Portrayed By Lily James
Faction Trade
Organization Nobility
Position Shopkeeper
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 26
Place of Birth Orlais
Date of Birth 9:05 Dragon
Mother Fiona Talitha
Father Oscar Talitha
Siblings 9 Siblings
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Within the great Orlesian Empire, Zana's family, the Talitha's, were and remain a wealthy, if barely influential, noble home. Growing up within a large family, Zana was the eighth child born in a nine child family. It's never easy being marked as 'number eight', you're not the youngest, you're not the oldest, you're not even in the 'middle'. While Zana never wanted for anything, attempting to stand out in such a large family was either reduced to attention getting antics that got her in trouble, or spreading her wings and trying to prove herself in other ways.

The Talitha House was known for its finery, even Empress Celene, herself, was rumored to own one article of clothing from the Talitha shops. (Rumor that the shopkeepers kept going even if it wasn't true.)

On the whole, the family had little to do with the day to day running of operations, rather they had to deal with the political issues such as tariffs, merchant vessels, competition, and so on.

The eldest children were expected to handle that affair, while the younger ones - pretty much had to figure out their lot in life on their own.

For Zana, early life was spent simply trying to find out who she was. After all, what is the biggest question that any youth has but to ask yourself, 'Who is Zana Talitha'? The answer was everything from a trouble-maker, to a ruffian, to even a bought with the authorities after a rebellious (and very failed) attempt at shop-lifting a hat. That particular incident had a much further reaching alteration to Zana's course of life than she ever anticipated.

Instead of persecuting the youth, the shop-keeper put her to work. Considering the alternative would be unthinkable for a Talitha, Zana agreed.

Sewing and mending material, eventually turned into running of the store, meeting with clients, and even designing many of the outrageous ideas that the clientele had. All of this resulted in one thing, Zana had finally find a niche, a trade, and something that she could fully get behind.

It has now been many years since the city of chains, Kirkwall, has finally re-opened its doors to Orlesian commerce, at least without absorbent fees placed by the old viscount. Though it has been a long time to get past old rivalries and competition, however the Talitha family has recently managed to open their own high-end clothing store in Kirkwall.

At the for-front of this adventure is Zana, the second youngest Talitha, who has managed to gain a name for herself in Orlais for her unique designs and fashionable clothing line.

Kirkwall is not exactly the place Zana would have liked to go, but at least it is better than smelling like wet dog all the time. So, with her own shop, enough funds to keep it going for a year, and sights on an exquisite home some day, Zana tends to the day to day running of the establishment, while designing clothes when she can - as well as hiring those that would like to make said designs.


Orlesian: Perhaps the one thing that truly defines Zana is her place of birth. She is Orlesian and proud of it. Proud of the different customs, proud of the traditions, and proud to be nobility within it. (Even if her family are not very influential members of nobility.) She follows those customs and traditions to the mark, many of the beliefs that exist within the Nobles, are also echoed by Zana. This includes her beliefs in slavery, elves, and magic, although she is wise enough to not vocally express her beliefs outwardly, beyond the shores of Orlais. (She isn't stupid.)

Outwardly Snobbish: A great deal of pride leads to a belief that you are better than others. Zana is an extremely proud woman, and as a result, can show an outwardly snobbish personality. It isn't to say that she views everyone as inferior, certainly there are many others out there with more status, power, rank, and so on - but she is most proud of her own lineage. As a result, she does not make friends easily. She has also been taught over and over again the viewpoints, beliefs, and ideals that many Orlesian Nobles have, as a result, Zana has a difficult time breaking from the mold.

Inwardly Awkward: It is far easier to be the snobbish recluse than it is to allow anyone close. Inwardly, Zana is still seeking that aged old question of, 'just who am I'? She happens to enjoy the work she does, getting the opportunity to dress the masses in designs and finery that match their wishes. She enjoys the chance to reach out and meet new people, to show them just how lovely a hat can be, or how the right pair of shoes embellishes an outfit, or even how clothing makes the person. Yet, she has been raised to be apart from everyone, to stick her nose into the air and be proud of it. In truth, she's simply not sure how to act any differently, and is half afraid if she did, she'd be destroying everything that was drilled and taught to her.


9:31 - After the Blight has ended, Talitha Fashions opens up within Kirkwall, located within Hightown East.

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