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Scene Title You Can Put Baby in the Circle
Synopsis Seren meets Minea and Baby
Location Circle of Magi
Date July 7, 2016
Watch For A nightwing nesting a halla
Logger Seren

Shes come looking for Katerina. She's not finding katerina. Minea in her wardens uniform, cut and made for her for ease of movement when one wants to sling spells, that staff at her back with it's myriad of colours of strips of cloth tied around it, the Dalish woman has a tooled leather lead and a gentle lead around the Halla as if it were a horse but super tiny, that ambles beside her. The circle is not exactly a place that she wants to be, but she's here, and she's standing there with a hand on her hip, a thoughtful look and scratching absently at the premanant tattoo'd lines on the ides of her face and across her brow.

Seren may have given up escape, but he still does his walk around his boundaries, as if that somehow solidifies them and makes them real. Of course, anything that interrupts that permanence catches his attention and Minea does just that. The halla she brings with her? Much more so. "I…" Excuse him for just a second, he needs to doubletake. "Ir abelas, Lethallan. I… This is the halla Katerina spoke of?" Since a halla in a city is unlikely enough, he's gonna go ahead and narrow it down to this woman knowing who he's talking about. "I thought they had to be mistaken, that she was yellowed from poor treatment." Obviously, he was wrong.

Elvish. More Elvish. It makes Minea turn and look at the other dalish elf. The matching tattoo on her face save that hers has none on the chin. There'sa frown, then a glance down to the Halla who's for once, standing there and behaving herself. Innocent and adorable, can do no wrong. "I had to clean her horns up some, give her a bath but the baby is without a doubt, golden." Which, given what she's standing in front of, means that both of them know what it means. "And yes. You can touch her."

Seren chuckles and walks over to consider the halla. "Well, that would be up to her," he replies, though the nightwing on his shoulder is having none of this talking or asking business. In fact, Revas launches from the mage's shoulder to land in front of the halla because everything in the world wants to make friends with a huge owl. "What do you think, da'len?" Is directed at the halla before he sighs at the bird. "Revas… Let her decide." NOW he can go back to the person who speaks actual words. "Hanal'ghilan. We tell the stories but I never thought I'd see it. She seems to have chosen you. …and I've been shocked out of having manners. I'm Seren."

Baby has been in captivity for… who knows how long. So fast movements send the Halla balking backward with high pitched bleats and tugging at the leather that keeps it from flat out running away. Just fleeing to behind Mindea's grey clad legs. "Anders thought it was a goat. I almost had to shove my stave up the importers arse if he wasnt' going to take my coin for her. But I wasn't leaving her there." There's a nudge with her foot to the Halla, forcing it out from behind her gently, a look to the owl then back to Seren. "Minea Redway"

"Tylluan," Seren provides, any sadness mention of his clan name brings hidden as he settles on the floor to try to provide a less imposing figure for the halla. "Ir abelas, da'len," he directs at the halla, holding out a hand without really making an approach. Revas apparently either takes the hint or figures that it's best to present the cutest figure she can, because she's puffed her feathers as if she's settling on a nest an hunkers down to watch while making the doofy-cutest coos ever. "He thought she was a goat?" He shakes his head. "I suppose it can be forgiven. She's very lucky you came along, luckier that you were willing to fight for her. Humans value the bodies of halla more than their lives."

"I think he was trying to distract us from personal conversation of his nature." Minea sinks down too, listening to Seren and his words. "I was traveling to be a Keeper. Redway has lost theirs and had no replacement that was trained enough." Not to mention she was barely trained enough, but trained enough and not trained enough, was a big difference. She watches the Halla as it starts to do the dance of peeking from behind Minea, Minea reaching behind her on the other side to nudge the baby out. Which startles it and makes it hop forward. The side of a small goat, there is the promise of long horns and a graceful form that maybe, someday, minea will be allowed to ride. But that's years away likely. "If she chooses to stay with me, then she will stay. For now I take care of her and katerina will take care of her when I have to leave. I can't very well strap her to me and go fight."

Seren isn't going to look directly at the halla. "His nature? … never mind, I think I can guess." He chuckles, watching the baby from the corner of his eye. "Katerina asked for my help in looking after her. I admit, at the time I thought you merely had a mistreated halla, which is bad enough. If fate brought her to you, then you are at least meant to be her protector for a time. She'll be treated well while she's here. …but you were traveling… I've heard no stories of Wardens capturing mages." Which tells you how he got here.

"They didn't capture me. I agreed to enter service. We were attacked along the way as my brother and others were escorting me to the clan. I was injured. Blight. The wardens offered to cure it, take me in, or to take my life for me before it took mine and inform the clan what had happened." Life, is better than no life.the baby Halla is ambling forward, nose down and sniffing, sidling toward the owl cautiously, exploring the smell and then eventually, nudging a nose against the winged creature.

You have seen NOTHING until you've seen the joy of a floofy bird being accepted by a babycute. Revas at least remembers to keep making those soft noises she might have made to one of her own if she wasn't convinced that these featherless things ARE her own. Seren? Well, he's having a hard time keeping a straight face. "She wasn't long with her parents," he explains. "So she… well, you can only rely so much on instinct. You should see her with children." He nods at the explanation. "Serving your people in that way is better than death. It certainly saved this little one's life."

Keepers, or those who were trained to be them. They collect odd creatures. Like the other little thing that's been woo'd by the cooing that isn't the Halla. The tiny pink nose and whiskers and grey brown tip and round ears hat peeks from beneath the back collar of Minea's tunic. The Halla moves more forward till it floomphs down and leans against the owl, curling around it, the lead lax and comfortable with the bird. Even if peraps there might be a nibble of a feather or two. "How did you come to the cirle if you were to be Keeper?"

If Revas had more instinct, that little thing would be in trouble. Upbringing says that anything associated with people is, by default, people. Which means birds, all with weird feathers (But nobirdy's perfect, right?). She does that weird owl head turn thing to get a better look, but folks? This halla. It needs mothering. So she's going to wait until movement will be accepted and then? She's going to keep the baby warm. Birdstyle. "…" Seren is momentarily distracted and may be anticipating disaster. But that question? Yeah, that stings. It takes a second for him to hide the emotion from his face. "I was captured by Templars outside Rivain. I'm here because I was too much of an escape risk and they wanted to convince me that I'm not going back."

Even Minea's holding her breath. How is this going to go. Two former keepers, one nearly dead and saved by Wardens, the other, kidnapped by Templars and both in Kirwall. Alos, there's a bird, sitting on a baby halla to keep it warm. This actually couldn't be going better. The Halla gives a bit of a weird look but seems to accept this. It's totally fine with this. Baby, is content to be a baby, though also content to keep nibbling feathers but not actually eating them. just nipping. Then, abandoning that, attempts to stretch her neck and nibble the hem of Seren's robe. meanwhile, the mouse on Minea's shoulder just keeps watching and eventually opts to just make down her arm where the mage begins to play with it, swapping palm for palm over and over to let it run. "You weren't in your clan? "

Seren chuckles at the nibbling and all he can really do is shake his head at Revas. "I… never thought I'd see that. Ever." He pulls out a small bundle of sweet herbs from the pouch at his belt and places them near enough for the halla to reach. "I was with friends collecting herbs. I knew we were camped close to the border but there was a coughing sickness going around, we needed to make medicine to pass as we traveled." One healer can't heal an entire village, after all. "We weren't supposed to be gone long and I went along in case of an injury. Someone stepped in a rabbit burrow and… We didn't even know the Templars were there, much less that we were in a position to allow them to catch me."

Oh the anger. "They didn't care? That you are Keeper and were out gathering herbs?" Baby likes the offering. Why yes please and the robes are forgotten in favor of nibbling on the green offerings.

"They cared more for the fact that I had the audacity to try to get away instead of offering my wrists for their chains and asking them to lead me to their wagon," Seren answers, but shrugs at the hopelessness of the situation. "I tried to explain but all they really wanted was for the rabbit to shut up and accept his punishment. I tried to escape, so they sent me here." It's hard to face his own words laying out the situation like that, so he turns his gaze toward the halla and the nightwing.

The Halla. The Golden Halla. A symbol of something and not a good one. Alive and here. In the middle of Kirkwall and sitting between two Dalish. "I'm sorry. I didn't have much choice either. Die or.. well. Adeline at least, was a far sight more compassionate than the Templars are." Baby keeps eating, the mouse keeps running. "I can bring her by as often as I dare. Most don't know what she is, won't know what she is. At least, until we start doing her horns."

Seren actually smiles at that offer. "It would be good to see both of you. It eases the homesickness," he finally admits. "Revas has been the only connection to home I've had. …and now her name is the only freedom that remains to us." He shakes his head, trying to regain that tight lid he's kept over those emotions. "Here, none will know unless they're one of us. At least she's under the protection of a Warden. There aren't many who would harm her now. …hopefully she'll remain unaware of the news she represents."

"You still remember how to speak what we both know how to speak yes?" Minea guides the mouse back up to her neckline and letting it make it's way back to the pocket sewn into the neck of her tunic for it's comfort. Reaches over to carefully scratch at the Owl's feathers. "She's a harbinger of tough times for our people."

Seren nods, though he looks over his shoulder before he even thinks of speaking anything that can't be generally understood. He's apparently had trouble for this before. "We know this, it's better if no one else does." And look, Revas? She is all about attention. This just became one of her favorite visits. All the babbies, all the attention. It's bird heaven. "If some of these humans even think that our clans may be vulnerable… In Rivain, we're safe. We don't bother the humans, they don't bother us, and most of the time we get along. I'm well aware that isn't true everywhere. Even if my treatment weren't common… and it is."

"For now, she is good tidings. She is a bridge." She's asleep. Baby has fallen asleep, half eaten herbs hanging out of her mouth. The effect of Revas is strong. And warm.

"Let's hope that lasts," Seren agrees. "It would be nice to have a reason to hope again." It's said offhandedly as he reaches out to move the herbs and put them into a small pouch that he removes from a pocket in his robe, then hands over to Minea. "They'll help with her digestion. I'm sure at this age she's trying to eat everything she can chew on."

'She's meant to pull us through. Maybe… she's meant to help you. And I. There is nothing to say that it must be the Dalish people as a whole. Just the Dalish." The packed herbs are taken in palm and she nod, a silent laugh that rocks her. "she does. I have to send a tunic for repair. There's a few marks on my staff as well. She will outgrow it. She prefers grass. the tenderer the better."

"She already has. She's certainly something I never thought I'd see." Confirmation of Seren's words is met with a half smile. "If you put a little vinegar on the hems, she'll stay away from it. …well, she should. If she's determined there's very little that will. Just like any child, I suppose."

"She will grow. They don't know if you don't tech them. "Will you want ot watch her for a few hours while I go looking for something things?" Mine inquires. "My other option is to tank her to Anders a he can likely use a break from her."

Seren chuckles. "That she will." The question is met with a hint of surprise but he nods readily enough. "I would love to. Thank you. I think I saw something growing in the courtyard that she'd like, and if she's going to be here for a time, it will help to prepare her." Look, Revas is happy, too. Because she heard that and SHE will look over the little one, thank you.

"It was why I was bringing her. To get her used to being not with Anders or myself. Small visits to ensure she adjust and she does not think that she has been abandoned."

Seren finally stands again. "I'll remind her that she's going to be retrieved. …Revas will be there to comfort her, since she seems so very good at it. I think as long as she has that and enough to keep her mind busy, she'll be fine. I'm sure she'll be an interruption to monotony for the younger apprentices. They'll be able to see her through the windows." Because he's not silly enough to give them access.

The less who have access the better, for now. Less to overwhelm Baby who still startles at loud noise, deep voices and quick movements. The hallmarks of a creature who has not started out with a good life. But with time and care, that should lessen. Helped too to be tended to by a pair of healers. No more pain and hurt for Baby. Minea hands over the lead then, to the still snoozing Halla. "You'll have to tell me how we should carve her horns. Once she trusts me enough, I plan to start, get her used to it."

Seren nods as he takes the lead. "Revas managed to take my tools from the wagon before they could get rid of them. As soon as she knows how beautiful she'll look, I think she'll agree." Because the halla he's used to have at least a little vanity. Of course, he's not going to just pull on the lead. He shoos Revas back to his shoulder before touching the creature's head to wake her. "I have a snack for you, da'len. We'll get to them before anyone gets rid of them."

Found in the black market, who knows what would have been done with her. Save for the horns. Everyone knows that the horns would have been lopped off. She watches Baby wake, lifitng her head with a little bleat and then struggle to her feet, look around. Minea reaches over, stroke along her rump and then rise. "Behave." She cautions the young Halla before she rises and sets her staff to rights. "I'll be back soon." An exercise in trust on both ends. "It was nice to meet another keeper Seren."

Seren nods. "It was very good to meet you," he agrees. "We'll likely be in the courtyard. And, Minea? Thank you for trusting me with her. I'll make sure she returns to you happy and perhaps tired enough to sleep well."

"Won't Anders be happy with that." She smiles, watching the two, the own. But then she's turning before self doubt can think to take hold. Trust someone with Baby. It's gotta happen at some time. So the Warden leaves the Halla if even for a few hours, in a place where if circumstances were different, is where she might have ended up. Woe be to Seren, because unlike her, he can't just walk out those gates.

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