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Scene Title Who Heals The Healer?
Synopsis Valentine and Seren meet by the fountain
Location Courtyard, Circle of Magi
Date July 18, 2016
Watch For Mention of messages home
Logger Seren

The good thing about the courtyard is that it manages to pull in a breeze in the mid-afternoon. The presence of the water doesn't hurt matters and, just as they've been doing every day, Seren and Revas are at said fountain. This time the elf is gong so far as to splash the bird while she tries to exact revenge from within the fountain itself. "I think you're at an unfair advantage, pigeon," he informs the nightwing, chuckling at the indignation the tease causes even as he ducks the latest spray of water caused by the flapping of those huge wings.

Valentin has, at least, managed to stop climbing into the fountain every day. It still happens, just not like clockwork. He has also managed to acquire himself new shoes, the prospect of which, for a moment, had seemed as though it were touch and go. Though that had mostly been due to his own lack of care. He'd never been much one for shoes anyway. It's a familar sound, by now, the splashing caused by Revas's wings. He'd been in search of a breeze, but company would work just as well, and so Valentin moves toward the fountain, settling himself near but not directly in their zone of splashing. And as has occurred for the past few days, a small tendril of rippling, water like magic extends to Seren, looking him over for immediate injury or illness. All the while, the Enchanter himself draws no attention to it, just smiling. "Seren, Revas." A greeting with plenty of warmth, even for its brevity.

"Valentin," Seren greets and Revas even takes a moment to give one of those greeting coo sounds before going back to her water play. There's silence aside from the splashing play of the bird, who seems to have mostly settled into having a bath. "You do that whenever we pass," he points out, merely giving confirmation that he's noticed it. "Why?" Not that he can't guess, because he can, but he's not going to let suspicion direct his words.

"Just checking in." Valentin says, "I would just ask you, but I've been busy with classes, and you with your own business. And now I think it has become something of a habit. I am sorry if it has caused you discomfort. I will refrain, if you prefer." All of this said as though it is the simplest thing in the world.

"It hasn't. The truth is that it doesn't bother me, but I think that you have spoken to the Lieutenant. Or he has spoken to you." Not that Seren seems upset with this idea. In fact, rather like he expected that would happen. "I'm grateful to him for understanding the situation, but it's not something I'd set about doing ever again. I can't even think of the equivalent for that sort of pain for a human."

Valentin shakes his head. "I am not thinking you would." He says simply, "I am more assessing for levels of shock." Valentin pauses, shifting, takes a handful of water, and runs it through his hair. "He did speak to me. Asked me to watch after you, as he was concerned but did not think he was capable of helping, nor that it would be appropriate. I will not pry into the how or the why. I know only that you were hurt, and that when the Lieutenant came to my door some hours later, he was… In a state, due to guilt and concern."

"He was in that state because I not only brought up bad memories for him, but I think I made him question things he thought were very true. …and even if you won't ask, perhaps you should know so that you can help him where I can't." One day- ONE DAY- Seren may get it through his head that it's ok to NOT put others first, but it's not today. "Under the Spire, there are cells where mages that are caught are taken to. From that time until the day they're brought up, they're… criminals, or treated that way. You're at the mercy of your guards and your Lieutenant learned that those men didn't act with the restraint that he expected of them."

"I had gathered it was some of his men." Valentin says gently. "He and I had something of a long discussion about the nature of his Order, and these Circles. It is something I have been trying to convey to him for some time. It is a shame that it took what it did to allow him to see." Taking a deep breath, Valentin smiles faintly, no humor in it, just compassion. "I am sorry for the pain you have endured. Not because I am responsible, or because I seek the absolution of the people who did whatever it is they did… But because someone should be. Do not worry about the Lieutenant, though I well understand the instinct to put everyone and everything before yourself. Keep your privacy, if it offers you any solace, I will see to Rou, I have ways that do not require details of your suffering."

"Ma serannas," is Seren's only reply at first. Revas finishes her splashing and settles on the edge of the fountain to dry. "I think it was less the details than the doubt I gave him about his reality. For that, I apologize. I suppose I'm lucky it was him that opened my door. One of the others might not have hesitated." He laughs. "I suppose my luck is a matter of perspective."

"Yes, but it is doubt that he needs. In some ways." Valentin says, "As much as…" He cuts himself off, shakes his head. "You've done him a service, Seren. Whether me may know that right now or not. But yes, of all the people who could have found you, Rou is likely one of the better options. He's smart enough to ask first."

"Then I wish there were a gentler way to deliver the doubt. He's not a bad man, I don't think. …which is more bothersome than I want to admit." Seren takes a moment to splash the nightwing beside him, who protests with a flap of her wings. If only Valentin could see the look. Birdie revenge is gonna happen. "It would have been much easier if they had all been just as bad here."

Valentin nods. "When I first met Rou, I was trying to get myself kicked out of Val Royeaux." He says, "But my games only amused him. He's a good man, and that fact does have a tendency to be bothersome." None the less, Valentin can't manage to remove the fondness that colors his tone. "You can hate the Order, and hate the Circle, without hating individuals. It just… Takes getting used to. Or, at least, it did for me."

Seren laughs softly. "Well, it certainly changed my plans. I didn't get to know any of the Templars before. …or any of the other mages, for that matter. Now I've met both and I've come to the conclusion that you humans really need Keepers. Things like these Circles and the Order are too easily twisted. Too many people suffer. So if I can't see my family or my clan again, I may as well try to do what good I can do here. Even if it doesn't make much difference. I also think Revas has decided that she likes it here, so who am I to move her?"

At that, Valentin laughs. "You know, I can't say that you're wrong." He says, "I am not unconvinced that isn't much of why things are more sane in Rivain. We at least have our Seers. Down here? It's just madness." The Enchanter shrugs. "Well, at least someone is happy." He says of the bird, giving a wry smile.

"She has a captive audience. At least, some of them are." Which reminds Seren… "She hasn't been bothering you, has she? I've warned her to take the instruction to go if she's given it." Revas' protest comes in the form of a full body shake that sends water everywhere. "Well? Sometimes you don't listen." The owl-glare he receives as Revas settles back down again earns a laugh. "Seers would be an improvement over the absolute fear there is here."

"There have been a couple of dead animals. But those have amused Tytos well enough, so I'm not bothered." Valentin says with a small laugh and then nods. "It would. Though I don't think that's a wish I'll ever have fulfilled." There's a small sigh.

"Do they allow you to send out messages? I haven't asked… mostly because I thought that not contacting my clan or my family again would be the best thing. It occurs to me that I should let them know that I'm not returning and that they should accept that. It will make things easier." Not that it will make things any easier for Seren. "Oh good, because I had this sudden horrible idea that she may be leaving dead things on pillows and…" Hear that groan? "I hope she's not leaving dead things for everyone she's become attached to."

"Not generally. The Templars can send letters, though. I could probably have Rou send something for you, if you wanted." Valentin answers, not sounding as though he likes the fact that he's not permitted mail very much at all. Though he laughs a moment later. "No pillows as of yet. Rou's boots once." Meaing that Rou's boots had been off in his room. Really not any good at subtlety, are you, Val?

Well, if Seren hadn't suspected already, he's past suspicion now. Which makes him chuckle, honestly. "I only need to send one message. Just enough to let my daughter and her mother and father what happened and to inform the Keeper. It won't be so bad for them if they know." The where of the 'gift' earns another groan. "Revas… can we agree to not put dead things in people's boots? Please?"

Valentin nods. "That should be something that can be arranged." He says, and then chuckles softly. "To be fair, it was pretty funny. And Tytos found it before either of us did, so it could have been worse." Not that he should be encouraging this.

"She'll take it as encouragement," Seren warns. "…or at least permission." Revas, for her part, gives the best approximation of a huff an bird can. "Ma serannas. If there's ever anything I can do in return…" The offer is left open mostly because Revas has decided she's dry enough to settle on Seren's shoulder and fluff out her feathers again to clear them of the remaining water.

"You do not owe me anything." Valentin says simply, "You are not the only one around who makes a habit of caring for others." Not a chide, no heat or bite, it's more spoken as though it is an offer. "Heal yourself too, healer." A phrase most of them became familiar with at one point or another.

"Sometimes it's just easier to focus somewhere else." Not that Seren is going to argue the need for it. "Still, the offer's there. It's not a matter of debt, but it's hard to explain. It's the idea that you should never take something you're unwilling to give, which sounds kind of ridiculous when spoken like that." At least it's a common enough concept in Rivain, even beyond the Dalish.

"It's not ridiculous." Valentin says simply, leaning back to lay on the bench. "I've missed people who think like that." Even if Valentin hadn't always been terribly good about that tenant himself. See: The ship he stole from his father, or the time and energy of the men who had crewed it. Or… Well… The list could go on. None the less, it was a worthwhile sentiment.

Seren has had his moments. Not stealing a ship sized moments, but he didn't need to have those kind of moments. "So do I." He stands to the chiding of Revas, who was well on her way to a nap, thank you. "I should go try to find the words to put into this message. I would ask Revas but it would be far too dangerous for her. …and I would miss her."

Valentin nods. "That is understandable." He says, "I'm only three doors to the right from you. You can bring it to me when you're done, if you don't want to talk to Rou yourself." Which, it doesn't sound like Valentin would blame him. Even if he's fond of his Templar, he doesn't expect anyone else to be.

"It might be more comfortable for him if I didn't talk to him. Not that I…" Seren stops to correct himself mid-sentence. "It's the accent, and it's not as bad since his is a little different. I think it will take a while for me to not jump when he speaks, but I'm no longer afraid of him. I doubt you could care as much for a man who would do harm to others needlessly, regardless of what is in his past." See? He knows, even if he was a little surprised.

At that, Valentin smiles. "That is very true. He does try to be decent. Don't feel a need to push yourself, even if it is just about the accent." He says gently. "Now, go write your letter. I'm not too hard to find."

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