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Scene Title Who Needs a Door?
Synopsis Taril surprises Maura
Location Lowtown Slums
Date Justinian 18, 9:31 Dragon
Watch For Mush, lots of mush.
Logger Taril

This district is shoddily built with walls scarred by slow collapse. The sparkling manors of Hightown can be seen over head - forever within view, and forever out of reach. Foundry smoke often smothers the area, the Darktown shafts occasionally erupting with gouts of foul air known as chokedamp. It's not uncommon to find whole slums silently suffocated, frozen in the midst of everyday activity. This close to the docks, a variety of smells - both good and bad - waft through the streets and alleys.

Holy shit long day. Maura's kind of dragging ass back to what constitutes their place of residence at the moment. And presumably, Adair will be not too far behind as he procures the evening meal. Or maybe they're going to settle for a liquid dinner. Either way, today was his day to go do that. So for her part, she looks like her job was mostly not to fall asleep before he gets back. She may fail in this task when she stops at the door to fiddle with the key and the lock. Ugh.

See, there's this funny thing about locks. They only keep out the people who want to get in via the door. The door opens on its own, showing nothing but the empty interior of the room at first. One or two things are eerily out of place, but only just enough to be noticeable. Creepy, right? "You know, you REALLY need to find a way to keep people from getting into that window. One of these days someone's going to come in and not be me." That would be Taril. You're welcome.

That moment of quiet; the calm, still tranquility (fucking hate that word now) as one notices that things are just not right. ANd then, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Yep, Adair totally heard that even if he was all the way in Hightown. And then, *SLAM*. The door being shut behind her, while she pins her glaring eyes on Taril. "What the fuck, Taril!? You're going to kill me of fright before the darkspawn ever have a chance at me." SCOWL. "On the bright side, now I am awake and won't be falling asleep before I eat. But no, I will not thank you for that."

Come on, look at that grinning face. How can you be angry at that face? Taril chuckles and bows, but he HEARD that, Maura. "What do you mean, darkspawn? Going into the deeproads for something? Because that's a bad idea." See? He's an intelligent elf. "Oh, you're welcome." Yep, he said it. Now he's going to lean against one of the walls and watch the human. "You went to the Wardens, didn't you. You know that's a bad idea, right? Anders is one and he apparently wants to not be one really badly."

Sadly, Maura is exactly the type that cannot stay angry. Instead, she makes a face at Taril. Scrunches up her nose, and sticks out her tongue like a mature adult should. "Yes, we went to the Wardens." She admits it, because there's no point in not admitting it really. And, folds into the closest chair with what can only be a conented smile for finally being off her feet. "We had nothing *but* bad ideas, Taril. Mercenaries, Wardens, or going back to the Order and Circle. That's what we were left with. It was actually Anders that made the suggestion we speak to Adeline."

Taril lets out a long sigh. "You humans… If you'd just stop feeling like you had to lock up your mages." He shakes his head. "It would be better for everyone, actually. We wouldn't have to keep finding clans to take them when we have too many. You happy with this one? It's going to be strange with you not hiding or waiting anymore."

"I said to Adair, and I meant it… I don't have a problem with the Circles in theory. Raise and train the children with magical ability. And test them, through the Harrowing, to make sure they can.. handle, being a mage with all it implies. I even like the idea of teams of Mage and Templar, working together. But not… not Jailor and Prisoner like it is now." she agrees, sadly. Maura shrugs it off, and looks up with a bit of amusement. "This one what? You mean, the decision to join the wardens?"

"This decision. You can't stop being a Warden if you decide you don't like it." Taril settles on the floor, forgoing the chair because of course he does. "Their motto is kind of depressing, too." He shrugs. "If it's what you want, though… I'm glad they accepted you. At least you wont't have to hide anymore. I suppose I'll see less of you once they do whatever it is they're here to do."

"Let's just say I'm resigned to it. It means my rogue Templar will not have to worry about finding a source of lyrium anymore. It means neither of us will have to hide. And Thedas' always needs more to stand against the Darkspawn and the Blight." There are more downsides too though, and she starts fidgeting with the glass that was left on the table. "I hope they let us stay in the area. I wouldn't want to leave you, no matter how much a pain in the ass you are. And they could split Adair and I up to different postings. I would be devastated by that. But, we just have to hope."

Taril shakes his head. "I wouldn't worry about it, little bird. I'm Dalish, remember? Sooner or later, I'll leave this place. Well. If the Keeper doesn't have me tied to one of the statues while she has the clan hightail it away from me." He grins. "Hopefully the two of you can stay together. It's probably not a bad idea, since you're used to working together."

"Hnph. If you leave, you better stay in touch." Preferably not via dead animal offerings on the porch though ok? Maura would prefer not to open the door to a dead nug laying there. Leave those gifts for Hadrian. "You make a good point there. So, who have you pissed off in the past few days then?" The dimples appear in both cheeks when she asks that, because she is totally looking forward to the answer. "Hopefully somone who needed it."

"Well, if you ever run into my clan we'll see eachother. Otherwise it's messages left with Wardens if we see them." Taril grins. "Some Tevinter human, a couple of drunk nobles, possibly Anders unless he honestly meant that he didn't blame me for bringing that Qunari guy into the clinic. He's not really one of them. He's a Vashoth, but… well… The Tevinter man probably didn't deserve me asking him if he was here to acquire slaves." He's so philosophical about it. "The nobles definitely did. I don't normally bother with the flat-ears here, but they were harassing a woman who didn't want to be harassed. I really don't like that. So I shot an arrow at them. … well, after one called me knife-ear. There were other people there, a mage, someone with a crossbow, and Thistle- the Vashoth I mentioned. So it didn't go very far."

"I wouldn't worry about Anders; he's hard to read. But it doesn't seem like he holds a grudge once he's taken a liking to someone. I think. Maybe." Maura does start out with the attempt to be reassuring, but that doesn't mean it works out that way. "You asked… oh dear. And then what? Drunk nobles and… " Her eyes widen with each addition to the story until finally she looks a wee bit worried. "Do you need somewhere to hide for awhile, Taril. Other then the tree. With Kitty." is wondered, sounding *entirely* serious about it.

Taril laughs. "Please, like they'd be able to get me. They never look up. Besides, I shot at the ground near their feet to shut them up. Thistle intimidated them so much that they about shat themselves going up the stairs threatening to send the guards on me. Because 'find an elf in Lowtown' is a great description. We all look alike to that kind." He shrugs. "They were drunk, it'll probably look like an excuse to cover their asses to their parents. They had insults for everyone, including shem refugees. If I HAD shot one in the face, I'd be doing the population a favor. Is your Templar friend feeling better, then?"

"I'd love to be there if you shoot one in the face." Because Maura would find that VERY entertaining. Especially given how drunk nobles in this place act. "So, like, if you go Noble Hunting, do remember to bring me along!" she jokes, her expression turning to relief. "Yes, much better now. I'd say back to normal, even. With the same sense of humor he's always had: the one of a 12 year old boy." She must somehow find it endearing though, since… well, here she is!

"A 12 year old… Well, that must make your relationship interesting." Taril holds up a hand. "I'm not judging! I'm in no position to judge." He grins. "If I ever decide to shoot one in the face, I'll bring you along. …I really am glad for you. You deserve to be happy. It wasn't that much fun watching you stand there on the docks every day."

"Definitely not, Mister 'I sleep with a fade cat in a tree'." Maura quips back, though she also laughs. And, claps her hands almost gleefully when told that she gets to come along for the Noble Face Shooting contest. Yay! "I'm sure it was rather on the pathetic side." Yeah, that confirmation was a little less then cheerful. Which is why she takes her joy where she can find it, thank you. "You know, you don't have to sneak in through the window and scare years off my already short shem life when you want to visit. You can always use the door. Or maybe next time I will unexpectedtly show up at The Alienage." Revenge is sweet.

Taril laughs. "That too," he agrees. "It's less pathetic than sleeping alone in a tree, though. Yeah, it was. It was kind of hard to watch. I kept thinking you were waiting on someone who was probably never going to show up, but not everyone's luck is bad. …hey, the look on your face was definitely worth the trouble, and I'll think about it, but I'm pretty sure I'm done knocking on doors." Either it's literal or a metaphor, but WE ARE MOVING ON. "Maura, you have the stealth of a brick to a window. I'm not saying you're heavy on your feet but you definitely don't fade into the sounds around you." Grin. "Or maybe you're just heavy on your feet."

"I didn't think he was going to. Between the Blight, and smuggling me out of Ferelden.." Welll, let's just say Maura either thought he'd died of darkspawn or hanging. But she still went to the damn docks every day. Because she promised. But where were they? "Hey! There's no way you can call me fat! I don't eat enough to fill out enough let alone be fat you big jerk." Even she knows she lacks subtlety though. Her expression turns to total innocence. "I don't even know what you're talking about. I can totally blend in." … with the air, when tumbling through a hole in a cavern floor.

"Easy, easy… heavy on your feet doesn't mean fat. It's the way humans usually walk unless they've taught themselves not to. They don't have to walk quietly, they don't have to ask the ground below them for its permission to grind it beneath their feet." And before ANYONE thinks that Taril is at all that thoughtful, he laughs. "You blended in really well with the stone and dirt below is in that tunnel. While we were falling, I couldn't even see you."

"I bet there's a spell for that." Maura suddenly decides, eyes narrowing as if she's now going through a mental inventory of spells. Just to find one for 'stealth'. And okay, she laughs too this time. "Maybe I found a new way to cast Rock Armor." she jokes, because why not. Nobody died, right? RIGHT? They just fell. It only hurt a lot. "If we find anything that looks useful for you, when we go hunting darkspawn, I'll make sure to bring it back for you ok?" It might be cursed, or useless junk. Be she's totes thinking of you little big-bro!

"Thank you, I think that will make waiting to see you again easier." See? Taril has some sort of emotional thingy in there that's not turned off. It's just on a dimmer switch. "If that was your new rock armor… actually, I'm impressed. You just wore the entire tunnel." He stands and holds over a small bag. "I was going to just leave this for you. You made it home before I expected, which gave me the chance to scare you." It was a BONUS! "It's tea to help with headaches. I'm pretty sure you've had a few while dealing with your Templar."

"You're the first friend I made in Kirkwall, Taril. I would never forget to keep you in my thoughts if I have to go somewhere you cannot. So I'm glad that will make it easier." She will smirk at the idea of wearing the entire tunnel though. And that she was fortunate enough to arrive home early "Oh, an herbal tea! That was so thoughtful. Thank you!" Maura isn't -quite- sure how to react to it being a tea for headaches. (She'll be grateful soon enough). So for now she'll chortle at the joke. "I begin to suspect I'm surrounded by people with a 12 year old's sense of humor. Not just him."

Taril raises an eyebrow, looking completely pleased with that age assessment. "So you… you're now surrounded by dick jokes and bad references to bodily functions?" He seems to think this over and then laughs. "Looks like you're really going to need that tea. I should go before your Templar returns. I'm a sneak, but there's no way I want to be around to watch."

Maura has to think about it a moment. "Uh, yes. Actually. Mostly." she agrees, sounding as if that's quite unfortunate. But what are ya gonna do?? "Alright, Taril. I'll tell him you said hello, though." Because the two of them BETTER get along. She's just not prepared to deal with anything less. "I'll see you soon."

"You might," Taril agrees before slipping back out of the window. The door is RIGHT THERE, but apparently doors are for suckers. Now he's going to go back to his tree because the tree doesn't get him to admit to caring about people in his out loud voice.

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