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Scene Title Whiskey and Chocolate
Synopsis Cenn answers a request from Seren, and the evening resolves to whiskey and chocolate
Location Circle of Magi
Date 21 August, 9:31
Watch For The difference chocolate makes
Logger Seren

It's true that Seren hasn't had a lot of time with Revas. A little bird cuddling and she's off to Templar-sit again. So it was mere chance that he was able to give her the message requesting a visit. He's doing this a lot lately. So much for anger and escape. Now that it's evening and he's had time to check on their newest Mage, he's finally settling in for a little relaxing with a book perched on his legs as he sits on the bed with his back to the wall and door open.

Unless he's on patrol, it is not often long that Cenn makes Seren wait when these requests come in. This time, though, he's catching him just on the tail end of patrol, so it is in his armor that the Templar arrives. Nevertheless, he gives Seren a smile as he enters, closing the door quietly behind him, a little more comfortable with these invitations now. "I got your message…" He says, though it is self evident.

Seren looks up from his reading and grins. "In armor, no less," he teases. "I wish I'd asked for more social reasons but I need to know if you know what Circle Macenaya came from? It's…" There's a hint of seething anger there, barely noticeable. "Because there are men who need to pay for what they've done. I know it won't happen but she must be protected."

"I just got off of patrol, it's not about you." Cenn says with a laugh, glancing down at the armor. And then… And. Then. The very implication that something awful had happened. His posture turns into something much more formal. It takes him a moment to answer, his jaw setting, and his eyes losing their sparkle for a low, burning anger that is just asking to be fed. "Starkhaven." A single word, spoken with venom.

Seren lets out a tired sounding sigh, patting the bed in invitation to sit. "I can tell you… Creators, Cenn, she's afraid and lost. I've somehow earned her trust. She's agreed to let me try to help. She's afraid a man who lost an eye to Mor will come for her. I… Promised her he would have to step over my body to do it." It's fairly clear that the healer is feeling a little overwhelmed, and he's not used to it.

"Seren." Cenn says, firm and sounding so much older than he actually is. "If he laid a hand on her, I will kill him. If he comes here and tries to find her, and touches you. I will especially kill him. And I will lose no sleep." There's a growl in his voice, dark and dangerous and fierce. Almost another man entirely.

Seren is so surprised that his own worry and anger are forgotten for a moment. This is his shocked face. It's gone soon enough and he shakes his head. "I .." Ok, not gone but he does remember the rest of his reason for asking Cenn here. "She isn't giving up because her brother is gone. They hurt her beyond… they had no right. And now that he isn't here to help her come back, she's afraid to go on."

The growling stops. The speaking stops. It's possible that his breathing stops, and the coals behind his eyes turn to ice. The next stage up in his anger. "I imagine it is personal and you would not be inclined to tell me… But I… Desperately… Want you to tell me." Cenn says, sharp and cold, "Because I will find him first. And I will bring her his other eye to amuse Mor with."

Seren shakes his head. "No. I.. I wish I could. You could vent your anger, quell her fear, and then they would take you away." At some point his gaze trained onto the floor. "I can't. ..I'll find a way. A way that doesn't end in losing either of you."

Cenn shakes his head. "Seren," He says, still cold, "I will wait. I will watch. I will keep a pulse on his tranfers, his movements, his time off. There will be bandits on the road when he is tranferred, when he goes to visit family… You would not lose me. The world would simply lose him." It seems he is not going to be swayed.

"Is that really the only way?" Seren finally wipes at his cheeks with the back of his hand. "I believe he needs to be punished. I was never good at the death part." He gestures toward Cenn, indicating the armor. "You're the one with the strength for that, and I don't think I can talk you out of this. I just don't think I can stand losing the people I love again. So if it's bandits, it had better be bandits."

"It will take time." Cenn says, "And I do not plan on going anywhere." That's a first in a long time. The Templar takes a deep breath, softening a little. He approaches, settling down on the ground as near to Seren as he can manage without being in his personal space.

Seren finally nods, reaching out to comb his fingers through Cenn's hair when he sits. "So much for setting trash fires and leaving in the confusion," he states, almost laughing. "Now I'm worried about being away from all of you." It takes a few seconds, but he recovers his composure. "When he's dead, I'll tell her. I won't tell her anything else. If we can chase away her fear, she may find hope. …and just as long as you are past doing anything to risk yourself."

Cenn eases at the fingers in his hair. "Well, as much as I wish you were not trapped in a cage, I am glad to have you." Cenn says, and takes another deep breath. He nods then. "I don't plan on it unless it is for a very good reason." He says softly, "I am not looking to throw my life away."

"I wish we didn't have to be in this cage. …but I can't leave it now, and not just because of the bars and locks." Seren can see the irony, and there's a hint of laughter. "Let's hope you don't find a very good reason, but I will settle for your unwillingness to throw your life away. I'm still going to have Revas look after you."

"Then I suppose it is good that I am fond of her company." Cenn says with a smile that warms him away from ice that had clung to his heart.

Seren does laugh at that. "Cenn, at this point I think you're lucky she's not making a nest of your blankets and chasing you back into it every night." Hold on. "She's not, is she?" Because, let's face it, this is Revas. The bird doesn't have the wiring of a nightwing fledged from a nest and THEN taken as a companion. "Thank you," he finally states. "For coming here, and for not going after this man yourself. …even though it meant missing out on being able to relax after your patrol. I don't have very good timing, I'm afraid."

Cenn laughs, shaking his head. "No, though she does fuss at me if I stay up too late." It's all said with amusement. "It's no trouble. I'll stay as long as you like… Though I did have a date with a bottle of whiskey and a box of chocolates. But I think they could come here if you would have a mind to join me."

"Good. I didn't ask her, but I'm glad she thought of it." Seren's mood has at last lifted and he manages to look nothing but amused. Yep, he loves that bird. "…and I would welcome the company. Today has been a visit to memories that are better left to lay. Admittedly it has been a long time since whiskey and I were in the same room together."

"Well, then we will rectify that." Cenn says with a small smile. Reaching up, he takes Seren's hand with his, places a swift, chaste kiss to the back of his it, and then stands. "Give me a minute, then, I'll be back." And he's moving to the door, out toward his room, to fetch drink and chocolates.

The action earns a smile and he nods. "Alright. I think I'll give you a few, yes? If that mothering bird of mine gives you any trouble, tell her to go hunt." Not that he imagines it'll work, but it's worth a shot. Revas is more stubborn than her elf. Of course, those few minutes will give him time to stack the selection of books dealing with the presence of spirits neatly near the head of the bed.

It's a little while before he returns. Because if he's going to drink, he's not going to do it in his armor. And if he's going to get out of his armor, he's at least going to wash his hair and clean himself up a little. So he returns in normal clothes, smelling of amber and pine. A bottle under his arm, two glasses in hand, and… Well, he'd said a box… But that is… Well, that's more than one box. That's three. In he comes, door closes behind him, and he settles back down where he was. Glasses are poured, and then one is offered up to Seren.

Seren had settled himself on the floor and when Cenn enters, he's putting away tools meant for carving as well as the figure he'd been working on. This time a halla in more golden tones accomplished by rubbing oil into the wood. He takes the glass and then raises an eyebrow. "I'm surprised to see that many boxes this far from Rivain. You've either gotten very lucky or … well, very lucky."

The carving draws his eyes, but Cenn actively chooses not to look at it. That is entirely too familiar for him and he simply can't. There's a laugh then, though. "Yes, well…" Cenn says, "There's a woman in town, named Carys, she's my…" He pauses a little, "Honestly, she's my best friend. She makes them. I think most of them are laced with liquor." The first box is opened, set between them, as Cenn begins work on his own drink.

Seren takes a drink from his glass and then chuckles. "So you are very lucky. A best friend who makes chocolates laced with liquor." He stops to think this over, and apparently it's one of the more amusing thoughts in his day (that bar isn't high, because today has been hard). "Good, you need someone who puts alcohol into chocolate." No reason, he's just decided it. "Because it's honestly the only way it's going to be made better."

"I really do." Cenn concurs with a laugh. "I should see about introducing you two sometime, I think you would get along." Punctuating with popping one of the aforementioned chocolates into his mouth, he investigates it and then nods. "Yep, definitely rum in these."

Seren decides to try one of these- and there's a voice in the back of his head that probably is going to remind him that rum and whiskey, really man?- and then sighs. "Not since Rivain," he finally states closing his eyes for a moment. "Probably. Anyone who gives you chocolate laced with alcohol and you call best friend has to be worth meeting."

Look, you only live once. Drink the whiskey, eat the rum chocolates. What's the worst that could happen? You know, don't answer that question. Cenn can't quite help himself, watching that moment of nostalgic pleasure with a smile. "Well, hopefully they're satisfying for the wait." Cenn says with a small laugh, though there's no mockery in it. "She's definitely worth meeting." He says with a nod. And he's staring… He didn't realize he was staring until that last moment, and he looks away, drinking deep.

"You need to tell her she has a gift," Seren points out. "Probably more satisfying for the wait. You could find something in every village, but in Llomerryn? It was what we traded for to celebrate being at rest. You could find almost any combination, some even made to look like bottles and filled with anything from fruit syrup to any number of alcohols. I'd almost forgotten what it was like." He shakes his head. "Sorry. Who knew something like chocolate could bring back so many memories."

Cenn listens, intrigued. It's not every day that he got stories of Rivain, much less the chocolate in Rivain. And really, he seems genuinely interested, light coming back to blue eyes a little like the retriever he is so often compared to. There's even a very slight tilt of his head. "You do not have to apologize," Cenn says, soft and friendly, "It's understandable to have the memories come up, and I have always liked stories of places I've never seen."

Seren watches Cenn for a handfull of seconds, grinning at that expression. "They would make a chocolate with powdered hot peppers in them. It's wonderful. Burns on your tongue just enough… You see? If you let me, you'll have my entire life based solely on whiskey and chocolate." Not that he seems to mind, since he's taking another drink. "I think… I miss the storms. It's strange. I would hide in my mother's arms from them as a child…" He shakes his head. "At least now this place feels less like a prison." He reaches out to brush a hand over Cenn's hair. "I even have the strangest clan ever constructed."

Smiling, Cenn can't help but laugh a little. "If I can earn your whole life on whiskey and chocolate, then I would be shocked by the generosity of your telling, and honored by the listening." He answers, "Though chocolates with peppers in them sound amazing and entirely dangerous." Because, well, it was Cenn, and pain was… Well, let's not get into that right now. He moves into that touch to his hair just slightly, pleased and warmed by it. "Well, if it became the time when you were held and soothed, I can imagine that now you are older, the memory of storms would be a very pleasant thing." And then there's a small blush. "Strange, indeed, to include someone like me. But I appreciate the honor more than I can say." As it turns out, he has some idea of the weight of those words. No personal experience, obviously, but he doesn't take that as a joke or a novelty, but a weight that is like a heavy blanket, warm and comforting, but not something easily ignored.

"Not so strange, ma'arlath," Seren assures. "In fact, it makes more sense than I can really explain. …and those chocolates? If I can ever get hold of them from the herb supply here- they're used in medicines that induce sweating- I'll get a few to give to this friend of yours. If you add it to alcohol it's especially spicy."

Well, that's not something he's been called in a long time, and it pulls a smile to his lips that he doesn't quite stop from being sad. He nods then, buying time with a drink that empties his glass, and refilling, lifting the bottle in offer to Seren. "Just let me know, I will get them to her if you manage it. And I'll be sure there's a box made for you too." Cenn says, still light hearted in his tone, at least.

Seren thinks it over for just a second before offering out his glass. "Well, there's incentive, though these… you should probably keep for yourself. Eat them with someone you're at least physically interested in." There's no blush, though he is grinning at Cenn as he speaks. "I'll have them for you tomorrow, I think. And if I'm lucky, I'll get to meet this friend of yours."

The glass is refilled, the bottle stopped, set aside. And then Seren speaks and… Now that makes Cenn blink. "You say as though that doesn't mean you qualify…" Cenn says softly, shaking his head. "And I have… Well, let's just say this isn't all of them, anyway. Carys was generous."

Seren chuckles. "I'm talking about the ones including the peppers. Trust me." And he'd be fine, too, if Cenn hadn't said that. Congratulations. Something that actually brings color to the elf's cheeks. "You mean she's given you a supply. She should open her own business." The idea amuses him and it offers a chance to regain composure. "We both know that my presence brings you some sadness," he points out. "Even if it's just a little now."

"Ah. Well, nevertheless…" Cenn says as the clarification is made, smirking a little at the blush that rises. "And I think she has? She certainly sells them, anyway. At least, last I had heard. Carys sort of… Does a little of everything, I think." That was putting it lightly. And then there's the elephant in the room. Cenn takes a deep breath, and nods. "Not for any reason that is fair, but yes. You are…" Cenn shrugs, "Not unlike him in a number of ways. Different enough that is not as though I could fool myself but there are… Little things."

"Not much in life is fair," Seren states. "It's alright. There are mannerisms that you have that remind me of Arran. The way you tilt your head and the light comes into your eyes when you're interested in something. That you find having someone pet your hair soothing. You have the wrong ears and you're much, much taller and broader in the shoulder," he teases. "You're definitely not an elf. It's not so hurtful to be reminded anymore. In a strange way, Garou reminds me of Nessini. I wonder what she'd make of that."

Cenn nods, smiles, can't quite quell the laugh at the joke about his shoulders. "She must have been a very interesting woman then." Cenn says, only sounding a little surprised. And he's blushing again, because the more he thinks about these statements… Well, there's whiskey. That's his friend, right? Could not possibly lead him astray. Seems he thinks so, with the way he drinks as though he's dying of thirst. It's a moment after that he speaks again. "It's… Easier, a bit, the reminding. More like thinking of home with fondness. Sad, but pleasant, as opposed to what it had been before." Because, really, had he met Seren six months ago? It would have been entirely different.

"Nessini … yes. She didn't suffer touch from those she didn't claim as hers." Seren thinks it over for a second, as if the concept were a little new. "Sad and pleasant instead of falling into despair at the very thought. I like that much better. Now I will feel less guilt when I see that sadness, though I much prefer that light of curiosity and smile." He's still yet to grasp the concept of not being direct, apparently.

"You know, I can respect that." Cenn says with a small laugh and a nod. And then he's blushing again. Looking down into his whiskey for a moment. Another drink. Liquid courage, right? And then his gaze turns over to the mage again, bright and just the slightest bit mischievous. Maybe the directness would be offensive to some, not to Cenn. It was, in fact, one of his favorite traits. "Well, then I suppose, if that's your preference, that there will just have to be stories."

Seren reaches out to pick up one of the chocolates for Cenn to take. "Stories. I don't mind telling them if you want to hear them," he agrees. "When we finally made it to Llomerryn, we would have a celebration. Nothing on the scale that the humans would, but to celebrate making it to security together. There's drinking, and the chocolates we would have traded for on arrival." He glances over at the Templar and chuckles. "I went for a swim at night, of course after alcohol and ended up with my feet tangled in a net. …I managed to float, but I had to concentrate so much that I couldn't bring myself to call for help. This is how I met Arran. He found me after Revas had raised such a fuss that he came to investigate. He untangled me and then." He blushes a little. "Stood me up. I was in knee deep water." Yes, he's blushing.

And take it he does, not even remotely shy in doing so. He's Orlesian, at least he has that going for him. And he listens, watching Seren with interest. There's that sparkle of curiosity again, easily brought forth simply by speaking. By the end, though, Cenn is certainly laugh, smiling, even. Mirroring Seren's gesture, a chocolate is selected, and offered to Seren, perhaps in return for the tale. "That is hilarious and adorable, and I wholeheartedly approve."

Seren takes the chocolate, nipping at Cenn's finger for the laugh and even sustaining a look that would be anger at being laughed at if only he didn't ruin the effect by laughing himself. "It wasn't my most dignified moment. …but those beaches…" He sighs. "You can hear the ships if you're near the port, with their timbers creaking. It's even more beautiful at night when there's a moon." He chuckles. "There, you see? It is like homesickness when the sickness is gone. But you… you said the home you were raised in had spirits? Rivain has them nearly everywhere. Is that what it was like?"

Cenn smiles in return to that nipping at his hand. That same sort of sad one, though he doesn't seem to bother him. And for a moment, he does look a bit contrite, but the laughter breaks the moment and he's grinning again in second. Listening to detailing of Rivaini shores and finding the thoughts pleasant. Nodding, he drinks before answering. "Ghosts, really. Spirits taking on the echoes of the dead. I can't say if it's anything like Rivain, but it was… Well, it wasn't the easiest house to grow up in." He answers.

"I think that's how they …think. Remember. I would imagine they didn't understand that it wasn't the best way to share the things they discovered with a child, being children themselves in a way." Seren thinks it over as he drains some of the contents of his glass. "It must have been frightening." And it's probably the thought of that fright to a child that brings his hand to Cenn's hair again. "My clan didn't deal directly with spirits, but you can't live in Rivain without a tolerance of them."

"Sometimes it was just annoying. Things would never stay where you put them." Cenn answers, shrugging a little. He doesn't begrudge the spirits that had haunted his childhood home, but they certainly weren't something he thought fondly of. "Other times, yes, they could be quite terrifying. Especially at night." A pause to drink, "But they'd never bother our shrine room. I slept at the foot of our statue of Andraste more often than my own bed."

"It seems it's not much different for frightened human children than it is for frightened Dalish children," Seren muses. "We have sites where we camp. Usually they're marked with statues or carvings of a wolf. They say that it's that everything fears the Dread Wolf, and so they're used to guard us. I supposed that if you slept directly at the back of those statues or under the carvings, nothing would dare come near." He chuckles at that before another drink, this one a little longer. "And now here I am, feeling safer in the presence of lions. This really is a strange place."

Cenn nods then. "I suppose that is fair. Or perhaps it just made it obvious that I was scared when I went there. Or maybe the statue strengthened the Veil somehow." He muses, "Honestly, I've not been back there since I was seven, so I have not been able to check." Then he's smirking, though, and hes not going to be terribly obvious about what thought precisely had passed through his mind. Instead, he just takes up another chocolate to offer to Seren.

Seren takes the chocolate, closing his eyes again and holding onto the Templar's hand. "You're going to spoil me," he sighs, playing his fingers over Cenn's palm before letting go. "It's one of my weaknesses. "And that's when you left? To begin training? It makes sense, we learn to hold a weapon when we're fairly young. I was never any good at it. I could hit a target, but when it came to living creatures." He chuckles, still not opening his eyes. "You should have seen my first attempt. So spectacular it was my last."

"Perhaps someone ought to." Cenn says with a smirk, and does not even try to pull his hand away. As it turns out, between the liquor and the fact that Seren is… Very pretty, the Templar doesn't have any complaints on this front. "Well, I was sent to my aunt, to then facilitate my time with the Chantry. Could have been a Brother, but I was more suited to the Order." He answers, and then smiles, "I wouldn't think weaponry would come easily to someone inclined to the arts of a Spirit Healer."

"I'm very glad you didn't end up a Brother. From what I've heard… Well, it would have been wasteful." Seren opens his eyes to regard Cenn. "I'm sure that the tree my arrow went into felt a great deal of pain. I was so relieved that I didn't hit the rabbit that I dropped my bow and ran all the way back to my father. My ability surfaced not long after that." He laughs softly. "I'm trying to imagine you at seven. As devout, yes? It's not a bad thing. My Creators, your Maker… maybe they're just ideas that we use as go-betweens to something else that would frighten us to think about."

"Devout, a lot more naive…" Cenn offers to fill in his picture, "With a fear of the dark and a favorite hound. Attached to my mother at the hip, and the absolute bane of my tutors, because I would read ahead just to spite their pacing." And because he was more intelligent than he often let on, that too. It's an important detail. When Seren opens his eyes again, Cenn meets his gaze with a smile that leans toward affection at the thought of too soft-hearted, childish Seren. "I have often wondered that, or if Faith is simply has power by its own virtue. At the very least, I think your Creators and my Maker very much both exist." Unlike what much of the Chantry would probably like a Knight Lieutenant to believe.

Seren takes Cenn's hand again, placing a kiss in the palm. "Thank you. It's not a surprise coming from you, it's just a costly thing to say." But then he's shaking his head. "Do not let Revas hear you say that you had a hound that you loved. I swear to you, Cenn, you will end up with a puppy tucked somewhere in your room and I'm afraid I won't be at all apologetic. …and were you the bane of your tutors because you read ahead or because they didn't like having students more intelligent than they? It's one of the things I enjoy about you."

At some point, and Cenn really couldn't say when, he'd set down his glass. He's not a light pourer when it comes to whiskey, and right now it's living up to the colloquial liquid courage. "May be too late. I think she's seen me rain affections on Dane." He says with a laugh, but he's not really focusing too terribly much on his own words. There's more blushing then, and looking the lips that have just placed a kiss to his palm. And he knows better than to escalate, not when he's the Templar here, but… Well, he's had thoughts, that much is obvious.

Seren gives a light tug to Cenn's hand. "Then don't be surprised," he repeats before leaning in for a kiss that he hadn't really meant to give into the temptation of before pulling back. "I… probably shouldn't have done that. I'm not sorry, but…" Yes, he's blushing, but only a little. "I may have overestimated my ability to drink." Because it's certainly not what it was.

Yeah, Cenn's not really listening at this point, because he can see that subtle lean in, and he's still staring at Seren's mouth and… And… Hello, whiskey. Also, hello nurse. The Templar isn't complaining, not the in the slightest, and returns that kiss with a shy tenderness that is not out of place but doesn't quite match him either. Cenn blinks as Seren pulls away, bites his lip, shakes his head. "Right… Yes…" He says, clearing his throat, "Definitely the whiskey…" Yeah, he's not buying that. Not by a long shot. "Though… What is should and shouldn't have? What says you shouldn't? I certainly don't."

Seren groans. "You don't make it easy for me to tell myself to stop by doing that." There's a part of his mind that might even acknowledge that it's irresponsible, but he's going to lean in for another kiss. "It's not the whiskey," he finally admits when he takes a moment to breath. "I thought you might not welcome this?" It's obvious uncertainty, but he did reason that Cenn might not want this from someone who has been a sad reminder at times.

"Well, I never said I was trying to make that easy." Cenn says with a smile, brushing his fingers through Seren's hair softly, just before he's caught less off guard by that second kiss. This one he's more active in, still soft, pliable, but encouraging. "No," Cenn says, "I didn't think it was." Because it's not really the drink for him either, though it's allowed him the boldness to indulge. "Might not…" Well, that makes well and good enough sense. But there's really only one way to answer just such a concern. Which is to lean in to intiatiate a third kiss himself, this one more bold, not demanding, but passionate, sweet with whiskey and lyrium, with a bite of something like clove that is his own ever present personal taste.

Seren nearly purrs at the feel of Cenn's fingers in his hair and he might have said something about that not making it easy comment but then he's being kissed and returning it becomes far more important. It might be the taste of the lyrium or the scent that's on the Templar's skin, but as soon as the kiss ends he tips his head to bite at the side of his neck. "Tell me you don't want to go back to your room." Revas is going to notice her curfew has been broken.

"If I did, you should call me a filthy liar." Cenn answers, breathless and quiet. The kissing had been pleasant and fun and light but that bite. Oh Maker, that bite. Cenn turned to clay immediately, purring without his own notice, eyes rolling back into his head. His fingers lace softly into Seren's hair, present but nowhere near holding or pulling.

Seren gives a low growl, marking Cenn's neck fortunately low enough to be hidden. "Stay. Tell me you trust me. I couldn't hurt you, not in a way that you wouldn't invite." Always direct, and it's really the only way he could hurt someone. "Let me make you forget everything for a little while, so that I can narrow my thoughts to you?"

Cenn's breath catches, his heart pounding loud enough to rush in his ears and these are words that melt him. "Maker… Seren, please." It's not begging, it's not even desperate, it's just intoxicating, delicious appreciation of an offer that sounds like everything he wants. His heads tilts to let Seren at whatever real estate he wishes. "I'll stay. Happily."

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