I'm not your keeper." He swallows hard, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. "I… Alright." His tone is nothing less than exasperated, but it seems that Cenn is going to leave it at that.

"No, but how you feel about it matters." Davan sighs, taking a moment to put his thoughts together but never letting go of the hand held in his. "I told you, didn't I? I wasn't exactly in the best frame of mind when I left. I hadn't been for a long time but then especially I would have done just about anything to get back at my father. It was supposed to be my way of telling him that I wasn't coming back even if he threatened to disown me."

Cenn sighs again. "Alright." He says, and takes a deep breath, "I mean, I hardly have room to talk." There's a bitter laugh that follows that admission. "Do what you like, Davan. I spend… All of my days telling people that they can't live their lives how they would want to, don't… Please don't ask me to do the same to you." Nevertheless, it is obvious that Cenn doesn't like this one bit.

Davan shakes his head. "Amatus, I'm not asking you to tell me that. I want to know how you feel about it. Obviously you don't like it." He finally reaches up to place a hand on Cenn's cheek. "As it happens, my mother has decided it's far better to guarantee my place in the family so long as I don't come back. So it's a decision I'd have to make anyway. Even if it's merely to negotiate being available for the settling of squabbles between nobles here. It's not as if I need the employment."

It's not that he pulls away from Davan, because he doesn't, but with how often Cenn moves in to those touches, the fact the he doesn't might stand out. "It just… It seems…" Cenn says then on another sigh, "It does seem like a thing you might have thought to tell me before. Especially…" He cuts himself off. "But I suppose it doesn't matter."

"No, it matters. The truth is I hadn't even thought about it since nothing has come of it and then there was you… and until you told me… For what it's worth, I am sorry I didn't." Davan sighs. "I'm also willing to admit that I may have kept myself from thinking about it until I was reminded. …and very good at making the wrong decisions. So, if you're angry with me… I'm not going to deny I deserve that."

"Anger might be a strong word." Cenn says, shaking his head. In the next moment, he leans, folding himself to rest his head on the much shorter man's shoulder. It seems he's going to move on from that issue. Though, after a moment, a thought occurs to him. "Which of these men suggested the Deep Roads to you, again?"

"You know, when I first offered my services, it was offered if I was interested. The man's name was Jovan, but most recently? A fellow named Luthor. Ferelden, I believe. Honestly, he seems to take refusal as a challenge and saying I'd consider it was mostly to avoid the bother of having him trying to convince me." Davan relaxes as Cenn's head rests on his shoulder and turns just enough to place a kiss in his hair before resting his cheek against the spot. "Please don't tell me I've hurt you. That would honestly be worse than having you angry."

Cenn blinks. "Traske?" Yeah, he knows that name. He huffs, and then growls, but then settles. He'll deal with Luthor later. Those words, though… He frowns. "I… Don't know?" He says, "I'm not sure what this feeling is. I just… I thought… It had been easy to think you safe, spending your days shopping, and sitting around being a noble, spending your father's money, inevitably hosting ridiculous dinner parties. Being a menace to the Kirkwall Court, that was the worst thing I had to worry about. Now you tell me you are apparently a mercenary, and… I had no idea. I'm protective, Davan. Terribly. To a fault. I…" Words die, he doesn't know how to explain this, but it doesn't feel nice.

Davan reacts to that growl by reaching up to run his fingers through Cenn's hair. "I'm sure he had his reasons for it, amatus. I'm not going. How long do you think I would last under those conditions?" The explanation gets a soft laugh but there's no humor in it. "Like you have no way of controlling what's going to happen and are powerless to stop it?" He sighs, still toying with his lover's hair. "For what it's worth, I've not acted in that capacity yet. And… if I tell them I'm no longer interested, will you be alright with that? I don't want you to feel like you've kept me from doing what I want. What I want is to not be the one who does … this… to you."

"I really do not care about his reasons." Cenn says with more bite than he'd wanted to show. He clears his throat, takes a deep breath, forces himself to ease again. "Well, the helplessness, that I can identify. That one I know well." Cenn says, closing his eyes and just trying to focus on Davan's hand in his hair, "It's more… That I didn't know. I… I can't really place what that feeling is. I've… It's…" Something dawns on him and his nose wrinkles, "The closest thing I've known to it I really do not want to draw a comparison between."

"It's that you didn't know and I didn't tell you, yes? A betrayal of your trust? …fuck… Amatus, if that's what it is, I now have to earn your trust again and be the man who did that to you." It's not hard to identify how Davan feels about that. He's tensed to the point of trembling but manages to settle his breathing and go on. "Are you going to be able to forgive me? It was unintentional and stupid. It should have been one of the first things I told you. …I wish I weren't so bad at this."

Cenn sighs and reaches for Davan's hand, lacing his fingers with his lover's. "Davan…" He says softly, "Sometimes things are uncomfortable. Sometimes people make mistakes. I am not that easy to lose." Yeah, protective and loyal. To a fault. A fault. It would take a lot more than this. "This will pass."

"I'm going to arrange to speak with the man in charge. Honestly, my reasons were 'this will make my father turn purple with rage' and they call themselves Evocati, of all things. It seemed a fitting jab. …but it's not worth having you worry and it's not as if I'm going to be forced to go home now. As for Luthor, he said he wanted me to go because I can harm a large number of targets at once. I can't blame the man for wanting to preserve his hide in a fight." Davan gives a soft sigh of relief. "I hope my capacity to come up with things to get wrong doesn't exceed your patience, amatus." He rubs his cheek lightly against Cenn's hair. "Speaking of telling you things. It might come up that a phoenix went loose in this area. For which we have my cook to thank. I thought Liddy was going to kill him."

Cenn sighs. "I…" He shakes his head, "I met Traske in Denerim. If he can't handle my being cross, he's gotten a lot more fragile than the man I remember." And that's where he is going to leave that topic. Because the next makes him blinks. "Your coo- Oh, Maker's balls, really?" He says, exasperated, "They aren't worth the hassle in the best of times."

"I suppose that's true." Davan concedes before heaving another sigh. "He had it brought in because he'd heard they're something of a delicacy, can you imagine? I told him I'd intended to send an invitation to the man you carried away from the fight in Lowtown, actually. I think you know each other? I'd meant to do it sooner but things have been… well, I was distracted." It's said in a way that so pointedly indicates the man beside him that it's likely comedic in tone. "After that botched healing job and with him being Orlesian, I thought it might be a nice gesture given my kitchen staff. He went behind my back to obtain it. Liddy handles all the order lists. …and then the damned thing got loose. It attacked a woman."

"Yes… They… Uh… They are." Cenn says with a sigh, "I've had phoenix. It's… Well, it's good, honestly, but if you don't prepare it right it will literally melt your stomach, and more." Of course he has. Fucking Orlesians. "Lieutenant Garou?" He asks and then… It's subtle, but there's a faint blush that rises to his cheeks, "Yes, he is a friend of mine." And then… Cenn cringes. "Oh Maker. They're terribly venomous. What happened to her?"

"Amatus, you are the most Orlesian without actually sounding it. You realize this, yes?" Davan chuckles, but that blush? Yes. "Blushing? Ah… so this is the man you were talking about, then? Would you like to join us?" It's a mild tease but he can't really help it. Those blushes are adorable. "Carys carried her off. Can you imagine? Just carted her away to the Chantry. I'm going to reimburse whatever she gave them for the woman's healing. I may have to do some social maneuvering to keep her from taking it further than that since her dignity was compromised. I've had…words… with him. There's a reason he was part of my father's staff. I don't know what they are, but when I mentioned sending him packing to Orlais he went positively white."

Cenn laughs a little, blushing more. "Well, I am Orlesian, so…" He says with a tiny shrug. Clearing his throat, "Oh… I… Uh…" He hadn't meant to blush like that, and to anyone else, it would probably be too subtle for someone to notice. But Davan's gotten to know him well at this point. "No, no. That won't be necessary." Non-commital answer there about whether Garou was who he had been talking about or not. Plausible deniability. "Oh, that poor woman." He says then, focusing on that topic. It was easier. "Well, I could maybe look into why, if you wanted?"

"It's alright, amatus. I did say I'm fine with it, remember? I don't own you. I love you. That means wanting you to have what you need and as much of what you want as I can manage." It's said with such fondness that the hint of humor in Davan's voice could be nothing but mild teasing. "Alright, let's go with that. I've heard she's fine and if you want to? By all means. I usually go for loyalty in my staff but… well, I'll settle for a healthy fear of my wrath."

Cenn just smiles, and noses at Davan's jaw a little. That's the most of an answer he's getting. Plausible. Deniability. Not to Davan, mind, that's not who he's worried about in the slightest. "You know, sometimes…" Cenn says quietly, "It's the only thing that works." Sadly. He didn't much like inciting fear, himself. But it was true.

"Brat… I'm convinced you're quite aware of your ability to charm." Not that Davan seems to consider it a bad thing, there's too much warmth in his voice for that. "Yes, yes. I know. It still…" He sighs. "It still feels too much like holding power over a slave and I've seen too much of that. I can't have him posing a danger to anyone. What if it had been a servant? Someone who would have a hard time getting access to a healer? I can put on a good enough show to remind him that I have he same power my father had over his situation."

Brat. Yes, Cenn could certainly be that, but honestly, he isn't trying to be, for once. Nevertheless, he places a kiss to Davan's cheek before stopping to think a moment. Cenn takes a deep breath, and nods. "Yes, this situation is serious. It is understandable that you would want to handle it swiftly and with the severity it deserves." And then there is a small shiver, just down his spine, that he isn't quite able to quell.

Davan turns enough for a more proper kiss. "My cook's transgression or your brattiness, amatus?" He makes a show of thinking it over. "The handling of those two are vastly different." There's a hint of warning growl but then he reaches out to brush his fingers over Cenn's cheek. "I admit, I've had my thoughts, but I want nothing to harm you." Because he has his own protective streak. "Not even my touch, not unless you tell me it's what you want."

"Well, I was speaking of the cook…" Cenn says with a soft laugh, his hand settling on Davan's waist. "As to the other? There is a very distinct difference between hurt and harm, my love." He glances down to the hand not upon his cheek. "And I appreciate your willingness for gentleness, but I am no fragile maid." There's a purr in those last words that hold nothing but dark promise.

"No, not fragile… the cook I will deal with and he'll remember who it is he answers to." There's a hint of growl in Davian's voice that gives away just how angry he still is, but that softens as he goes on. "But you… I could never harm you. As long as you trust that." But then there's that purr and he leans in for a kiss that draws out until he needs to breath. "I will promise no magic." He has this feeling that might be awkward.

"Davan…" Cenn says with a small laugh, "I am very familiar with that sort of play." He pauses, nuzzling against the hand on his cheek. "Where did you think the scars on my back came from?" He acquiesces to that kiss easily, though, purring happily. Breathless and pleased, that final allowance catching him off guard. He blinks, and tilts his head, all confused puppy. "You don't have to promise me that. Your magic would not bother me, love."

There's that look and Davan is in no way immune to it. "I sometimes wonder if you know what effect that look has." He teases, shaking his head. "It had occurred to me, but I didn't think it was for me to ask at the time. I'll admit that I've admired them. It also occurred to me that you may not want anyone else to use magic on you." He's tried to be very careful of Cenn's memories and the things that might cause hurt. "You're sure?" His hand goes from his lover's cheek to his shoulder, though careful to stay clear of the scarring. He gives demonstration in the form of small shocks that merely sting the surface. "Never enough to leave a lasting mark. We do have to be careful of that where I'm from."

Cenn stops, confused for a moment, then rights his head. "Oh…" He says with a laugh, "Yes, I am aware of it. But it's not a conscious mannerism, either." Leaning into Davan, he noses at his jaw affectionately. "I appreciate that courtesy, love," He says then against his skin, "But no, it's fine. You can ask and I don't mind magic…" When those shocks come, though, Cenn writhes, hips rolling forward and a vulgar sound of appreciation pressed against Davan's neck. Yes, he knows these games, and it seems he very much enjoys them.

"That's what makes it all the more endearing." Davan might be mildly surprised by that reaction, since the demonstration was merely meant to be that. "Should I stay away from these?" He traces one set of scars through Cenn's shirt. "You have to tell me your boundaries. …and whether you can stay or if I should stop this." Not that he can resist a few more of those mild shocks closer to his lover's spine.

As it turns out, Cenn's always been a fan of electricity, fairly specifically. "I can stay." He says quietly, and moans happily to the further shocks to his back. "I'm… Uh…" He starts, taking a deep breath to settle himself. "I'm…" Words fail him, and he's entirely distracted, and his heart is pounding.

Davan reaches up to card his fingers through Cenn's hair. "Take a few breaths, amatus. The next time I do that I want it to be on your bare skin. We have all night." He assures in a soft voice, making sure to maintain as much contact as their position on the sofa allows.

After a moment, Cenn does come back to himself more. He rolls his shoulder, and bites his lip. And then something dawns on him, and he goes still. "This… Is a conversation I would… Very much… Like to have." He starts, and swallows hard, "But I… I've just made a fire without meaning to and I need to go address that."

"Have I done something again?" At least this time Davan asks it in a much calmer tone than he might have. "Alright, do what you have to do. Come back if you can, no matter what the hour is. Even if I'm sleeping, yes? Everyone here knows that you come and go as you please. I admit I'll miss you terribly, but I'll live."

"I… No?" Cenn says, shaking his head, "I just… People knowing… Is not part of our arrangement. And I should not have said anything. And I have this terrible time with feeling guilty and you deserve more of my attention, if we are going to do this." His hand comes to Davan's cheek softly, and he nods. "I'll come back, I swear. I don't have patrol in the morning and I don't think either of us are inclined to sleep alone."

Davan tips his head. "Knowing? Amatus, I haven't told anyone beyond Carys and I'd trust her with my life. …Tyce may know, if he's put the pieces together, but you at least trust him." Hah, but this mage doesn't. "If this is about your friend I can send a message with my apologies. I made the offer to a mage who appears to know him, so… It's not as if I was going to let them know, either. I'm finding I rather like keeping you all to myself in at least that respect."

"Not… Knowing about us." Cenn says, looking at Davan and blinking. "Love, I… This has nothing to do with Carys or Tyce or us." He shakes his head, and waiting, hoping Davan will catch up. "It's also not about your dinner invitation."

Davan nods. "Alright. As long as it isn't that. I believe I understand. Go take care of what you need to. Don't stay away too long? It's always warmer when you're here." He leans in for a kiss, resting his forehead against Cenn's once it ends. "I'll be in my room reading. "

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